Brit was my lover with a secret

We huddled into the cubical, four girls, all best friends, and watched as Brittany, lifted her grey flannel dress.
She was 'Commando', going without panties, but we had all seen each others before, no she was displaying her new tattoo, a male erection supplanted and centred on her pubis, her reason for being nude, it's vividness and colour, adding a bright focal point, drawing the eye onto her cunt, she beamed and smiled, 'Right guys, what's you opinion'?

It took your breath away, the daring and bold as a statement, that any girl could make, especially one like this, and even more so, as she was still considered a minor, too young for sex, booze, and tattoos, although we had all in some form or another, had sampled the first two, but tattooing a man's cock on your cunt bone, for the world to see, 'I dont know about you lot', I uttered, 'I think it's fabulous'.

Later that morning while we walked alone, I asked Brit, 'How does it feel walking around without panties and a short skirt'.
Brit was a natural beauty, taller by a couple of inches, nice athletic body, single-minded, and incredibly oversexed.

We had hit it off simply because we were alike in stature and nature, mistaken for s****rs, with similar attributes and similar attitudes, but we were also closer than that, we were bi-lovers, enjoying each other and dreaming of cock, now I had something closer to my heart, her cock tattoo to lick as well as her twat, we both burst into a simultaneous laughter, 'Why dont you get one done on your bone'?

Later during one class in the afternoon, my thoughts drifted onto Brits question about baring my cunt to a man, and the thought excited me, legs up on stirrups, wide open, feeling his hot breath on my pleasure organ, a smile spread on my lips, what if I squirted onto his face?

I was fifteen, like Brit, too young to be showing myself to old men, but still, the thought excited me, so I cornered Brit at the break.
'Who did your tat'? She looked at me and got excited, knowing I was considering following her lead, and told me the whereabouts of his shop, and yes he did not give a fuck about the law, he liked young pussy, and made no bones about telling you.

A the end of the day I was beside myself with a mixture of trepidation sexual excitement, and when I entered his shop and espied all the piercing and tattoo accoutrements, I almost wet myself, I was giddy and light headed, all I saw was sex and my mood had made my mind up, I wanted some of this action.

My eye was drawn to some of the plaster caste displays, male and female displays, showing piercing's, cock and pussy adornments, and I reached out and touched the life size plaster caste cock, that was when he walked in through the curtain, separating the parlour from the front shop, where I stood with my long fingers wrapped around this life sized erection, 'Nice feeling dont you think'?

I jumped, he had surprised me, and my face turned a deep red hue, 'You can let go now', he said laughing, then I realized I was still gripping the shaft of the cock, and blushed more.

'Do you like it'? He asked me a second time, I nodded my approval, he continued to smile, 'Good girl, I like it when young girls give their approval'.

Brit was right, he certainly did not hide his attraction for us, and my eyes fell to his crotch to see if he was reacting to my presence, but he noticed and remarked, 'No I never modelled for that one, not that big'.
I smiled at his reference, but was acutely aware I had been clocked looking down to his cock.

'So young lady, what would you like'?

In all the time during the day, I never once thought about this moment, about actually talking to him and being asked that question, so I fumbled and muttered something about a tattoo.

He became more serious, 'You look like you might be u******e', he fired back, but then added, 'So we shall need to hide it', and at that he smiled warmly again, this time I too smiled, we were thinking along the same lines.

'Ok, lets get this show on the road', and he rose and went to the front door, and turned the sign to read 'Closed', and drew the curtain shut, causing the foyer to darken.

He turned back to me, 'Dont worry I am not going to feel you in here, and he pulled the adjoining curtain open and beckoned me to enter.

I could feel my heart pumping hard under my white blouse, and as I walked a new feeling of desirability emerged between my legs as I walked, I was flowing freely, it felt as if I was peeing myself, and suddenly I felt self conscious.

'Jump up here', he said as he patted a chair, not unlike one of those you see in a gynaecologist's room, complete with stirrups, I stumbled as I moved, having my legs in those as he sat between them, was an act of submission, I knew once trapped in that position, I would be putty in his hands, but I still got up, and rested back.

He coughed gently, 'You need to remove your undergarments my dear, I cant see though them', then he added, 'Or then again, maybe I can'?
He was being flippant with me, light hearted to put me at ease, no big deal for an old bloke about to touch a girl in places only she sees, and finger her trigger, that's what frightened me most, what if I lost control, with my legs up high and open.

I stopped thinking and undid my skirt, let it drop to the floor and pulled my panties off quickly, before I convinced myself not to, and stood facing him as he looked me up and down, standing covering my pussy like a little girl too shy to show her wonderment to his appreciative eyes.

'Come', he said softly and held his hand out for me to take, I was exposed and he studied my crotch as I moved into the chair, and let him raise one leg after another into the stirrups, feeling the Velcro straps tightly bound my ankles in-situ, I studied his face, which was a picture of intent, as he studied every smooth fold and curvature of my vagina, he f***ed the stirrups apart, holding my ankles as I opened wider than even I could imagine.

He turned and bent down to retrieve my skirt and panties from the floor, there was no need for nice talk any-more, I was nude and strapped in, ready and primed, and he held my panties under his nose, pressing my soiled crotch hard against his nostrils, I can smell you are excited, and sat down, inches from my swollen and very wet cunt, 'Now my sweet little thing, what do we have here'?

I felt embarrassed, being so open and wet, I could feel the clear vaginal fluid run from me and gather in a small pool in the cup of my buttocks, and through the crinkled flesh of my pink anus, I was showing my state of sexual high and could not mask it, like a man with an erection, it was there for all to see, and know his mood, he gathered strength from my flowing fluids, he knew my mood, and was in no hurry to either relieve me or mount me, no he choose to enjoy me and my predicament.

'You're all swollen and wet', he said with an air of triumphalism, as he probed me, placing his finger gently onto my hard clitoris, then moving it ever so gently up and down, like stroking a small cock, he was masturbating me and made no bones about the pleasure it gave him, he was both teasing and torturing me, masturbating a young woman gives some men pleasure, especially when they have no way of stopping them.

I was moving with his rhythm, and he looked at me, with my eyes shut tight, concentrating on his manipulations, he did not want me cumming too quickly, so he varied his stokes, and talked more dirty talk, calling me a slutty little girl, a cock teaser, coming here to beg me to fuck her, it was having an effect, I was responding, now I wanted to orgasm so badly, I went along with his filthy endearments, repeating his words, as I felt his hot breath on my pussy and his pointed tongue, wash my anus and vagina, tickle my clitoris, bring me close to release, then stop, making me beg for the final release, so when he stood up and dropped his pants, press his cock into my pussy, I was begging and screaming for him to take me.

Feeling a cock deep inside you, move around and thrust, then release, with a warm feeling spread around your stomach, you have that feeling of achievement, but that was short lived when I emerged from my delirium, to see my friend Brit, video-taping my fuck.

She had set me up knowing how I would respond, and as if to prove this fact she raised her skirt and showed her tat, was just a print, pressed onto her shaved mutt.

The old guy who had just relieved himself inside my pussy was her grandfather, apparently a man who had desired me for years, and who had watched us perform from afar, he knew more about me than I did, aided and abetted by Brit, who had also been playing with him all these years.

In the end I never did have a tat before they became popular, instead, only visited for a session whenever the mood was on for one, taking turns with Brit while he watched, two raunchy schoolgirls growing up and eventually apart.
He passed away many years later, when I was studying in Newcastle, I never went back, instead choosing to continue with my fetish for older men, in my adopted country, which you can read about in my earlier stories.

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1 year ago
Mmmmm . . . I do like my ladies pantiless.

Great story - thanks
1 year ago
beautiful, just what i needed to get off.
2 years ago
she got u good! haha sneaky little cunt
2 years ago
very hot and naughty made my cock rock hard, now time for a wank ;)
2 years ago
Nice hot story!
2 years ago
Wow that was a real hot story !!!