Famous German Model and Horse Sex

I was looking through some videos and one in particular caught my fancy, a girl supposedly taking a meter long 'Dong' into her vaginal cavity.
Of course this was nonsense, as one would have to have her internal organs removed, never mind stretch her pussy to unbelievable lengths.
Of course these are male fantasies bordering on a double penetration by two elephants, which some of my 'Zoology fantasist's friends' beat their meat too with gusto and finish spraying my wall two meters distant, with their ejaculate, such is the f***e of the imagination.
Of course I have been propositioned by some eager beavers to let their dogs mount me, and tempting as it may seem, as I have seen the infamous 'Knot', I think waiting the customary 20 minutes to let it subside, would lay me open to sexual abuse, by the dog owners, who would find my head height on all fours, just too convenient to slip their cocks in for that final release.
Being taken in that fashion by man and his best friend, is best left to those German or Latino Girls, who always appear to have a screw loose, when sex with all Gods creatures, seems to unhinge them and they fuck like there is no tomorrow.
Now you may ask, 'How does she know that'? I will answer, 'From experience', yes I have seen and witnessed Frauleins having fun in the stables, with man and horses, in equal quantities.
One girl in particular finished up being a top model. She was an absolute stunner, and I confess to fantasizing having sex with her, from the moment we shared the same room.
In all we numbered 30 girls from around Europe, the most of which were from Germany, and these girls were more sexually advanced in years than their counterparts from other regions, including myself.
Sex was nothing to them and you would see frequently a stable boy or jockey walk up to them, say something, and they both walked off and fucked.
The girl who became the world famous model, had an enormous sexual appetite and I would lie in the darkness of our room and listen as she would masturbate, completely naked on top of the sheets, not caring if I was listening or watching.
She talked sex all the time and loved to give 'Head', challenging guys to bet on her ability to 'make them cum within a time frame, set by her, and of she went, sucking their cocks in front of me until they came, and she swallowed, while I watched and sucked on a lolly with equal vigor.
One night in particular stands out in memory, the night the Stable Manager came to out room, in his underpants and vest, he had been drinking and he slurred she was to come to the stable at once, then looking at my prostate form, suggested she might bring me along too.
We were both bare breasted and just wearing knickers when he came into the room unannounced and it was one of those moments you suddenly feel more naked than you are and you instinctively cover-up, but that night neither of us did.
'C' jumped up suddenly excited, 'Come quickly', she said, pulling on a knitted V-neck sweater over her bared breasts and rushed to the door, still only in knickers.
I followed suit and trying to emulate her, ran as scantily clad as she, not knowing what to expect, but suddenly sexually aware that something special was going to happen, especially if 'C' was involved.
On entering the stable, a group of the older men were gathered at the 'Siring Booth', a part where the Stallions sired the Mares, and we were invited to watch.
All the men had been drinking spirits ans 'C' pushed in between them, right up to the posts, and lent on them in expectation.
She turned and indicated for me to join her, which I did, feeling some of the men touch me inappropriately as I passed.
I said nothing, too scared to appear frightened by the occasion, and determined to show 'C' I was ready to be as bold as her.
The Mare was harnessed and the Stallion brought in and as he sniffed around her his cock started rising until it was one meter in length and rock solid.
He was being restrained as he tried to mount her, the men were letting him get close but kept him away sufficiently and long enough for both us girls to have a good look.
'C' had a glazed look in her eyes as she focused on this monster penis. The manager who came to our room was pressing close to her, still in his underpants and I could see he was pressing hard against her bum and then noticed his hand hid from view, was touching her on the side opposite me.
Suddenly and unexpectedly, 'C' said, 'Let him fuck her' and I looked at both horses as the Stallion slid his cock into the Mare.
I had never witnessed such raw power in fucking as I did that night, the whole booth was shaking as he pounded, and I mean pounded, into the Mare.
Within minutes he was shooting liters of horse cum all around us, including on us, and when I looked across to 'C' she was being fucked by the old manager and groped by some others during their copulation.
As I watched I suddenly felt a pair of hands on me, and as my mind raced on what to do next, I felt a warm cock push in between my thighs and the cocks owner, push his hands up my sweater and grope my young breasts.
'C' was now naked except for her knickers, which were around her ankles, pulled taught as she attempted to spread her legs to their widest and the old manager was mouthing the dirtiest words he could find. Another came alongside and took 'C's long blond hair in his fist and turned her head onto his waiting cock, and I had just witnessed it disappear into the back of her throat and her 'Gag', when I suddenly felt my panties being pulled then torn form my body and the pain of a dry insertion, and I gritted my teeth as I thankfully started to self lubricate and feel him glide in and out with ease.
I was completely naked as my top was torn from me and as I turned towards 'C' who was still gagging from each deep thrust into her mouth, the old man withdrew from her and staggered the few steps towards me, holding his cock and went straight into my open mouth and ejaculated his cum down my throat, my first ever swallowing.
Both 'C' and myself were fucked in that position, and as I passively took all four men in my stride, 'C' was more the vocal, encouraging the men to do more dirty things, which meant anal things, so beautiful and glamorous 'C' was ass fucked that night in the stable by four old men, and honestly loved it.
Later that night in our room, 'C' pushed into my bed and made love to me, my first lesbian encounter, and by the time the summer was over we were a bi-sexual item and everyone knew we were lovers.
That Summer I experienced, b********y, lesbianism, group sex, double-penetration and mixed sex parters in the same session, but when you are a good looking girl with a tight body somehow it is easier.
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27 days ago
What a fabulous story, thank you
28 days ago
an interesting read---more to come??
5 months ago
Very hot
6 months ago
great story well written...how was the horse dick?
11 months ago
very hot
1 year ago
Histoire qui ma fait venir très dur !!
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wow this is sooo hot.
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very hot story
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great story
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I came
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inceredible story
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Very hot story
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Really a good and intense story! Is it real? I'd like to be invited by you, I love this kind of experience and my woman dreams about an intercourse in the stable ...
2 years ago
Great one
2 years ago
lovely story - hot!! incidentally quite a few wwomen do love to take a horse cock up their pussy - but it is not for the faint hearted
3 years ago
Beautiful story.
3 years ago
HOT story. Thanks
3 years ago
Love to be a whore for stallions
3 years ago
I want to do that really bad! I have a lot of experience with other kinds!
3 years ago
not always have to be YOUNG again to enjoy NOW! 8-))
3 years ago
Very interesting story, had to admit at first I was put off a little but it was erotic by the end.
3 years ago
wow this was a great story first in my hearing this much extravagant.
Good wanna hear some more such experience.
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Good experience. Love.
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very hot and naughty would love to hear more xx
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Great.My cunt became wet.Wanted to be fucked by stallion.
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wow realy horny and hot loved it
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