I was a horny woman for this Thai boy

I stood silently behind him as he fumbled with the key to my bedroom door. The bell boy was in his teens, slightly shorter than I, but I was a stewardess of course so we were 5' 10", he 4" shorter, very thin, but his youth was exciting to behold, especially to a woman feeling the need for a man, and as my thoughts wandered in their lustiness, I undid a few buttons to see if they would have any effect on this Thai boy.

He turned as the key unlocked the door, his smile froze on his face as his eyes saw the exposed flesh, of this blond lady in uniform.

He drew his tongue across his dry lips, 'This way please', he quietly mouthed, as I glided past him and walked into the spacious room and double bed, 'Nice', I spoke loudly, and sat on its bouncy but firm mattress, noting his transfixed eyes still hovering on my exposed chest.

'What's your name', I asked him getting up and walking back to the room door and closed it, the dull ache in the pit of my belly suddenly coming alive, as I engaged him in some conversation, I knew here in Thailand they were relaxed about timing, and he was in no rush to go back down to the front desk.

'Kamol' he replied, 'What does that mean', I asked slipping my shoes off and undoing the buttons on my jacket. I kept smiling and warmly spoke in smooth dulcet overtones, noting he stood nervously watching me, unwilling to leave, as white women were know for their easy virtue in Thailand, and I could brag as a very beautiful woman.

'It mean very big' and at that he stopped, as did I, I was toying dropping my skirt before him to see if he would take the bait, 'Very big what', I asked, and he smiled one of those Thai smiles they were famous for.

'Stones', he answered and his face developed a crimson hue under his darkish complexion. Again I retorted, 'You mean Balls', I said and pointed naughtily to his crotch, and this brought an outburst of laughter, he was obviously young and embarrassed, but I was horny and in the mood for this young boy so I continued on the same streak, 'You have a big cock too', I asked him, this time letting my skirt drop to the floor to reveal my long legs clad in black silk stockings and see-through panties that did nothing to his my shaved beaver.

He stared, but I was past caring, 'You like to see me', I asked him, and his head made an effort to affirm what his wide eyes were staring at.

I went back to the bed and sat down on its edge, then studied his crotch to see if he was ready to fuck me.

I smiled challengingly at him, then lay back and slipped my hand down the front of my panties and began unashamedly to rub my pussy as he watched me.

'Take you cock out Kamol, wank on me', I said very throatily, 'Come and fuck me baby', I half asked, more begging than asking, raising my legs high as I took my panties off and showed him my open crotch with my wet pussy and swollen clitoris.

He stood rooted to the spot, as I masturbated on the bed, my left hand under my buttocks with two fingers deep inside my cunt, rubbing my clitoris with me free hand, taking dirty with words that possibly meant nothing to him, but felt satisfying to me just to say them, 'Come baby', I urged, 'Fuck Mamma', I urged, indicating my lust for a boy, this cougar certainly liked boys to mount and dominate.

I was close to cumming, just doing this in front of him, was sufficient to bring one off, but I wanted his cock inside me when I did, as pulling his firm young buttocks hard against me would add a certain piquancy to it, and I thrilled to feeling him shoot hard against my uterus, Asian semen did that too me.

He dropped his pant to reveal a disappointingly short cock, but as he moved between my upturned legs, I sat up and took him into my mouth, pressing right up until his balls caressed my chin.

I loved sucking cock and have made it an art, from previous fallacious encounters, getting the balls inside first then drawing the cock inside at the same time, made for a satisfying mouthful.

Holding him by the mouth, then with my finger up his tight ass, I pressed myself hard against his leg, humping against him by rubbing my pussy hard against his thigh, I could bring myself off and twist my inserted finger against his prostate gland in its youth, being rewarded with a good orgasm and mouthful of Thai semen, and a good orgasm also.
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5 months ago
another good one
1 year ago
That was a great, hot experience. To bad you didn't get him where you wanted it.
1 year ago
such a hot naughty turn on just perfect
1 year ago
that was another fucking HOT story mariel loved it
1 year ago
this is so hot. I love it when my wife has a young man. She tells me all about the details after if I am not there to enjoy it
1 year ago