Girls Boarding School, Abuse and Revenge

Being asked to take your panties down and show your bum to an old man, while he sat behind his big oak table and jacked-off, was only one of lives experiences I was exposed to as a young girl, in my first year at boarding school.
The master in question, was regarded by all girls as a 'Dirty Simpleton', don't ask me who christened him, but it suited all, especially as he had a steady stream of girls, willing to drop-them for him to wank off to.
When I was first introduced to him, he sat me down and talked mainly about corporal punishment and little girls bums. He had a very unhealthy fascination for girls bums, and as he talked he clearly had an erection, all you had to do was agree and show an appreciation in his topic.
<at the end of our introductory session I agreed to let him look at and examine my posterior, so standing up I turned to the wall, promising not to look back at him, lift my school dress high, and he would ease my knickers down to mid-thigh, I had to stand open-legged, so they would come to rest there and not fall down to my ankles.
Once secured in the pose and position, he would gently caress my buttocks and inner thigh, always complimentary to the softness of the warm flesh, then the only sounds were of him beating his meat, until you felt the warmth of his semen being ejaculated between your soft buttocks, as they were used for providing the stimulus friction of his cock-head, what we called, 'Dry Riding', avoiding the distinction of **** or penetrative sex.
Either way it was ****, but you were talked into being a willing participant, and it did for most act like a stimulant for your own release, immediately afterwards, in the toilet, as there was a first time exposure to the male appendage, and an awakening, of your sexual organs, I know my young thighs were flexing on his imaginary organ, such was the awakening and the eroticism of the experience.
During my years ahead this master must have inseminated all the girls in their first year, and non of us spoke of it, we just accepted it and grew to adore him and let him take us on his sexual voyages of discovery.
The second instance of our growing-up was the old 'Gate Watchman', whose duty it was to make sure we all returned from town visits, and report those who did not.
It took one girl to seduce him on being caught out late, to open the floodgates of abuse, which meant, give the old codger for a good wank, and he could be persuaded to turn a blind eye to our i*****l endeavours.
After that, it was not unusual to see him with girls in his box, him being girl handled, blow-jobbed, ass-fucked and pussy whipped, he was a dirty old boy who like the constant stream of hormonal girls looking for cock.
The third instance of abuse was from another older gentleman, whose job it was to wander the dorms, checking everyone was in bed and sl**ping, somehow the governors always imagined boys would break-in to get at us, so he patrolled the dorms.
Of course we masturbated in bed and Uncle Bob would be walking through as we were fingering, and he would stop beside our bed and give us a helping hand, by slipping his hand under the covers and feeling our wet pussies, and he would expertly masturbate us while the other girls would watch, then call him to their beds for the same treatment, Uncle Bob could be in one dorm for hours.
My particular moment was when I was awoken from my sl**p by Bob and asked to follow him. I got out of bed and followed him into his little room, where he slept and worked, and as I entered, there were a group of his friends, d***k and jovial and clearly in the mood for girls.
'Good God Bob, this ones a beauty', was the compliment I received upon entering, flattering and with resounding endorsements, I turned to Bob who asked me to be a god girl and take my nighty off, so the men could see my true beauty.
Standing completely naked amongst them was too much for me, so I reached for the nearest hand and guided it over my breasts and in-between my legs, I was in heat, and I did not care who knew.
'Don't get her pregnant', was Bobs only warning to the men assembled. The first man gathered me up and put his cock between my legs, he was a lot taller then me so his cock stuck out behind my bum, and I humped the shaft of it, firmly wedged between my thighs, my little tight bum battering in and out along its length, with the head disappearing occasionally into my crotch as it ploughed between my vaginal lips, poking out and spilling his semen down the backs of my thighs and onto the next man standing behind me, waiting to take me in a different direction.
That was a brilliant experience and to my knowledge, I was the only girl ever to be chosen for a group session by dear old Bob, who tragically died the following year from a heart attack, funny how after all these years I still nurture the semen from Bobs ball sack, swallowed and ingested, in case your wondering.
Then there was us, the girls ourselves, yes we were being sexually abused, and enjoying it, but we had a dark side to us, all this exposure and no formal training, we were like vampires, undisciplined and armed with sexual knowledge and burning desires, so the night we caught a couple of intruders breaking into our dorms, was the night both men lost their balls, and possibly the will to live, such was the cruelty we carved into their naked torsos that night.
They were bashed on the head and dragged down to the cellars, where we knew we could have some fun with them and not be disturbed, Bob was being taken care of by a couple of the girls, so we had a clear go at them.
They were bound and tied like a Christmas Turkey, each having a pillow case over their heads, so we all acted in complete anonymity, empowering us to do as we pleased, and the sadism teenage girls can harbour, came to the fore, as we were sexually heightened with the power over our captives.
We divided ourselves in two groups of seven girls to each man, so we stripped them naked, their clothes rendered unusable as they were torn to shreds.
As we all were panting from the stripping and the exposure of their genitals, some of the girls had a glazed look as they eyed their cock.
Their bodies were scratched from the stripping and this excited some, so much so one girl reached out and took one guys balls and twisted with such vengeance, he screamed, then vomited, and we all laughed.
One girl stood up and using her heel smashed it into the other helpless guys balls, generating a similar response from also.
The testicles were always known to be a mans weakness, but now we had two sets to play with and abuse, we were all in our element and some girls were clearly sexually excited about that.
The girl who heeled the guy, stripped of her underwear and straddled his face, sitting on the the pillow cloth covering his vision.
His nose was in her vagina and his mouth suffocating in the folds of her ass, and she was applying her full weight to him, causing him to struggle for air.
He was pinned to the ground by the other girls his arms held by two and his legs pulled open at an uncomfortable position by another two strong ladies, while his cock and balls were being manipulated by the oldest girl here, she had laid his penis along his tummy and sat on it, it was flaccid from his testicular hammering, but thick enough for her to have feeling between her pussy lips and of course the cruelty continued on his balls, being kicked and twisted, just gathered momentum as each girl wanted to hurt them to gratify their lustiness.
Eventually she broke his nose, we heard it crack and saw the bright red bl**d pour from her pussy and cover his face and her inner thighs, but she continued riding the broken appendage until she had her orgasm, what a fucking mess his face was when she finally rolled off him.
Proper intercourse was clearly out of the question as erections were not possible to the abuse on their bodies, so their belts were removed from their discarded clothes and each girl took turns in lashing their naked torsos with the buckle to increase the marking in their bruised skins.
As if we were all exhausted and about to dump their spent limp bodies back over the wall outside, one of the girls cried wait and ran off to her room, only to return wearing a huge strap-on dong, 'Turn the bastard over', she commanded, and the silence was palatable, as she started to push it up his asshole.
Soon she was laying full length on his writhing body, clearly in discomfort as she humped him to the rhythmic clapping of endorsements from the rest of us.
Sadly for him, she had an orgasm and its ferocity and power made for the rest of us to have a go, so this poor broken-nosed, battered and bruised, would-be house breaker, or worse, was ass-****d 7 times, then discarded naked over the perimeter wall, and left to wonder at the ferocity and beasiality of the teenage girls they cam to deflower, on that fateful night.
With respect to the other guy, I cannot comment as the other girls took him away and meted out their on justice and sexual gratification on his helpless body, I was assured he fared no better, but saved from the ass-fucking.

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1 year ago
awesome story...glad i wasnt one of the guys at the end....ouch!
2 years ago
goog story! Thanks for sharing!
2 years ago
4 years ago
Hej, jag gillar verkligen dina sexiga historier, dom är jättebra!

Har du läst mitt eget lilla bidrag till värdslitteraturen? ;-)


4 years ago
That's the way to deal with them
4 years ago
Have to be careful with you lot
4 years ago
The fair and gentle sex????
4 years ago
Very good story, very hot. It gave many thoughts again...
4 years ago
Another great one.
4 years ago
wow those guys got FUCKED UP haha
4 years ago
Riktigt bra skrivet!!!
4 years ago
4 years ago
Great story
4 years ago
what lucky teachers all those hot naughty school girls ;)
4 years ago
another great story from your past
4 years ago
o my god, poor guys, butt BOB must have had a smile on his face when he passed away. AS ALWAYS GREAT STORY......THANKS
4 years ago
thats soo fucking hot
4 years ago
mmmmm, story good