Making love to a mans car, after school

Consider the following conversation. A man approaches a young girl in her early teens, and asks her, crudely and bluntly, 'Hi sweetheart, will you fuck my car'?

She is confused, a tad frightened, but curious.

She looks at this man in his mid fifties, 'What do you mean'?

He looks down on this beauty, 'At least I have her attention, and she's curious', he thinks.

'I have just bought a new car', he continues, 'she is like you, young sexy and very pretty to look at'.

She is flattered at his complementary tone, but still curious, he did say 'Fuck', and that has confused her.

'But what did you mean when you asked me just now', she wanted to say the word, 'Fuck', but talking to a strange man three times her age, and in such an intimate manner, would mean trouble for her if it ever got out.

They were in front of the shopping mall, so she felt safe as there were many people walking and milling around.

He looked into her very pretty face, her eyes were dark and smoldering, she had high cheekbones and very soft pink lips, that formed a perfect bow shape.

'I want you to christen my new sports car', he said, and again she adopted that quizzed look on her face, 'you mean hit it with a bottle of champagne'?

He smiled and looked around, as if looking out for someone, 'No baby, make love to him', he said in quieter tones.

Her heart skipped a beat at the thought and implication of sex, 'Are you talking about a car or you'?

He smiled, 'This is good', he thought, 'she is comfortable with the idea and not running or screaming ****, I might just pull this off', so he pressed her harder.

'It's a car baby, a high-end sports car'. She eyed him up and down, she was having fun with this strange guy, 'A fucking perv', she thought, 'I thought you guys called things after females', she queried in retort, 'Do you think I'm a Lesbo, or something', she fired back, sounding hurt in the verbal repose.

'No babe, my car is a he, big, flashy, powerful, with a throaty roar, and I want him to fuck the prettiest girl in the mall'.

She sat there stunned, she was shocked again, but his straight answer did unnerve her a little, but she was curious. 'How do you expect me to do that', she continued, trying not to sound too immature or c***dish.

He dove into his pocket and took out a small box, 'Open it and tell me what you think'.

She picked up the box and opened it, and looked inside. Her dark eyes widened, and her soft lips parted, as she gazed down on the object lying neatly inside the box, and out of eyesight of passersby.

She looked up at him, her pale alabaster skin, taking on a reddish hue as she blushed, she was holding a gear-shift knob, in the shape of a mans cock-head, it even had a slit like the real thing, and to show she was not shocked she smiled, and touched its slit with her delicate long fingertip, deliberately watching his as he watcher her toy with it.

'Let me get this right' she asked him quietly, 'You want me to put this inside me', her throat was dry as she spoke and nervously glanced around where they were, and he nodded in the affirmative, 'While it's on the gear stick', she added.

He was smiling as she spoke, 'My God he thought, if only she would, she is so fucking sexy and young'.

She was hoping her excitement did not show, she had seen videos of girls doing exactly what he was suggesting, besides she felt herself warm to the dirty idea of it, and the added bonus that she was a beauty and his car was new, appealed to her in a kinky sort of way.

'What's in it for me', she blurted out. He smiled, incredulous at her easy acceptance, 'I give you £50', and he reached into his pocket and removed his wallet, and took out one note, he was closing the deal, perhaps the sign of the cash would do it, but then as an afterthought he added, 'You can keep it as a memento of your first lover', he said it with a big smile on his lips.

She decided she was going to do it, suddenly she knew she was getting wet between her legs, and letting this dirty old man watch her, excited her, and the cash would give her options to shop.

She screwed-up her nose, Audrey Hepburn style, 'I think it would look cute in the car', she said with an honest conviction, 'you might attract the ladies if they saw it', she said and started laughing, they both did, for different reasons, but they were both comfortable with the idea.

'Where is your car'?

'Over there, in the open park, he said pointing in the direction in which it lay, 'Lets go do it', she said rising, keen to get it over with and be on her own again.

He followed her, telling her left and right when it mattered, and soon the stood beside a beautiful Lamborghini, vibrant Red, and it really was a beauty, and when he opened the door the soft leather seating swallowed he up as she sank down, 'Make sure no-one comes', she said as she undid her denims and pushed them down, revealing her bubble-butt ass and hairless pussy.

She screwed on the phallic cock head onto the manual change lever and straddled it, lowering herself onto it as she moved gingerly all over the top of it, wetting it with her secretions.

He stood by the open door, mesmerized this teenager girl was doing something so crude in front of him, not a care in the world, in fact she sounded as if she was enjoying it.

He reached in and stroked her bottom, she did not react or complain, so he slid inside and closed the door, and continued to touch her intimately. After a short while he realized she was really fucking the gear stick, her eyes were closed and her breathing erratic, this was too good an option not to take advantage of her immersion.

The camera flashing made her jump, and she banged her head of the low roof, but the stick remained inside her, her pussy juices flowing freely, he managed to massage her tiny anus opening and slip a finger up her, at that point I think she realized his intention, and tried to dismount the stick, but she was trapped, he would need to get back out to let her have the freedom to move her leg over.

I stead, he undid his pants and slipped them off, she was horrified as she looked back at his huge hard cock, and he was getting in behind her, as he pushed her forward onto the dash, her bubble butt rising, her anus in line for his penetration.

No one heard her scream as he tore her anus open, during the first penetrative thrusts, but she soon became silent as he humped her, it was only when he momentarily stopped for a second breath, did he realize she was moving with him, the phallic cock head on the gear change, was moving past his own cock as she humped both, that realization made him cum in her bum.

Later, when the both disentangled themselves from man and machine, she turned and somewhat naively made him promise not to put her on the web, to which he said yes, she left and hurried away.

He still looks at these photos and the beauty of the girl who became a willing subject, he still jacks off to them, even though he knows her.

That year she won the 'Rear of the Year' at school, he smiled as she collected her reward and watched the guys cheer, 'At least I know whats its like from the inside', he thought, and as he looked at her, she waved, and he felt the gear stick knob in his pocket, 'We both do' he added as an after thought.

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1 year ago
gotta add that to the list of things to try :)
1 year ago
great story. I would love to see this as a video
1 year ago
good job Mariel
1 year ago
hot dirty and naughty, I love your stories they always get my cock throbbing and ready for a good wank
1 year ago
Fun crazy and dirty as always :)
Love it
1 year ago
its even more fun if u start the car and let the gear know vibrate from the revs of the engine! well done mariel
1 year ago
That was so hot and sexy
1 year ago
Awesome!!! and i wonna meet such whore.. to assfuck and DP..awesome
1 year ago