A Beautiful Clitoral Piercing and Public Wank

Part 1 The girls assemble in the toilet

We had gathered in a small group, there was an air of excitement pulsing through the assembled girls, and we were just dying to see what it was she wanted to show us.

The bathroom door was held shut and as she started to lift her grey uniform skirt, she stopped, just to be assured the door was anchored, then it came into view.
Cecil was not even wearing panties, so her secret was out, as six of us gawked at her pussy, shaved and pink, but we all had similar so looking at her's unless you were bi, was no big deal, no it was the piercing and where she had it, straight through her clitoris.

A beautifully polished 'Omega' Ring, sitting atop a swollen clitoris, 'Are you horny', someone asked, and we all giggled, but stopped when she said she was.
'It makes you feel that way', she added, and we all gasped at the prospect of being in a state of constant need for a man.

'Can I touch it Cecil?' It was Felicia, a dark haired girl, tall and statuesque, some suspected bordered in bi, or full lesbian.

Cecil thrust her hips forward and with her legs apart, struck an indecent pose, 'Sure Felicia, just make sure your fingers are warm'.
We all laughed nervously as Felicia ventured from the group and ran her finger tip around the Omega symbol, lingering momentarily as her finger tip brushed Cecil's clitoris, a point when Felicia's eyes came into full contact with Cecil's.

There was a palatable silence as they coupled and we watched as Felicia's finger changed course and slipped down between her labia, which were moist, and slipped deeper inside her.

My mouth was dry and my heart pumped like crazy, and as I looked around at each girl assembled, this very sexual gathering was having an effect on all of us, as nipples could be seen hardening under the tight filling blouses, one size smaller that issue size, for that very reason.

Felicia continued to masturbate Cecil, her long finger sensuously sliding in and out, each time appearing to draw more of her vaginal secretions from her ever opening pussy.

We might not have been there as far as Felicia and Cecil were concerned.
The mounting excitement Cecil was experiencing unbalanced her momentarily, and she stumbled backwards until her bum came to rest on the sink topping, allowing her to raise one leg high onto the top, and giving everyone a birds-eye view to the very public masturbation.

I realize for most of my readers this might sound a tad fanciful, but girl on girl action was the very norm here at Morningside Academy, a fee paying school for young ladies, young ladies of an age where hormones were bringing our teenage bodies to life, and young, or for that matter, old cock was in dearth supply, so girls sharing beds at night in dorms was very much in the norm, myself included, had formed very sexual attachment's to some of the young ladies here present with me, as we watched.

Cecil's eyes were closed tight, as if blanketing out the surrounding body of females, her head flung back, her mouth open, occasionally washing her lip-glossed pouting lips as the sexual excitement in her built, the squishy squish from the fingering building until she moaned out unashamedly loud and she buckled, with Felicia dropping with her, refusing to break the finger bond, indeed as Cecil orgasmed, Felicia pumped her harder until she squirted across the tiling, only stopping when Cecil was sitting on the cold ceramic on her bare bum, with a six feet trail of warm water reaching from her pussy to the cubical door.

We clapped at the very public lesbian conclusion, and as Cecil got back up onto her very shaky legs, interest in her piercing returned, as we all wanted to know how she managed to get it done, as she was u******e for such a private piercing.

I turned out it was a close relative of her, who was a tattooist who did it, her uncle, and of course why not an uncle, uncles were the most valued of f****y members, they were the most likely to want to fuck you, as they had access to you, during those early years of discovery and wantonness, like second cousins, you did not mind so much as they slipped their cock into you, in a moment of unguarded neediness.

A few of us took our panties off and wiped the floor, as the toilet seemed devoid of paper, I put mine in my pocket, I never did have any qualms about another girls vaginal secretions coming into contact with my own skin.

Part 2 We get to meet her uncle.

To be continued.........
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1 year ago
1 year ago
The images are exquisite in this story.
2 years ago
wow very hot!
2 years ago
Part 2 - cant wait
2 years ago
Hot as always. Thanks MarieL
2 years ago
Thank u for sharing mariel u never disappoint
2 years ago
i've missed your stories Mariel
2 years ago
such a hot naughty turn on and a sexy build up cant wait to hear what happens next