Orgies, Mothers and Daughters, and lots of men

On a recent e-mail from a friend in the States, he was keen to know what it was like when you are in an orgy. He has always fantasized about group sex but like most men, never had the opportunity to indulge.
Of course this site is full of orgies and gang-bangs, good looking guys with beautiful females, all carrying tats and begging for cum showers, committing degrading sexual acts, like demented insatiable sexual b**sts.
That for me is one of the drawbacks of modern porn, it's too mechanical and scripted, with silicon women and pumped-up men, not really enjoying themselves, slavishly grinding away, thinking how nice it will be when filming finishes.
So whenever a real bit of porn comes along with real people doing it, unscripted and natural, they get the most hits and men want to have a go with her, because they know she is hot and natural.
That kind of footage is gold on sites like these.
In an orgy its all natural with people just having sex with others with natural noise levels and good noises of people fucking and having their orgasms, laughing and chatting, a little awkward initially, but when the fucking starts they soon get into it.
In one I attended I watched as one middle-aged couple brought their oldest daughter along, they were a good looking couple, very respectable, and she was an absolute peach of a girl.
Just before the action started we were all sitting around introducing ourselves, when the mother stood up and asked for attention. She asked her daughter to stand up and simply stated she hoped the men in the room would do her proud and 'Fuck her silly', strange comment, but the men were very eager to be in there first.
'Take your clothes off love' someone called out, and her mother turned to her and nodded her approval, sat down, and watched her nervous daughter undress in full view of the men.
The silence in the room was palatable, as the girl disrobed, and as the few garments she wore dropped away to reveal a beautiful and full figured young girl, a couple of men, much older than her jumped-up and stripped, fully erect and determined they moved into the circle and pulled her onto the floor.
What followed was more akin to a ****, with the first penetrator cumming within minutes of being inside her.
We all sat around and watched her being taken and I confess to enjoying the brutality of these men taking turns with her, and I looked across to her father and he was masturbating as his daughter was providing the men with sexual release.
Her mother was pulled into the circle and the men started fucking her, so we could see mother and daughter action simultaneously, something people crave, and yes it happens along with lots of other forbidden stuff, we care to keep under wraps.
I was sitting naked except for my black stockings, drinking and waiting to start when the old guy who was fucking the daughter looked up and caught me watching them.
He got up and came over to me, while someone else replaced him, and he came alongside me and said, 'Hi sweetie, like to taste her' and thrust his penis under my nose, rubbing it against my cheek before inserting it into my mouth, for me to clean and bring him off.
He lay on his back and I rolled onto my knees and started performing oral sex on him, brushing my breasts across his thighs letting my erect nipples feel the caressing pleasure of contact.
In that position it was the cue others had been waiting for and soon a line formed into a small group around us, as someone entered my pussy and started to fuck me, while two others fondled and squeezed my breasts.
That is what an orgy is all about, its natural anything goes full on sex, polite and cordial with everyone doing their own thing, girl on girl, and men in men, something I confess to going weak at the knees, when I watch it and join-in, with an invite of course.
The noise and smell of raw sex is very powerful and the smell of semen hangs in the air, thick like an aphrodisiac, making the girls hornier and wanting to fuck more and more cock.
We take breaks and just watch, some smoking and others drinking, swapping numbers and addresses, talking about what we are into and our little perversions and f****y members that can be persuaded to be seduced on an overnight stay, legal and i*****l, but in the privacy of our own homes.
Many years before all of this I remember a grown-up party at our country home, I got out of bed and went to the bathroom and on passing my parents room, saw my mother in the bed with two men I had never seen before, having sex and swearing as she was taken from behind, possibly in her ass, as she was obviously in discomfort, but the man in her was just banging away ignoring her protestations, and the other man was holding her, restricting her movements and looking at me in the doorway.
Later that night or early morning a man came into my room and ejaculated over my hair and face, putting his penis into my mouth and giving me my first taste of semen. He kissed me on the forehead in a fatherly fashion and walked out of the room.
In the morning they were all sitting around downstairs, with mother still in her nightdress, drinking wine and sitting on another man's lap. She was still very d***k and he had his hand in her clothing, touching her as the other men encouraged her, now I know why, he was masturbating her and they wanted her to cum.
When I came into the room I could see my mother was close as her head was lolling and flopping, and her hips were contorted, and the men were excited as they watched.
One man got up and led me out of the room and back into my room, sitting me on the bed telling me mommy was having fun and I needed to wait in here until they were finished.
He went out and as the door was opened I could hear the cheer go up, followed minutes later by her obviously copulating, as each man took his turn with her.
The same man came back into my room, this time he was showing his state of excitement, as his cock was out and hard.
He towered over me as I lay on the bed and started to masturbate, stopping occasionally to remove my clothes, until I was completely naked, turning me over face down, lay on me with his cock between my cheeks proceeded to dry fuck me until he came, across my back.
He got up and left and another came into the room, this time penetrating me for full intercourse and made no attempt to pull out, pumping his semen inside me, such was the contempt they felt for me, the daughter of a d***k nymphomaniac.
So there you have it, orgies my first was uninvited but the experience served me well, all the others I have had the upper hand, and I am a committed lover of group sex and yes today you will see me on Birka Cruises, walking into cabins full of men and closing the door behind me in the full knowledge of what's about to happen.
92% (25/2)
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2 years ago
Nice to meet you
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3 years ago
4 years ago
Wow! That's fucking hot!
4 years ago
mmm... love it...
4 years ago
damn nice time!
4 years ago
I enjoy reading your stories, and your feelings that to me come out of the story
4 years ago
i agree with fordfan never gets old mariel!
4 years ago
that was amazing I would love to meet you ;) xx
4 years ago
excelent as usual
i never get tired of hearing of your sexual adventures