Some experiences with pervs as a young girl

When it comes to sex, pervy men turn me on.

What constitutes 'Pervy'? Men who are inarticulate and blunt, sexually immature, men who are borderline nutters and think they know best, especially once their cocks are doing the business inside you, it feels like c***d ****, but intensely focused.

Eccentric Frank, small cocked, but a good finger fucker.

My husbands friend Frank was like that, he had no sense of propriety, he loved to ask me about my 'Pussy', was it tight and did I shave.

Frank in some ways was harmless, he never thought his questions were inappropriate, we would classify him as eccentric and I would simply blush as my husband laughed, but privately, I would provide the answers, because I watched him as he got hard, and when I answered him, I would be descriptive and that excited me.

'Does it bother you when I talk about your Pussy Mariel'? I looked at Frank, my husband had just gone down the stairs to take the dogs for a walk, leaving us alone, this was when Frank got sexual, he was stupid the right way, he waited for opportune moments to get personal with me, and of course my eagerness to get involved, was construed by Frank, as 'Turning me on'.

'Not really Frank', I answered, feeling my heart rate climb, 'I am glad your interested, besides we are friends and I know it will go no further, our secret'

I watched as he drew his tongue across his dry lips, noting his eyes drop to my crotch, 'Are you hard Frank'?

This was where his eccentricity shone brightest, he smiled in a weird manner, 'You want my cock, dont you'?
I sipped from my wine glass, feeling my body react to his bluntness, a rush of heat in my loins, my nipples harden, the thought of ripping my clothes off in front of Frank and having an immediate session with him, flashed through my mind.

I was horny, and as my husband called up, that he was going out, I looked across at Frank, his lascivious leering look, spoke volumes of his lust for me.

The outside door closed as my husband wandered into the night, the air between Frank and I was heavy in expectation, 'Take him out'.

Frank stood up and came across to where I sat, dropped to his knees, and reached out, placing his hand on my knee.

'You like this', he asked, his fingers easing under my skirt and stroking my thigh, the hem climbing and exposing my stocking tops

When his finger traced across my nude flesh atop my stocking, I gasped, it was like an electric shock, Frank was inches from his prize, my wet 'Cunt'.

'You're a slut, a fucking horny slut'. I liked that kind of bad mouthing, it made me feel cheap, a fuck toy for horny cocks, and Frank was now fingering my wet slit.

I pushed back on my leather 'Stressles Chair', the back fell back as I adopted to lie flat, Frank had access to my body as if I lay on a bed, my legs eased apart as Frank put each one over each arm, my thighs parting with ease as my crotch and both exposed lubricated holes of pleasure were his to toy with.

Using both fingers, Frank rammed home his idea of pleasuring a woman, the crude insertion, which was not helped by my moaning and hip thrusting.

Frank finger fucked me and studied his actions and my reactions, his control in masturbating me and toying with my brown-pinkish crinkled anus, which lay partially open and exposed to his machinations, I moaned and begged to be released from my pent-up horniness, Frank toyed and enjoyed his new found power, he controlled me with his fingertips, my nipples twisted and tugged, he was becoming more cruel by the minute, but then again, who does not when in such control.

'Open your fucking slutty mouth', I did so and his cock slid inside. Franks cock was a paltry four inches, but to Frank he was a giant of a man, sent to ravish blond Scandinavian women, and as his tube of flesh lay inside my mouth, I tongued his balls as his pubic hair brushed hard against my nostrils, this was deep-throating your best friend's wife, and Frank was confirming his image of me, cumming in my mouth, and watching my own contortions as I came and moaned to confirm his power to bring off a Swedish Slut, with such ease.

We dont see to much of Frank now-a-days, but he is a confirmed lover, always having access to me as he desires, like a second husband, a spare cock and kinky fuck buddy, if only Frank knew the truth, although the bit about being a filthy Scandinavian Slut, does have a ring of truth to it.

Uncle Joe a big Ass Bandit

I opened the magazine, it was all about women's asses, big broad ones, small pert ones, and even some like my own, tomboyish and tight, like my b*****rs, the difference being, you could see his ball sack hang between his legs, with me, you saw the curvature of my cunt, as the tops of my thighs curved inwards, creating an open space, where a man could slide his hard cock between, a gap of sheer pleasure for any cock to slide into.

The magazine belonged to uncle Joe, and I suspect it was left for my convenience, as were the packet of condoms. Uncle Joe knew it was my job to clean the room, so leaving these sexual objects for me to clean up, was bound to trigger my curiosity, after all I was but a stripling of a girl, but Uncle Joe's fascination with girls bums, put mine in that frame, and I suspected he wanted it, the fact that a tube of lube lay beside my photo, I was intrigued.

We all went out to Pizza Hut one night, piling into dads car, and I conveniently sat on Joe's lap, in the darkness of the back of the car.

My siblings sat to our left, one s****r and two b*****rs, and as we drove, Uncle Joe wasted no time in stroking my bum through my cotton dress, especially when he realized I was nude under it.

Biding my time to sit on Joe's lap, was a manipulation on my part, leaving my panties off was another, letting Uncle Joe explore my anus was something I wanted him to do, the fact I had squeezed some of his anal lube up my ass prior to entering the car, made it easy for him to insert his finger up there while I sat with my arm around his neck, toying with his hair, and feeling his cock harden under my thighs, Pizza was good, but getting a cock in my ass, suddenly had lots more appeal.

Uncle Joe fingered my anus by moving in and out, burying it deep up my ass and rubbing behind my pubis, stimulating my 'G-Spot', and making my fingering pleasurable instead of uncomfortable.
I got out of the car at home and gave his cock a good hard squeeze, I planed to visit his bedroom late into the early morning, I wanted his cock and to feel him cum in my secret hole.

I lay in the darkness of the room and frigged my pussy as my s****r slept, cumming twice, before going into uncle Joe's room to be fucked up my asshole.

Joe never disappointed during my reaming, he really opened my ass wide with his enormous girth, with me biting hard into the pillow he reamed his little niece like a man possessed, grinding down on my naked body and pumping a huge load deep into my bum.

Joe lay on top of me, with his cock firmly embedded up my bum, we lay for hours, in fact Joe's cock spent more time up my ass than any other cock did, a record we smile about whenever we talk.

98% (27/1)
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2 years ago
would have loved the 2nd story to be longer with more detail but still very hot x
2 years ago
really would love to be a member of your family, your all just so naughty and horny I love it
2 years ago
oh how i wish i was ur uncle joe mariel! id always be spending time with a niece like u!
2 years ago
That naughty Uncle Joe