My Daddy as you have never known him


I shall say right of the bat, I wrote this story in a heightened state of sexual arousal. So much comes into it as I write and take a moment to touch myself, inspiring more feminine illusions of what makes females different to men when wanking, yes I wanked myself as I wrote this story, so you can imagine as you read, we are as one, and if that inspires you to touch yourself, then the story has done its job, and we have been mentally coupling during this sexual one on one encounter with me.

If you orgasm as I did several times of erotic thought and typing, then I am pregnant with you in mind, and any comment you make, will cause my nipples to harden and my pussy to yearn for you.

Thank you and love Mariel.

My dirty story and thoughts.

Another year older, and all of a sudden, a massive change in attitude of my father.

The night in question opened my eyes to his jealousy. He had already started making my life a misery, when he knew I was dating, and although still technically a juvenile, Daddies mood swings culminated one night as I spent an hour on the porch with my boyfriend, in the darkness of the night, we fooled, and unbeknown to us, daddy listened on the other side of the door.

I became aware something was amiss when my boy had left and I went inside. I was barefoot and as I entered, I stood on something wet.

It was dark and as I closed the door quietly behind me, the goo, for want of an other word, oozed between my toes. Naturally I stooped and felt between my toes and felt this stuff, it certainly was not water, so I raised my fingers to my nose, and realized it was warm sperm.

I froze, as I knew immediately how it got there, as only dad was in the house, and I knew he had been listening to me having sex.

I decided to face him, as I was sure he was waiting for me, and I went into the kitchen, where dad was sitting with a drink in hand.

'You were listening daddy', I decided to go on the attack to try an disarm him. 'You fucking little whore', he fired back, which shocked me as he had never sounded so violent or abusive.

I walked into full view of him and stood in front of him, ashamed and withering, apprehensive showing full remorse, 'I am sorry daddy, really I am', I whimpered.

'Do you know the law on u******e sex', he barked back at me, I swallowed hard, he was right even though I had the body of a woman, I was still a few years from being legal.

'Take of your shorts and panties', he ordered, and as he started to get out of his seat undoing his leather belt, I felt my own hands rise and unbuckle my own.

Daddy watched intently as I un-zippered the short zip and opened up the waistband to reveal my lack of panties, my legs shook as my short cut off denims fell to my ankles.

Dad's eyes widened as they fell away, his interest in me was obviously sexual and I walked towards him as he sat down again, his eyes fixed solely on my pubic region, 'Across my lap you little tight cunt', he rasped, his voice matching my rising anticipation, suddenly I could feel the need also, and I was willing to be beaten into submission, even though that would not be necessary, I could feel myself wetting and rising for an insertion.

I knelt to the side of daddies legs and put both my hands on his thigh, 'Will you take your pants off daddy', and as I asked in my little girls voice, I softly stoked his thigh, stopping short of his rising erection, this was sexual now and I wanted him to know his daughter loved him and wanted to possess him too.

He dropped the rolled up belt and undid his trousers, then stood up to let them fall away and reveal his erection in its full glory, solid and rock hard.

I could feel my tongue wet my lips as it hovered in front of my face, 'Lick Daddies balls my dirty little bitch', he moaned, and I reached forward placing my hands on his thighs, and nuzzled my nose into his ball sack, and stuck my tongue into the heat and sweat of his crotch, and started licking and cleaning him, just like a dog licking its ass.

My eyes wandered up the length of his cock and met his looking down on his disobedient daughter, 'I love you Daddy', I murmured, wetting my tongue with the copious amounts of free flowing saliva I was producing due the acrid sweat on his crotch, Daddy was never good at showering daily, but then there was me, willing to lick him clean, even his last ejaculate was swirling on my tongue, but I was past caring, I just wanted to lick him.

Stepping out of his pants and kicking them to one side, Daddy sat down, drawing my across his bare legs, his hard cock push up against the soft warm flesh of my stomach. I balanced myself by placing both hands on the floor and slid forward, so my buttocks were central to his aim, the feel of his hardness so close to my own wetness, made me involuntary edge over in that direction, daddy sensed my urgency, 'I will stick you, after I punish you', he mouthed through gritted teeth, his hands stroking my plump posterior, my puckered anus with its shock pink crinkled promise of tight pleasure, was offered up to my dad, as he parted my cheeks and gazed down on it.

Then he bent to the side of the chair and recovered the leather belt, 'I need to mark your flesh', he said and as if to emphasize his bestial urge, I could feel him release some pre-cum against my belly, 'Daddy dont cum yet', I begged, afraid my own release would not be realized if he did, but daddy was too incensed with his desire to bring leather hard against his wayward daughters ass, and he brought the full f***e of his muscular arm to thrash my fair skin and the welt rose high as each of my buttocks sagged under the f***e implied, the sight of which, brought another release of seminal fluid from his cock rubbing against my skin as I writhed on his legs.

I just managed to stifle my urge to cry out, and realizing this, daddy ordered my to stuff his underpants into my mouth, so I rolled them up and inserted them deep inside, filling my sound cavity, now he was free to administer his sexually driven desire on my nude torso, soundless, letting the neighbours sl**p, as blow after blow reigned down of my upthrust buttocks, and a puddle of pre-cum dripped onto the floor below my hot flesh.

I took ten strokes, I was charged, as if each stroke discharged electrons onto my swollen clitoris, making me alive and aware of my need for a fuck, I f***ed myself down on daddy's leg, grinding my pubis onto his knee as daddy whacked and smacked my bum as I had my orgasm.

He felt the power of his daughter humping his leg and knee, witnessing the sheen of my discharge between my tight thighs, taking the free opportunity to slid his finger inside my wet swollen pussy and feel the strength of my muscles draw him in, and at that delirious point, I slid, focused with a glazed expression and bl**died bum, from his knee and knelt by his side, with my head buried into his crotch, I started sucking him to the point of ejaculation.

Little girls become women during sexual encounters, nature takes over our bodies to help us combat men many years our senior, we might be younger, fresher, softer and tighter, but when we rise and straddle his thighs, as I did that night, wet and readied for the fabled daddy daughter coupling, I could feel my knees bend with a mind of their own, and let him slid in, parting what warm wet flesh deep inside me lay together, the pain melting away, being replaced by the sheerest of pleasure, until my clitoris rubbed hard against his pubic bone, and ten inches of cock lay nestled deep inside me, cradled and nestled in soft crinkled flesh, titillating and teasing his slightest movement inside me, he would not escape this tight cavity of pleasure, having to release as nature designed the male female copulation act, regardless of relationship, daddy would inseminate me whether he intended to or not, and I would gratefully accept his offering, the warmth spreading in my tummy as proof of his seeding me, I raised my bum high on his cock and plunged deeply, my cry of pleasure echoing and reverberating from the four walls, tonight and for many nights into the future, I would share my fathers bed, even through marriage, my c***dren were of unknown siring, such was my passion for my father's cock.

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1 year ago
I wish I'd had a daughter!
1 year ago
Another fantastic recollection of a tainted youth
1 year ago
Loved it, so Hot!
Thanks Mariel
1 year ago
love having a good wank over your stories they always get my cock throbbing and me worked up, such a naughty turn on
1 year ago
i was stroking before i started reading because i knew it was gonna be hot & you never let me down Mariel
1 year ago
back to your best mariel, please never stop writing luv Andy x
1 year ago
1 year ago
Like it's safe to read lol
1 year ago
I haven't read this yet, I just want to get some kind of response out of you. which will be beneficial for me and my health. and I love your stories with all my heart