a girls view everything has a Horn in Africa

I could hear the water run, so I got up and made my way across to the window and peeled back the curtain, just enough to be able to see out, and not attract attention to my action.

I could feel my heart thump in my chest, I had anticipated this moment since I had arrived here, and now it had.
I looked down onto the area where the water ran, bathed in the hot afternoon sun, reflecting from the wet stony floor, and onto the bodies of four young black men, of varying heights and body sculpture.

My eyes were drawn up their long muscular legs and stopped, no need to go further, and there they settled and focused on their crotches.

I had seen similar photos, passed around the girls toilet at school, but now as I watched them bathe, not one but four, I could feel my knees weaken and my mind wander, as it drifted down to where they showered, and I stepped amongst them, and surrendered to their soaping of my loins, feeling their fingers move inside me, and their dark penises against my snow white flanks, a stark contrast of monochromatic pigments, as stark as they hardened from soft, and rubbed against this wanton teenage girl.

I was here a week before my mother and b*****r were to arrive. I was in Angola, and staying with my Grandfather, who had spent most of his life here, my mother having been born here, before moving back with her mother, after she had been divorced, Granddad it seems, had a thing for the young black girls, he seemed to be able to smell girls, when they were in heat.

I could not help but feel a wry smile at that particular sentiment, what would he think if he could see me right now, masturbating behind the curtain, in the cool darkness of the bedroom, contrastingly hot and sweaty, as my feverish fingers sought release from the thoughts conjured up by my equally feverish brain.

The water stopped and brought me back to reality, I cursed myself, I was close, just a few more minutes, but the boys were gone.

I walked back to my bed, still on edge and lay on top of the cool spread, closing my eyes I drifted back down to be with those young boys, and almost immediately my fingers sought my hot flesh, as one enf***ed the other, my fingers encouraging my thinking, my thinking teasing my fingers, and then it happened again, only this time it was more serious.

'Mariel, sweetheart'. My heart almost stopped, my fingers froze, it was Granddad, and whats more, he was opening the door and walking into the dark room.
'Mariel', he said quietly, and I had to answer, 'What, Granddad'? Now he was in the room, and I could see him clearly as the light fell on him, but I lay in the darkness, terrified to move in case he saw I was naked, 'Why dont you come down and chat'?

He had bad eyesight at the best of times, but as his eyes were not accustomed to the darkness, I felt safer, so we talked for another couple of minutes and then he walked out, with me promising to come down.

He closed the door and I fell back onto the bed, feeling really shaky, being naked in front of your granddad was awesome, especially as he walked in on you frigging your hot pussy, then I laughed, more for the absurdity of it, how many f******n year olds get caught?

I pulled on a light cotton dress over my nude body, convinced I was alone with my granddad, so you can imagine my shock when I bumped into a young black woman in her twenties, as I thought, 'You must be Mariel', she caught me by surprise, as her English was near perfect.

I took her hand and shook it limply, she was tall for a woman, over six foot, very beautiful, but completely bald.

When she smiled her whole mouth opened to reveal pearly white perfect teeth, she was obviously well educated, graceful and articulate.

'Who are you', I asked her once my shock of seeing her for the first time had subdued.
She laughed again and explained she was my grandfathers companion.
'Companion', I again queried, to which she unashamedly answered, 'His lover, his mistress', and then she stood aback slightly from me smiling.

I found her disarming to say the least, she had an air of cultivation, that was captivating, 'But Granddad is in his sixties, and you are', but she corrected me before I could finish, 's*******n, I am s*******n', and the shock must have registered on my face, she was only three years older than I.

'Come Mariel', she said as she took my arm and led me through the house, then into the garden, and around to where the showers were.
'See up there, that is your window', I looked at her, she smiled again, 'Ten and four in the afternoon, the men shower down here'.

I could feel the heat rise in my face, 'Oh, I think you know that already', she boomed out, and we both laughed a typical girls laugh, so she liked to watch the boys shower too.

Then without warning she grabbed my hand and took me into another out building, and as we went through the door, I could see there were beds, it looked like a dormitory.

Like my room it was darkish, but as my eyes became accustomed, saw the same boys who had been showering below my window, they were still nude and lying fully exposed.

'Mariel, meet my b*****r', and the young man got off the bed and stood up, his penis near erect. On seeing it she said something in their own tongue, and all of them laughed, and then turned to me and said, 'You must excuse them, down here they learn not to be ashamed', then she winked to me and added, 'I am glad of that, are you?'

I just nodded, I was. She then gestured for all of them to get up and introduce themselves to me, and as they stood in line, she went down it as if trouping the colour, only touching each one in turn, including her younger b*****r, something the Queen of England might not do.

'Mariel', she said, on seeing I was still watching her, and as I walked to her b*****r and held out me hand, she came across and put my hand on his cock, 'Hold it hard and squeeze it', then the next one and so on', she continued, laughing and winking, 'This is how we say hello', by now I had a cock in each hand, and they were very thick and hard.

'Touch them all, squeeze them Mariel, show them your love', she said over and over in her heightened dulcet tones, getting more excited as I took each one in my soft skinned hands, and squeezed until my knuckles went white, they felt magnificent, thick and soft but firm, this was one custom I could get used too, handling boys down there, was always a secret fantasy of mine, and now, here I was doing four fabulous specimens, and only at f******n.

I felt her hands on my shoulders and her warm breath on my neck as she whispered into my ear, 'Mariel, they would like to look at you'.
I turned to look at her, every sinew and fiber was screaming sex, I was caught up in the heat of the moment.

I still kept hold of two boys, I was naked under this thin cotton dress, and as she bent to take hold of the hem, I started to exhibit my need for what I was playing with she sensed that as she slowly raised my hemline and exposed my body, lifting it clear over my head, and letting it rest on my arms, then slide down until it covered my hands and the cocks they were handling.

She brought her b*****r over behind me and I could feel his penis push between my legs, my thighs involuntary crushed against it as it moved in and out, and my mind now focused on it, as I rode its girth.

She stood by my side and pushed her b*****rs penis hard against my wet pussy, her thumbnail flicking my clitoris, I had never felt such intense pleasure, not until she dropped to her knees in front of me and let her b*****rs cock enter her mouth, she flicked my clitoris and sucked him until we both had our orgasms.

Then she jumped up, 'I think you need to go now Mariel', and she bent down and scooped my cotton dress up and threw it to me.
'Go to the kitchen and wait there', she said, and could see some of the men circle her.
'It's OK', she said seeing the concern in my eyes, 'I shall be thirty minutes or so', and at that I went back the way I came, only stopping to look back at the door, by then I saw she was nude and the boys were laying on the bed.

This will be continues when I return

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1 year ago
Can't wait for the rest.....your power of expression is awesome.....
1 year ago
Need to see part 2 ASAP xx
1 year ago
Looking forward to part 2 !!!
1 year ago
We need more.
2 years ago
Oh yes, we need the sequel, please!
2 years ago
dont let it end there mariel! i want to know what happened!
2 years ago
2 years ago
my cock is throbbing thinking about the fun your going to have when you go back, such a turn on