Jenny and lesbian sex, tonight with my daddy

'Can you see him'?

'Of course, he does it naked', she replied. Not quite the shocked little girl, but a girl with a vampish twist inside her.

'So you both see each other and you finish up whacking one out'?

She smiled coyly and a pinkish tinge bathed her smooth complexion, 'It's OK', I added, 'I have let me watch me frig my pussy'.

Her smile widened, showing her pearly whites, each tooth looked as if the individually flossed each one, I could only imagine her rubbing herself as the old man who peered through her open curtains each night, jacked off to her beautiful body as it writhed on the white linen.

Jenny was f******n and had not only discovered the joys of masturbation, an urge brought on by her starting her periods, but the added spice of letting men see her do it, and in return, watch them shoot a load in her honer.

Being able to induce a man to wank off was a trait all teenage girls aspired too, myself included, though O had progressed to giving hand jobs, not to boys but to older men, in fact my most daring was to get naked and rub my pussy with their cock, teasing myself by wetting the bulbous head on the entrance to my pussy, now my friend Jenny had the same cock fixation.

'Have you fucked one yet Mariel'?

I looked at her, 'No, but I am close', I admitted honestly, that I liked to hold one against my pussy and ride it'.

Jenny's eyes widened, 'How does it feel', she asked with a hint of breathlessness, 'Hard to explain the feeling', I answered, not too sure of a descriptive verb or adjective to describe the incredible feeling, 'Like I want to fuck it for ever', was my reply, the warm feeling in my crotch made me wish for this old man to appear at his window, I wanted to have a wank, Jenny or no Jenny.

'Want to get naked', I asked her, and unsurprisingly she agreed, so we both stripped off and got onto the bed, interlocking our limbs and arms.
I kissed Jenny on the mouth and surprised myself at how pleasant it felt, so I started kissing her and inserting my tongue deeply into her mouth.

She felt soft and warm, our wet crotches intertwined, and our wet pussies crushed pleasantly together as we adjusted our bodies and clung to each others legs as we ground against each other true Lesbian style, we were starting to cum within minutes, and I could hear Jenny murmur she loved me, over and over.

We lay for the next hour in each others arms, it felt natural and safe, and touching her bared breasts then her wet pussy excited me, and her feeling me in a similar manner, found us expressing our love for each other, we promised to have regular sex, I even suggested I would as dad to buy us some sex toys.

'Would he do that', Jenny sounded aghast, at the closeness of a father who took an interest in his daughters sex life, 'My dad would rather fuck me, than buy me a rubber cock', she said as an afterthought, and we laughed, until I admitted, mine does.

Jenny sat up, staring at me, 'Your Dad shags you', but I allayed her anxiety, by explaining our father daughter closeness, 'He does not put his cock inside me, like I told you, he rubs against it until I cum, then he shoots onto it'.

'My dad is always querying me and watching me', she admitted, 'Do dads want their daughters when we start menstruating'?

'They pick up on our need, it's just natures way', I added, not really too sure what I meant, but my daliences with my own dad felt perfectly normal, when Mum had left for another man, I slipped into the marital bed with ease, and sucked his cock on the first night, somehow in the back of my mind I felt it was a nice thing to do.

'My dad would love for me to do that', said Jenny, with a wistful look in her eyes, 'Have you seen it', I asked, suddenly interest in it's size.
'Only through his shorts', she admitted, it was hard, but mom soon pounced on it and they went back into the bedroom and shagged each other.

'Do you want stay at mines' I asked her, suddenly having her warm body next to dads, would be a nice inclusion, I could kiss her while dad fucked her from behind, and when she said yes, I got excited all over again.

'You dont mind my dad rubbing against you', I asked her wistfully, she looked into my eyes and said she did not, and at that we fell into each others arms and began kissing again, this time my mind was awash with dad cock inside her, I wondered if kissing her would be more exciting, as he fucked her, then the realization hit me, it was not Jenny dad was fucking, it was me, his beautiful daughter, I wanted his cock inside me, 'What the fuck', I resolved, 'Dad can take both our virginity's tonight, 'You're going to get a big cock up your ass tonight girl', and we both smiled and kissed, 'Good', I thought, 'she's not objecting'.

Will be continued if you ask nice.

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1 month ago
Is there a sequel, would love to read it, appeals to my naughty side ;)
1 year ago
I loved the story and where it is leading.
The thought of all three of you together is making me pulse with anticipation.
Bring it on Mariel :) x
1 year ago
a very good build up, you are such a naughty tease getting us all worked up ;) hope you continue the story xx
1 year ago
you wright the best story's MarieL
1 year ago
please continue
1 year ago
omg please dont make me wait! i want to know what happens!
1 year ago
pretty please Mariel will do anything you ask to continue xx
1 year ago
please continue! wonderful story!