A Wine bottle and a Sex act

Not a sexy start nor words to want to make you read on, but I really do wonder about some men who hang-out in sex chat rooms and try to come across like they just accidentally stumbled-in and are deeply shocked at what they read.
If you visit an establishment that has to do with male and female sexual interaction, then come in with an open mind and don't be embarrassed about masturbating, I do it and I am a girl, I talk dirty and expect the guys to say dirty things, like they want to stick it in my ass or piss down my throat, thats what makes my vagina moist and swollen, makes my nipples pop! and encourages me to take my panties off and go looking for cock.
Now back to my sex story.
I am 19 and have developed into an Amazonian Female, with smaller than Hollywood sized breasts, in other words I am broad backed and small titted, champagne glass sized, with good sensitive nipples.
I shave my cunt, though I have to confess, I don't know why? as my pubes are naturally fair and whispish, a term once used by an old guy who was licking my cunt in a bus shelter, while we waited on the last bus, he said he loved bald cunts because they reminded him of younger females, to which I replied I was only 19 and still in that teen grouping.
Being naturally long-legged and with a tom-boyish small ass, I found that wearing long stay-up stockings, the kind that snap into place under the buttock line, makes me and the men who venture there, more desirable during sex.
But this story initially does not center on me as the object of a sexual assault or of me committing an act of indecency, no this is about how my mind works during a sex act being committed on another girl.
Dressed like a sex siren, in stocking and booted to mid thigh, I was looking for cock on the night in question, in fact, truth be told we all were. We drank wine and drifted into shorts, Vodka and Gin, and talked about men and cocks, all of which for my part, made me fucking horny and contemplate, about taking the wine bottle to the toilet.
We all eventually finished-up at some guys flat, with a full-blown party in full swing, and a couple of the lucky ones relieving themselves, in the spare bedrooms.
I watched as this girl lifted a bottle of wine to her lips and swallowed copious amounts in gulps, she was beyond redemption, totally d***k, slightly disheveled, and ripe for plucking by some guy, or guys, I don't think either was she would care, she would just lie back and take it in her stride, how do I know that, well I was that girl, and it was my reflection in the mirror, that I was watching.
Stumbling into a bedroom I felt the need to lie down only to find a couple in the midst of a good sexual encounter, him on top pumping away like crazy, and she with her legs raised and her knickers hanging from one of her ankles, grunting with each thrust he made.
The light was on so nothing was hidden as I plumped down onto a cushioned seat and watched. He was looking straight at me, she was looking the other way, oblivious to my presence.
I put my forefinger up to my mouth and indicated with it to be quiet then at the same time raised the bottle and drank deeply and noisily, and as I dropped the bottle from my lips, raised my legs and boots onto the mattress, and noted his fixation, as he stared at them.
He looked as he humped and I licked my lips and parted my long legs in a 'Sharon Stone, kind of way, smiling broadly as his eyes drank in my exposure, now both pairs of lips were on show, both rose pink and moist, one pair from saliva and wine, the other pair from my sweet vaginal secretions.
He groaned, 'Oh Fuck!' and reached out to touch my boots, the one that lay directly in his path as the other was up and open, giving him a clear view as the wine bottle pushed in deeper, in unison with his thrusting, my hand firmly on the long slender neck of the dark green bottle, as my eyes took their cue from his bare bottom rising and falling, driving his cock into the girls' cunt, which was conveniently providing a warm slippery resistance, and a haven for his onrushing sperm.
I pulled the bottle out and wine splashed around my crotch as well as it continued to spurt from my cunt, possibly due to my vaginal contractions as I orgasmed, while massaging my clitoris with my other hand.
I finished it gently, eking every last spasm, like a man panning for the last traces of gold in a vast river.
Dropping my legs to the wine soaked carpet, I raised the bottle and swallowed the last drops of nectar, a mixture of sweetish tasting estrogen-laced juices and 'Chateauneuf-Du-Pape' and once the bottle was drained, I licked the long sloping neck of the bottle, thrusting my purple-stained tongue out to its fullest extent, showing the guy on the bed what to expect from me, if it were I on the end of his cock.
The look on the girls face as I stood up was a mixture of shame and disgust, shame knowing I had sat through and watched her being fucked, and disgust, with my unashamed act with the bottle.
'Cant you find a man' she blurted, 'Sure', I said, and walked over to the bed and reached in, taking his cock in my hand, I bent low and put him into my mouth and sucked on him.
As I stood up his cock 'Popped' from my mouth, 'See, its that easy', I smiled and walked out, down the stairway and out of the front door, looking for a taxi and anything that might happen to a d***k girl going home.
79% (13/3)
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4 years ago
hot and naughty as always ;) xx
4 years ago
That is how I love to drink my wine. Suprising how much a cunt holds isn't it.
4 years ago
5**** wine & 10********** stories you are a great writer thank you lil'lady
4 years ago
fantastic story as usual mariel!
4 years ago
I love these slutty bitches.
4 years ago
Veni, vidi, vici ;)

More 5 star wine, please! ;)P