I eased daddy inside and felt no shame

'Do you think you can do voice-overs, M'?

I looked up at dad, 'In Swedish, or English', I replied, excited at the prospect of some lucrative Summer work, but curious, as I knew dad was a keen film maker and was in a club.

'Dont quite know love', he replied, 'never thought of asking', he continued, dropping the top of his newspaper to look at me.

'Who's asking', I queried, not keen to lose the prospect in case it was something exciting.

The top of his newspaper dropped again to reveal his wizened face, he thought for a moment, then answered, 'Some guy at the club, looking for a girl who knows some languages', and his voice tailed off, and he began reading again.

I was out of collage for the Summer holidays, sixteen and keen to see and do things, as all my friends had taken off and went home, a million miles from where I lived, a girl amongst men, with nothing to do.

Later that evening there was a knock at my bedroom door, and dad entered as I called out to come in.

'Here, I just remembered this', and he offered me this card, 'his number is on it'.
I took the card from dad's hand, and eagerly read its contents, 'Adult reviews, commentary with real women opinions'.

Dad sat on the other bed and watched me as I scrutinized the card, I was used to him sitting watching me, as I slept nude, we were naturalists, and went to nude beaches every Summer, so I was comfortable with dad.

'You have awesome breasts Mariel', and as dad spoke I instinctively looked down my chest. My linen bed sheet had slipped down to reveal them, and my nipples were surprisingly erect, 'Wow', I said, upon seeing them pop, 'Jesus they are getting bigger'.

I heard dad chuckle and I looked at him. He had dropped back on the bed and supported himself on his elbows, as he studied my breasts and now my nipples, as I had now drawn attention them inadvertently.

'Stop staring Dad', I said in a mocked tone, my nipples deepening in colour as they hardened, from soft pink, to deep undertones of crimson, a sure sign to an experienced man, of a girl in a state of arousal.

I looked again at the grubby business card, but did not read, I was distracted by my awareness of my total nudity under the sheet, my body responding to my dads arousal, as his pose on the bed opposite, showed his penis was swelling, 'Dad', I said throatily, 'I can see your erection', and my eyes were fixed on his rising bulge, and he was watching me admire it, my nipples of course spoke of a different story, I was responding to it, and him in general.

'Will you do it'?

My heart skipped a beat, was dad suggesting we consummate this meeting, by forgetting our relationship to each other, or were we reacting as two peas in the pod, there was no doubting we were both in a highly charged and sexual state of mind, and our erectile tissues were clearly showing our need for sexual satisfaction.

It was too much for me, since my periods were due I was wakening every day horny, and masturbating before getting out of bed. There was no doubt I was tempted, and the shame of submitting to my own dad, was driven by this urge.

We lived together since mum had left last year, and I could hear dad relieve himself in his squeaky bed, night after night, as there was no doubting, he could hear his lusty daughter, bring herself off, sometimes together, through the paper thin walls.

I walked into the breakfast table one morning, ready to explode. I wore only a t-shirt, and my nipples poke directly at him, as I sat down, my bare bum feeling the cold wood, making me aware of my nudity, and my nipples pop.

Dad commented on my state of dress, not scolding, but a mixture of admiration and arousal, to which I spurted out, 'I heard you wanking last night'.

It was one of those pregnant moments, where my impending urge overtook my brain, and dad looked embarrassed, 'Sorry, sorry sorry', squealed over and over, got up and went round to him and sat on his lap, with my arms around his neck and my face buried in the nape of his neck.

We did nor speak, just held each other, with myself slowly becoming aware that dad was touching my bottom, and his penis was pressing hard against my wet lady bit.

I kissed my dad passionately on the lips that morning, and my hand encircled his erection, we sat silently relieving each other, and only after he had ejaculated, did we move apart, and pretend nothing had happened.

That was over six months back, and to be honest, he had figured largely in my moments, the feel of his swollen cock in my hand, and the incredible feeling of his warm semen between my fingers, I know its might sound funny to say this, but I felt closer to him as a daughter, by doing it, and more a woman than girl, for being so adult, to pleasure him that way.

'What if I do what we did six months ago dad, I don't mind doing that for you'. As I offered him another hand job, the wetness between my legs was saying something different, my mind was wanting to fuck him, the emerging woman in me was demanding more, father or no father, sex is a very powerful urge, and these urges are enacted throughout the world, by fathers and daughters in moments of mutual need.

'Mariel, you know I love you dearly, and physically, and yes another hand-job would be nice', then he smiled, 'but I meant the card, will you go for the interview'?

'Fuck fuck fuck', went through my mind, I had just offered my own dad a fucking wank, and my face deepened in colour.

In the moments silence, dad got up and removed his shorts, his underpants, and vest, and stood over me naked, as my mother would have seen him countless times, the last time for us we did it without even looking at each other, no this was a different b**st, we were both naked and up front, as dad pulled back my top sheet to reveal me in my full splendour.

'My God Mariel, you really are a thing of beauty', as he looked at me in my natural state. His fingers touch my inner thigh, and sent what felt like electricity to my wet pussy, I groaned as I slid down the sheet, and opened my legs, to let dad really touch me and slid his fingers inside.

He sat down on the edge of the mattress, as my body took over, and remained mesmerized as I slid up and down on his deeply inserted fingers, my hips threshing out my need to orgasm.

I gripped dad's wrist, with the fingers inside me, my knuckles were white with the power I held him with, my buttocks rose and humped, and my thin arms were driven with the lust as I f***ed him in and out of me.

'I'm cumming', I gasped over and over as it built inside me, and as it escaped in a crescendo of noise, his hand locked in my clenched thighs, and his fingers squeezed deep in the folds of flesh inside my vagina, I orgasmed, twisting onto my side, and my head burying into his lap, my mouth opened and took dad warmly inside is wet cavernous simulation until it touched the back of my throat, and slid a little further down, ejecting his warm semen, in an appreciative deep-throating action, it was too much for both of us, but a moment never to be forgotten.

We lay together that night, accepting we had a strangle love for each other, all that through time would take it's natural place and be supplanted by other men as they came and went through my life.

Dad and remained lovers for ten years, even stealing moments when boyfriends slept in the other rooms. We had a passion that could not be explained, we just did it, whenever the mood struck either of us.

But this admission has caused me to digress from the theme of the story, a theme that took me into the realm of porn and old men who lusted for me, as I voiced over the dirtiest of sex videos, let me start by adding this line, as I lay beside dad that night,

'Dad, call this man and tell I want the job, and dad, tell him who hot I am'.

I moved my lag across dads thighs after uttering it to him, I could feel him harden again, I then realized it was something more sexual, and that excited me, as I lowered myself onto daddies hard cock.

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1 year ago
1 year ago
I don't know how I'm going to get anywhere in the office today without squishing. I think I'm stuck in my chair until it's time to go home. Lovely story! x
1 year ago
You really write wonderfully!
1 year ago
another great story MarieL
1 year ago
I really am glad you've written another one, I believe it's a really good one. this one sounds more real and more believable than most. I am sure you and your dad were very close. I'm happy for you!! Keep on writing girl!!
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Hot, but I wanted more fucking and ass leaking...
the dirties the better...
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loved it
very hot and erotic
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A great story,,,as always
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Another good story,thanks for sharing.
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so hot i have cock in hand as i read it as usual ur work never fails to make my cock throb!
1 year ago
Very hot and exciting story.Very well told and does bring one to feel the excitement grow as it is read. Thank you .