Looks deceive, and all is not what you think.

Sex is an act that most of us cannot escape from, regardless of your sexual orientation.
When the mood is on you and you have a burning desire, as I can vouch for on a personal basis, I jumped on another girl, and for that brief encounter, loved her and cherished what we both experienced.
So powerful was the urge it overcame my heterosexual tendencies and made me desirous for a girl, whom I knew to be Lesbian.
I needed another body to rub up against as masturbation had taught me of the need of friction, but was one step further, it was having a reaction from another, being able to raise your hands and let her touch you, and most importantly, lick my cunt.
The more I dwelt on the thought the more I groaned in anticipation, she was absolutely beautiful, especially when totally naked, her body was tight, taught, and terrific, she knew it, and all whole slept with her, had been brought to orgasm, now it was my turn.
To be honest with you my dear readers, this was not a voyage of discovery or a seduction on her part, this was me needing to have sexual release, and no males allowed in our world of private and privileged education, intelligent, privileged, young nubile females, growing and developing, in a voyage of discovery, behind closed walls and doors, where first choice will always be a fat cock, but when restricted, we will use each other, in order to our alleviate our needs.
This philosophy has followed me through life, call it impulsiveness, but when triggered by an action or confronted by an act, I find myself responding in a sexual manner, and thankfully to the pleasure of myself and the perpetrator of the initial act.
Growing-up and blessed with a full body, desirous to men, I have had my fair share of 'Flashers', on all modes of transportation, in parks and behind bushes, at parties and my friends husbands, show me the erection and my response is more likely to be, 'Why waste a good thing' and you will find me touching my toes and humping the erection.
Men are no different, possibly more aggressive due to their increased testosterone levels, and many guys have confessed to performing a compulsive blow-job on a similarly excited straight guy, just because the need to 'Cum' was so overwhelming.
Most girls I know love watching a good gay porn, watch cocks in men's bums, and them sucking each other, is a mixture of unusualness and absolute male aggressiveness, man on man, and on reflection, most of us confess to being so turned-on we finish up touching ourselves, or in need of some action.
On most of my trips overseas with my previous job, I used to duck out late at night looking for sex, if none were available at the hotel I stayed at.
Depending on the quality of the hotel, if better, then room service would suffice, and being in a state of undress could be turned into a good fuck, if handled correctly, with the younger guys being triggered easiest.
No room service, then leaving your room door open and waiting for a man to pass your door and indecently exposing yourself to him, never failed.
Of course psychiatrists and psychologists will point to my youth and upbringing as my catalyst for my need for sex, but as some of them themselves had a pop at my cherry, during meetings, I tend to view them as losers who fuck females who are susceptible, to their wishes, that is in other words, having it offered on a silver platter by women in need, as opposed to go out and fight for it like most men do in daily life.
Curiously I went along to an invitation from one such man, to be psychoanalysed and finished up talking about masturbation.
He sat off to the side of me with his legs crossed and a clip board on his lap, asking and suggesting to me that I might have the urge to touch myself.
Of course to a sexually experience female like myself, I knew exactly what he was on about and with absolute ease turned the conversation blue, with a few choice words, like 'My Cunt' and 'Fucking'. His change in tone as he spoke told me he was needing sexual attention, and on one occasion of his suggestion to masturbation, I raised my knees, allowing my loose skirt to ride high on my thighs, I actually touched my privates for him, and without looking at him, I could tell he was playing pocket billiards, as he watched my stockinged legs open and my fingers probe unashamedly before his eyes.
The deep groan that escaped his lips told me his cue was now standing and his white was running.
At that point I jumped up and called him a fucking sham, a pervert that should be reported, for jacking off on a woman's problem.
He sat with his face hung low, but it was the spreading damp patch on his upper pants, that told me what these charlatans, are all about.
Sex is power and good looking girls desired by men have it all in their grasp.
I have felt men's eyes all over my body and imagined what they were thinking and that turned me on big time.
On an anniversary trip in the 'Orient Express' I sat opposite a group of elderly gentlemen, drinking and play cards. I noticed one older man's eyes, oscillating from my legs to my breasts and noted his fist, which covered his crotch, press in then relax, indicating to me his was stimulating himself as he looked me over.
He was deriving some sexual pleasure from his actions and as I was the only female present in the carriage full of young bucks, fancying themselves as potential suitors, I guess he thought his chances were better left to his ball playing under the table.
So here was where the power thing kicked-in, I could grant him a favour, give him access to sexual release, it was up to me, I call the shots, and at that point, licking my lips in a seductive manner, caught his eye, and looked at his hand under the table, coyly smiled a knowing smile.
A quick glance around the carriage was enough to let me open my legs sufficiently to expose my knickers, in an open invitation and get up and walk out, supposedly going to the bathroom.
Minutes later he came out and found me waiting and willing. Into the small bathroom we went and fucked, him sitting on the toilet seat and myself straddling him, bouncing on his smallish penis, but long enough to be inside me and give some feeling.
I remember whispering into his ear as I fucked him, 'Take your time, enjoy me, fuck me good'. His response was rewarding with renewed effort and stiffness, but when I leant forward and whispered, 'Fuck me up my tight ass', pleadingly and beggarly, he came inside me, unable to hold back and the warmth of his seed spurting deep into my love hole and hitting me bullseye style on my uterus opening, was satisfying enough to trigger my own release.
I had an overwhelming urge to revitalise him and trigger a second fuck, so I whispered sweet mouthings into his ear, using my tongue and vaginal squeezing, as his cock was still inside me, my mouthings bluer than the royal blue of the carriage, but I only worked for 10 minutes as he subsided and slipped out of me aided be his escaping semen and my open pussy.
As I stood up and disengaged from him he asked me, 'Would you have let my fuck you in your arse'? 'Yes', I said enthusiastically, and to emphasize my willingness, I hiked up my dress and exposed my bum by bending over the wash basin and pulling cheeks apart. 'Stick your finger in' I demanded, to which he enthusiastically did, follow by the combination of smallish toilet brush and his tongue, resulting in bringing me off for a second time.
Later once we resumed our seating, I wondered what he thought now, as all those men in there were worshipping me with desirous thought of sex, and their chances with such a beautiful and distantly sophisticated lady, no wonder he sat there with an all-knowingly wry smile on his face, and I sat opposite, with a sperm soaked pussy and sore arse that had so willingly accommodated the toilet brush with such aplomb.
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4 years ago
your the best your stories are truly amazing so very hot and naughty please keep writing ;) xx
4 years ago
another amazing piece of your life sweet lil'lady
4 years ago
he missed a great oppurtunity there loved the story mariel! u never cease to amaze