Porn viewing makes you want to fuck

Her white skin had a translucent glow, her blond hair looked like something straight out of a shampoo advert, shimmering and cascading, she was the ideal embodiment of the ultimate classical, superior white girl.
The juxtaposition of the setting added impact to the scenario, as it unfolded. She had been taken captive by a group of Negroes, huge black men, towering over her diminutive frame, holding her in vice like grips, she was clearly a helpless victim, even more so as emphasized when her clothing was torn violently from her, leaving her completely naked and surrounded by this mass of muscled black flesh.
Her captors were also naked and a short glimpse of eroticism was captured as one of the men holding an arm, came into contact with her as she struggled, her buttocks brushing against his penis, which immediately started to stiffen, and as she moved away from him, we could see it swelling and rise with the contact against her skin, and once free, its magnificence in its erectness, caused a stirring amongst the other males, as they too realised their prise was theirs for the taking, and they shuffled closer, sensing the taboo of the unforbidden, was now about to be broken and this terrified girl, was the catalyst they needed and desired.
One man stood centre-stage, clearly in charge of this large gathering, and with a nod, two more subordinates stepped forward, each taking hold of her legs, one each, and together the spread her wide, exposing her sex to the man in front of her, and in this suspended form, she watched horrified as he stepped in-between her legs and roughly thrust his massive fingers into her and worked them until she thankfully flowed.
The **** that followed was brutal and non-stop, with bl**d and semen flowing in equal amounts as each and all men took their turn to vent their frustrations at the hands of their brutal masters, with the sexual pleasure of this lone white girl.
During the realistic r****g I looked across to one of my viewing companions, the lone male in a room of three couples, and I noted he was showing signs of discomfort, not of the ****, as the bulge in his pants showed, but the need to be part of the act and take his allotted turn.
The other two females watched, neither saying anything, each lost in their own fantasy, as the f***eful taking struck to the core of womanhood.
Each figure in the room was illuminated by the reflection from the screen, with myself sitting closest to the lone male, who sat on my left, with me obscuring him from the others.
My peripheral vision could clearly make out his hand jerks inside his pocket, he was masturbating to the **** and as I stole a glance to my right, clearly the others were oblivious to his forbidden self pleasuring.
During a dark scene when the room was at its dimmest, I moved my hand closest to him with the sole intention of relieving an itch, which was mid-thigh.
My legs were crossed, and the itch was on the upper leg, and this hid from view, my intentions to the others sitting on my right.
Easing my hemline up sufficiently to scratch, I was unaware I was exposing a lot more of my stockinged leg than I had intended, as there was an increase in his activity, to the bare flesh now on display, less than 10" from him.
The r****g on-screen was now being reciprocated as the girl was sexually responding for a brief moment, to the incessant onslaught of black cock and this coupled by the man next to me seeking his own release, I decided to remain exposed to his view, but taking it once crucial step closer, I slid my own hand under my raised skirt and let him see me reciprocate my knowledge of his actions, by recrossing my legs and freeing him to touch me in seclusion, hidden from the view of my husband and friends.
His hand roamed freely across the naked flesh of my upper thigh, stocking tops to my panties, and with a slight adjustment to my sitting posture, he was able to slid inside my panties and touch my open vagina.
In the darkness of our corner of the room he made me orgasm, just as previous suitors did in the back seat row of cinemas, dipping a finer into my secretions and rubbing my clitoris, ever so deftly, I came.
Easing his hand out from my undergarments I interlocked fingers with him, held him a few moments then encircled my index finger in his palm, telling him in our international sign language, I will let you Fuck me later.
I looked at him and gently smiled with the ever so light nod of my head in acknowledgement to my promise.
At the movie's end we all had a laugh at our discomfort through the screening, but we were committed porn lovers, and the conclusion of the gang ****, showed the girls got a huge kick from the realism, and the lone male to my left, enjoyed the realism, once hubby went to bed and left us alone to have sex in private, something else our group frequently enjoyed.
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4 years ago
sounds like an interesting way to spend a night with friends
4 years ago
very hot and interesting