An orgy for women where anything went

On the one stage the men were driving the gathered ladies crazy their exposed genitalia, these guys were big men, and their long dongs had every pussy in the house wet, with expectation.

This certainly was a cut above your normal strip show for ladies, coping a quick feel of a swinging cock for your £30, is one thing, living your sexual fantasy is another.

The stage I am standing in front off, are some girls being gang-banged, and non too gracefully either.

'Black Sausage', reads the sign, it is the theme of this fuck-fest before me, and if I am honest, it is turn-on for me, and indeed with the dozen or so other women milling around, some with their hands down the fronts of their knickers, dancing in rhythm with the black boy's cocks, with a mixture of gliding and grinding, in and out of the willing female customers, vaginal and anal tubes, the desperate girls craving a good fuck.

This show is organized for women by women, and in a sense, a reverse of what one normally sees on the high street, women in for free, and men pay more, effectively for all the free pussy let in to entice men in.

Here there is a roll reversal, men are let in for free, and women pay, effectively to be fucked as their fantasies desire them to be.

There is a door at the back where a further fee is required, and the age group drops significantly, to arouse a woman's mothering instinct, with boys in nappies, willing to be bi-mothered by lesbians and disciplinarians, women who like to yield a belt or cane to draw bl**d before fucking them as a punishment, a very powerful form of sex.

Listening to a woman release her pent-up frustrations, on a high note, that only can be done with the sex that she aspires too, is contagious to other females around, no wonder the Romans had the right idea of throwing orgies, old men and young boys, ugly women and beautiful girls thrown into the mix of cock cunt interaction, the way all sex should be carried out.

As a very sexually experienced woman, I know my tastes in sex, and watching an older man, jacking off against a d***k, but younger girl's naked bum to my left,
makes for for good viewing, a younger man with some lead in his pencil would be inside her, stretching her, but he suffers from erectile dysfunction, so his flaccid member just feels her wet and warm flesh as he rubs against her willing crotch.

I move across to them, she is so pissed she is completely unaware I have joined them, he on the other hand is thrilled, as he suddenly realises he is hard enough to mount her, and she, starts panting, no she has something to squeeze against, as for myself, I enjoy massaging men's prostrate, god knows how many asses I have probed throughout the years.

Minutes have passed and now he squeezes his buttocks, he's cumming, a sure sign, so I pull my finger out of his ass, and stick it in her mouth, where she gently sucks, the shit from under my fingernail, 'Stupid Cunt', I think, as I wipe it dry on her hair.

As I move around the darkness, the chorus of ooh's and aah's fill the air, the smell of wet cunt and semen, adding a third dimension, to the debauchery, and I feel the need to let myself go and have a shag, so I take my knickers off and pass them to a man who has just watched me lift my skirt and pull them off.

As I walk amongst the naked writhing flesh on the ground, more women than men, so two to three girls humping over some prostate male, I see a beautiful bum, riding high on a guy, she really does have a nice bum, 'That will do me nicely', I think, and I make my way over to her.

They are deep into their fuck, their mouths locked as their tongues lick each others tonsils, but I feel the urge to feel their passion internally, so I push my recently cleaned finger up her ass, and feel his cock assault the fibrous inner workings of her tight cunt, it's times like this when I wish for a cock to mount her myself, and get a sense of wonderment that man must feel inside a female.

I press hard against her inner flesh and rub his mons glans, and she rewards me by tightening her anal cavity around my fully inserted finger, so I mount my inserted hand and let her bum friction against my crotch warm my own.

It is a tad frustrating not being able to enjoy her as she is to engrossed on the inserted cock, so I squat behind her and send a stream of hot piss onto her upturned bum and watch his crotch fill with what flows from her tight skin, soon I am joined by a man who just witnessed my giving a golden shower by his own, and soon we are surrounded by men, relieving themselves, who gives a fuck, as I start sucking some of them, even before they have finished pissing.
73% (12/5)
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5 months ago
1 year ago
These Portuguese are f crazy :) the-(last comment)
Im glad im one of them.
Great story,kinky hot streams.
1 year ago
Amazing! Where's this club? Holland,Germany or Hungary?
1 year ago
wow ur life is one hell of a story thats for sure
1 year ago