What goes through a woman's mind, before fuck

'Where's Jack'? I looked back at Tommy as I made my way to the stairway, 'Bed, I think, he cant handle the drink and the late nights',

Tommy smiled, at my answer, it had just gone past midnight and we were alone, and the realization my husband, his friend, had left us to our own devices, brought an excitement we both felt, suddenly the thought of sex with Tommy, was high on my list of things to do before going to bed myself, I sensed Tommy felt that way too.

I continued downstairs, a little light headed and giddy, the prospect of sharing another mans body, naked and hard for me to enjoy, not to mention the final act of sex, put a knot deep in my tummy, I was horny and in the mood, and only feeling Tommy's hard cock inside me moving in and out to encourage his ejaculation, would suffice, and my hope was that Tommy was as keen to fuck me as I him.

The fact my husband was in the same house as was our marriage certification, meant nothing to me at that moment in time, I wanted Tommy that night, and this urge needed to be quelled.

I undressed as my husband slept only feet from me, I dressed in silk and nylon, see through and naughty, stockings and belt, panties willing to be ripped from me, a powerful sense of being ****d by a strangers cock appealed and heightened my libido, even applying the gel for anal intercourse was overly applied liberally as my husband Jack lay in deep slumber, my long finger dispersing copious amounts, deep inside my bum, I am sure if my husband awoke at this very moment he would be shocked at the slutty dress and seeing my finger insertion up my ass, in prepared readiness of Tommy's hard cock.

I left the bedroom and ascended the stairway, and peering through the railings at head level only, I saw Tommy sitting where I had left him, 'Another drink Tommy', I could feel my erogenous tissue swell, my nipples could now be seen through the sheer black nylon, their protuberance by at least half an inch, and my pussy run with a clear slippery vaginal secretion, my swollen clitoris ache for Tommy's tongue, and the friction of his shaft, as it ploughed relentless into my open cunt.

Tommy sounded as excited as I imagined him to be, 'Yes please', he answered, 'Chanel 18', I said as an after thought, there was always good porn on it, beside when Tommy saw me dressed as I was, he would know immediately I needed to be fucked, so Chanel 18, would both prepare him for my arrival, and possible make him rip my knickers from me, and as I thought the later, and powerful flow from my pussy run down my inner thigh.

'Tommy', I called again, as an after thought, he looked at my peering through the railing, head only in sight, 'Yes Mariel', he answered, my heart pounded as the next few words escaped my moistened lips, 'Will you fuck me', and as Tommy's mouth fell open, with nothing coming out, I added, 'In the ass', I wanted him to be in no doubt as to my measure of horniness, I wanted to be fucked in as brutish and powerful manner as he could administer, I wanted Tommy to dominate me and make me surrender to his urge to inseminate me, that way both Tommy and I would never forget this coupling, I turned and went back down to get more booze, my vaginal secretions running down my inner thighs, to mirror image my lust for cock.

To be continued

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1 year ago
1 year ago
Great story telling, can't wait for second part xx
1 year ago
eagerly awaiting part 2
1 year ago
i cant wait for part 2 mariel!
1 year ago
1 year ago
Exceptional start, Mariel. I'm looking forward to the next installment!
1 year ago
Another awesome ass fuck on the way. Can't wait for part! x