My Dirtiest Moments at 3 am

I woke up early this morning, around 3am, got out of bed and stood by the window, looking out down the street.
I had a clear view, up and down, and as expected all was dark and quiet, except for the illumination cast be the evenly spaced street lamps.
As I passed my patio door, my reflection, although dark, showed my full nude body to the sl**ping street, I felt the urge to pose to the imaginary men walking up and down, looking in at me, and touching themselves in an inappropriate manner, clearly indicating they wanted to take me and do their dirtiest sex on me.
Men have their early morning woodies, women like myself also have urges of the sexual nature, and early in the morning, but the problem this morning was that I was alone, and now I was feeling horny.
I put on my panties and stepped outside onto my veranda, enjoying the cool air on my naked torso, feeling and admiring my breasts as they jutted out, capped by an equally pair of swollen rigid nipples, when touched, seem to make my knees go weak and add to the stirring in my crotch, God it was getting worse and I could feel the crotch of my panties absorb the moisture now freely flowing from my vagina and swollen clitoris.
I stood on the top stair, my body heat overcoming the ambient temperature, praying my scent would drift and be sensed by a male, who would be nursing the biggest cock available, and he would soon arrive and take me, in the fashion that gave him the most pleasure, and in the process, fuck me like a rag doll and free me of this growing urge, surging and pulsating between my legs.
The grass on my lawn was slightly dewy and left a trail showing where I had stepped, and as I looked back across my lawn I noted I had walked 15m from the safety of my porch, I was at street level, looking left and right for a man, any man, or men, but no, nothing just myself, so I started doing the only thing we can do, I put my hand down the front of my wet panties, and started to masturbate myself, sensuously running my hand over the bulbous bulge that sat atop my gate post, toying with the idea I could slip over it and ease it into my pussy, imagining my lover was this big and bring myself off.
As I half stood and half crouched in this masturbating pose, my thighs ached, I wanted to sit down, but I still needed excitement, I wanted to cum and I was determined to do it, so I opened my gate and boldly walked across the street and moved into a bus shelter, dropped my panties and stepped out of them, turned and laid them on the wooden seat, sat down and continued, digging my long fingers in deep, lifting one leg and sliding another finger up my ass, trying to increase the pleasure with double penetration, my God, where are the buses when you need one, one full of men preferably.
I was lost in the rhythmic throes of masturbating, my form and outline, illuminated by the subdued low wattage bulb in the shelter, my nudity and what I was doing showing me in the erotic fashion, when I heard a cough, very low and distant, but enough to make me freeze, a frozen naked female, caught with her fingers inserted, in a pose showing a woman in her most intimate moment.
I jumped up and dove into a hedge behind the shelter, my heart beating furiously, pounding so loud I was positive I would be caught, naked shivering and suddenly feeling cold, and scratched by the rough cuts left from the last trimming, one of them raked across my breast, now flowing with bl**d.
I took a deep breath as he approached the shelter, he was a down and out d***k, he smelt bad and was bedraggled, unshaven, dirty and foul, but when he sat down my heart skipped a beat, as he lifted up my discarded soiled panties.
Realising what he now held, he opened them out and put the soiled wet crotch to his nose, and drew long and deep, luxuriating in my sexual scents, drawing them into his being, before pulling the wet crotch into his mouth, licking and chewing, extracting my bodily fluids, transferring my sexual needs to him, and I watched fascinated, as he eased his penis into view, he could taste and smell me, now he wanted to fuck, so powerful were my scents.
He wrapped the flimsy material around the girth of his cock, making it seem larger as it appeared to dwarf my underwear, and as he laid back and drew them up and down his length, I started to impulsively touch myself, especially as he drew them over his penis head.
We were masturbating in synchronous movement, like two 'Blue-tooth Devices' connected together from afar, engaged in sexual intercourse and at last I was feeling connected to a man, a man enjoying the feel of my panties, still warm and wet from my sexual fluids, soon to be soaked by his, and I liked that, yes I was enjoying this.
I was enthralled, captivated, that a man could derive so much sexual pleasure from my undergarments.
I stayed focussed on his fat cock going up and down, wondering if only he knew I was behind him, completely naked and masturbating with him, then suddenly I was standing in front of him, lifting my leg onto the wooden bench easing my crotch onto his cock, feeling him part me, as I sank lower and lower, until he was fully inserted inside me, and I fucked like crazy, bouncing up and down, ignoring the repulsive odours engulfing me, not caring if his cock was clean, just feeling it stretch my vagina in all directions, then send that all knowing feeling of warmth as he filled me with sperm, ultimately triggering my own release, yes I was having my orgasm, atop of this this revolting creature and now as I ran from the shelter, I could feel his sperm oozing from my pussy, run down my inner thighs and drop onto the street in little puddles, leaving a tell-tale line, from his cock to my pussy, if you cared to follow it.
The next morning I eased to curtains apart and looked across to the bus shelter, feeling a twinge of disgust and noted the small black bundle lying on the shelter floor, my knickers, left and discarded once the fucking and subsequent cumming had subsided.
Dressed in my housecoat I went to my letterbox and checked, far too early for the postman, but taking me closer to my item of pleasure, and I walked out and went across and picked them up and hurried back across to my house, turning to close my gate, he somehow stepped into view, with a wry smile on his knowing face, we stood, he waved, and I acknowledged him, thus confessing my guilty need of him, I waved back and went indoors, shivering but safe in the knowledge, no-one would believe him, walked back to the window, coat open revealing my new found brashness, but he had gone, pity really, as my shower was running and hubby was away for another day.
I can still feel him oozing onto my computer seat as I write and it's 09:25 on Friday October 1st, yes fresh from the press, I was fucked and now I tell you.
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4 years ago
Love your work. So hot and erotic.
4 years ago
just wow.. i am now a big fan
4 years ago
Powerfuo writting...i'm hard, i need to be in you!
4 years ago
You may be the BEST writer at xhamster. We do our best, but you're a master writer! So HOT
4 years ago
fucking amazing story. thank you
4 years ago
Oooooo Marie! You are such a Hot writer!
Made me WANK & SPUNK the way you "paint a picture with words!"
Johnny in America...
Check Out my Stories & More below!
4 years ago
Mums.... mums! *L* härligt
4 years ago
I just read your Story my Dirtiest Moments at 3a.m. and I am stunned, thrilled, aghast, amazed, turned on and wishing that I was in Sweden right now! You are a fantastic writer and whether or not the encounter is true It was real when I was reading it. Fantastic!!!
4 years ago
sounds wonderful oh to be that man :)
4 years ago
4 years ago
This is a great story!!!
4 years ago
You have such a wonderful writing style, as i read your stories, i picture what's happening to you like it was happening in front of my eyes.
4 years ago
4 years ago
9in it happens because as a woman I have the option and a never ending supply of willing males just waiting to have a go, like you following me, you would be in me the minute I bent down to tie my long boots and my mini skirt showed my stockings and no panties
4 years ago
this is very sexy! i like how daring you were outdoors like that
4 years ago
i often wonder if there is some cosmic shift in the universe that always allows u to find urself in these most unbelievable and erotic situations i would have to shadow u for a while just to see for myself how everything unfolds in ur life its amazing
4 years ago
your just so amazing never stop writing ;) xx