Girls view on older men and black men

Variety has long been considered the, 'Spice of Life', and growing-up, teaches us as we learn from our endeavours, what it is that turns us to do what it is we like.
Many man of all ages are fascinated with girls sexual habits, what turns us on, and what we feel when we do it.
I have openly admitted my fascination and surrender to older men, something many are keen to label a, 'Fetish', due to their thinking that humans should have sex with their own age groups, so how can a nubile girl enjoy intercourse with a man old enough to be her Grandfather?
This is only one question that race through 'Young Bucks' minds, confused and feeling rejected, nursing their manhoods by hand, while firm-fleshed girls pleasure old tired bones, spending hours nursing them to a semblance of what the 'Bucks' are handling, in order to mount for pleasure.
That last sentiment has for me personally, has caused me to hail, 'Viagra' as one of the best finds, for young girls, and if I am honest with you readers, I always buy and carry a six pack, in my handbag, just in case.
On one such occasion I finished-up forcing a tablet into a man,s mouth, washed down with a beer, and Wham!, within 30 minutes I was bouncing on his pole, staring down at his bemused face, as I banged my way into heaven.
So why do I get off on life's spent creatures. The general assumption is women want big and thick members, rigid and unyielding, staying power and litres of semen.
True, but only if you have plastic tits, an Oscar winning ability to mouth, 'Oh Yeah', long blond hair and short black roots, tats and nipple piercings, and finally an ability to fuck like a machine.
All the above is the modern version of the 'Old Blow-Up Doll', from the previous generation, a manifestation of the female form, a step-up from sticking your cock into a melon.
Of course we girls often resorted to vegetables, and when you think of it, we were 'Green', before it became fashionable.
So, what's the thing you have with old men, you ask.
Sex is a mixture of many emotions, its not just about achieving a brilliant orgasm, its about how you achieve it, a mixture of giving as well as receiving.
During intercourse, when a man is inside you, you feel him on many levels, his f***e through his swelling and pushing, his urgency and need for you, and as a female being serviced in this brute fashion, you feel a certain pleasure in providing your orifice, to pleasure the guy behind you, raising your naked buttocks to meet his downward or forward thrusting, the act of submission in my part, conversely, enforcing the act of being taken, in his part.
There-in lies the clue to my personal perversion. As a teenager, I had the perfect body, the perfect fuck machine, both in looks, desire and equal willingness, to do it.
Opposites attract, 'Black and White', I love looking at skin tones and loved to see a black penis in my white pussy, during sex.
'Fat and slim', I remember my boyfriends uncle (refer to my Story).
'Old and Young', visually repulsive but erotically stimulating.
All have an element of repulsion, Black men, Fat men, Old men, Black, because many see them as inferior, and they think about the slavery on the plantations and the white owner fucking the Black Girls, but even more erotic, when the Black slave swings his monster into the White owners daughter, and we watch fascinated, as her Pussy is fucked with a vengeance, each frustration, singularity eked out with each meaningful thrust into her, yes, we have all jacked-off watching scenes like that, men and woman alike, and I will confess to thoughts of that nature, with each Black cock I have sucked and fucked.
The Fat Man syndrome is something I first came across in the the early days of 'Chat Room', in particular 'Yahoo Chat Rooms', before they removed them under threat from sponsors, because the school girls were being targeted be the perverts.
In those days people made their own chat rooms and the favourites were the school rooms where there was a mixture of girls and older men looking for sex.
One guy messaged me and started chatting, he had a cam and asked me if I would like to view him. I instinctively knew what he wanted, which was to have a wank as I watched him, so I said sure, go ahead.
So on he came, a huge fat guy, with a small penis, more like a scrumpled button, it was flaccid of course so it looked smaller, and as we chatted, he just rubbed it with no effect.
At some point through the viewing I coughed and he heard me, there was a click and he spoke. this was a first time for me, real communication, so I replied and suddenly his cock started to grow, as I watched it.
At that point I suddenly felt a responsibility to him, I felt a need to bring him off, I wanted to make him ejaculate and be proud of the semen spurting out, his tribute to me for my efforts.
Our relationship became closer at that point, our naughty secret, the schoolgirl and the middle aged fat man.
I took a deep breath and asked him if he would like to see me, and when I turned on my cam, I let him see my face, everything, as I couldn't wait as I tore off all my clothes and moved my camera across my naked body, showing every inch of flesh, finally sitting down, and with my hairbrush, gave him a show he would never forget.
We became internet lovers, meeting on specific days to mutually masturbate, going 'Green' with his choices of what I should pleasure myself with, but eventually, the novelty wore off and he suggested we meet, to which I said sure.
He travelled in a white transit van and I walked to my local Tesco Store and there he was, parked at the back of the huge car park, and so I went up to him and entered into the van, which had a mattress in the back.
I stripped off naked and went down on him as he sat behind the wheel, then we adjourned to the back where he taught me full penetration, doggie fashion, finishing with an anal cum-shot, which dripped out the rest of the afternoon in class.
I was by now acquiring a huge following of men eager to sample my wares and eventually we drifted apart, but fat man never forgot his chance encounter and I never forgot the added pleasure I got from letting him dominate me and achieve sexual heights he never dreamed off.
So in these two encounters and my last story you have three good examples of my perversion, my added twist to a basic fuck, the thing that gives me an added boost during sex, that knowledge that I am providing my fucker with a pleasure he might not otherwise experience, I realise I leave myself open to ridicule of delusions of self esteem, but they are my delusions driving my pleasure, and it is no different from guys with 2" dicks imagining they are John Holmes during the Swedish female population a favour, and yes he was a firm favourite amongst the teen girls at school, especially when firm, so there you are, that's my input for today.
Keep wanking guys and make my day
96% (20/1)
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1 year ago
my cousin was having sex from she was 8years old with older men and ended up getting married to a man in his late 50's. She was just 16 when she gave birth to their daughter.She has now 14 daughters 5 sons,and another on the way. She loves Dogging so kids may not be her hubbies. Mac,xxx
2 years ago
Nice to meet you
My name is Miss precious. I am new here,i want to make a new friend with you after seeing your nice profile in my search for a good person,Please write me at my private email address, ( if you want a sincerely and honest friendship.So that i can send my picutre to you
2 years ago
Nice to meet you
My name is Miss precious. I am new here,i want to make a new friend with you after seeing your nice profile in my search for a good person,Please write me at my private email address, ( if you want a sincerely and honest friendship.So that i can send my picutre to you
2 years ago
yes loved it also, my wife was into the older men which I shared her in three somesomes with older men
3 years ago
I get the feeling you are overthinking about the whole sex world. Things are more simple than that: some young people are hot, some older people are hot, some fat people are hot, some black people are hot, some watever people are hot, and some others are not.

Some days one feels like playing games, some other day one feels more submissive, and some other day more controlling, as you said, variety is the spice of Life.

Shagging grandpas wont make you better or worse,it's just your personal choice, there are no right or wrong sexual choices.
3 years ago
Thanks for the post..
i can relate a lot to this experience
4 years ago
My first sex was with older black 18 and them 45 thur 50. I got hook on black cock when he put my hand on his cock In a few min. I was cumming I am 4'6" 89 lbs. very pretty mature men or hot to me or the only thing I know who knows. I love to be fucked now, so good
4 years ago
Wanking away Marie, your tales are so well written and very erotic xxx
4 years ago
I always wank to you, Mariel.
4 years ago
i love the way ur mind works!
4 years ago
course ill keep wanking for you. just keep ur stories coming
4 years ago
i wish more young ladies were as open to older gentlemen as you are!!!!