Ever wonder how a girl thinks, read on.

In English, most thing are either masculine or feminine, but in masturbation we can add neuter, when you consider vibrators, dildos and dongs.

Yes I may still be a schoolgirl, but I know my English, as well as my sex toys, a small collection attained by deception and enticement.

Boys and men love a good wank, mmmmmmmmmm,a lovely thought as it flashes through my feminine mind, I just love to watch men 'Whack one out', in fact for the last five years, since adding an extra digit to my age, long, thin, short, and fat, or a combination of any two of the aforementioned adjectives.

Meandering along nude beaches at the weekends, affords a girl many opportunities to espy men, whacking away at their appendages, pulsating and throbbing, their ball sacks tight as they mixed their semen into a frenzy.

Of course my own nudity, as I strolled amongst them, brazenly displaying my developing curves, not yet fully matured, but with an aphrodisiacal enticement, in direct contrast to the fat middle-aged sows, lying spread-eagle on the sand, with their husbands filming their seeding, of warm sperm shooting and landing on their desperately tired naked flesh, at least the givers are hard, the husbands are flaccid, with some stirring when I come into view, a bald pubis and a pair of firm cup-cakes, yes even girls know what men want, that oily sheen spreading between my legs is not a man made lotion, its a girls way of letting all men know she needs something too.

Now I have admitted to letting you all know my dirty little secret, I need to 'Jill one off'.

Sitting on this crowded commuter with my knees a mere four inches apart, my skirt mid-thigh, it's easy for a man to get the wrong idea, and using the law of reflection in the window, as the dawn breaks outside, I can see those men looking both down and up my skirt, imagining the the moist line that defines my labia, I add moist, because it is moist, I am devoid of panties, and my knees have relaxed to six inches apart.

I wonder if men can smell a horny schoolgirl, I mean at what age do women start sending out mating signal, I am due my periods so theoretically I am entering my 'In Heat' period, surely these men around me must smell me and mt need of their cocks.

I smile inwardly, my thoughts are turning me on, I wonder if they are thinking about me as I think about them. I want to be naked and feel them cum on me, like those women on the beach yesterday, or the porn I watched last night, yes if you must know I 'Jilled one off' at two in the morning, girls do get horny you know.

My knee is touching the guy next to me, good he is not pulling away, shame he has to wear trousers, bare flesh touching is electric, fuck my legs are wider, I am indecent.

I get up and move into a group of men, and immediately I can feel them rub against me. Thin skirts and no underwear will soon make them aware of my curves. I love taking this commuter at this time in the morning, I always get groped, that's why I dont wear panties, they touch and I give them something to touch in return, and at journeys end, the station toilet beckons, and yes, such is my heightened state of feverish need, I have gone into the 'Gents' section, and whacked out a good Jilling, while men sat either side, not knowing whats going on in the next cubical.

How emboldened am I, very, I once walked out and a guy was in full flow at the urinal. His mouth dropped open as I appeared from the cubical, 'Good Morning', I said, and walked over, took hold of his member, and held him until he finished, then shook him until devoid of drips, 'No more than six shakes', I said in my sexiest voice, 'more than that, and I will be wanking you', and at that I fled, but he never followed, I guess he went into the cubical from which I emerged, and finished off what I started.

Like most teenagers my hormones are all over the place, that's why laws are passed to protect us from ourselves, making men responsible for not taking advantage of a girl's neediness.

I hate those laws and the men who are scared of them, give me a moment with a man and I will walk away and appreciate his administrations.

I love being au natural around men, especially naked men with a 'Hard-on', that means business, and my own 'Silken Purse', is such a place they want to put that angry cock, so a twitch of my buttocks, a coy smile and a walk into the bushes, some rustling of the leaves, and a filled condom is all that is left to even suggest two people pleasured each other.

I am one of those daughters who supplanted her mother as her fathers lover, a younger more vibrant version of a mother, jaded through years of abuse, drink, d**gs, and sexual, you name it she had done it, and I was at that stage in life, where it all seemed so exciting and daddy just seemed to be was always there, especially during that week before my periods, when my needs were at their highest.

Mummy by this time had fled the marital home for a group of low lives whom she moved in with, so daddy turned to me, and before long we were experimenting with sex, and you know what, I did not feel shame or even awkward, it seemed natural, I knew I was highly sexed and he understood, so I was allowed to be myself, and whenever daddy needed love I was there to do my thing.

We beached on Sundays, like yesterday, and always went to the same place, where there were voyeurs, and under daddies supervision, men would approach and take turns with me, and all the time I would be on the end of daddies cock, the 'touchers' and 'cumers' never really knowing our dark secret, of our relationship.

Don't get me wrong, there are girls out there in a worse state than I am, at least I am getting to enjoy my sex, experiment and live the life. I plan to have a 1000 lovers over the next 15 years, lol, only k**ding, but I will have fun you can assured of that.

But now as I near my stop I can feel someones hand between my cheeks and his finger probing my anal entrance, so I am squeezing my sphincter on his finger tip, and pout my lips, perhaps the taste of his semen is worth talking about tomorrow, who know, but the driver is applying the breaks, and it's time for my morning fuck.

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9 months ago
Woof !
1 year ago
Underbart skrivet! Tackar för denna sköna läsning:)
1 year ago
Your stories have to be the best, don't they? Another great one MarieL
1 year ago
Damn, MarieL
1 year ago
nice !