My Husbands first Cuckold Experience

I see the number of reads are dropping off, which is a shame really, but if a couple of hundred men have a nice jack-off, then I am overly pleased and satisfied.
Although I am a University Educated middle class girl, I am not a writer, no I don't have the ability to turn a good yarn into a piece of Erotica, which is what I really would like, as anything sexual should be the ultimate reading, transporting you, my reader, into my story to savor and enjoy yourself with me, as I relive my encounter, I mean, after all, my biggest thrill is knowing men are watching me as I Fuck another.
'Cuckold' is a very miss-used term, and I find many friends suggesting my husband is such, but if the truth be told, it is I who ventures onto other mens cocks, and hubby, having experienced my debauchery, enjoys live sex in the comfort of our beautiful home.
So how did this come about?
I developed a strong craving and fascination for cocks as a very young girl. I grew up in a naturist home environment, and those balmy summers, where everyone showed what they were made off, and some showed more than an interest in being flaccid, would actively encourage their members to full bloom, and proudly display their wares to my young inquisitive eyes.
Of course Mummy also had a penchant for the male member and I have simply inherited her love of all things phallic.
As a young girl I have been blessed with the ability to Orgasm and for as long as I can remember, younger than 10, I have actively chased that feeling, without shame or remorse, and have to this day, enjoyed all my sexual encounters.
In some ways when you look at it, I think I am a man in a womans body, such is my attitude towards sex, and I am loving it.
On the day of my marriage I even let one of the very d***k male guests put his hand into my panties, and let him it grope around, whilst feebly objecting, in a light-hearted manner.
I am sure he would have gone all the way, had I not correctly stopped him, but only just, as I had heard someone coming upstairs. That incident told me then that even though I loved my husband I was still a girl who wanted more and lots of different cock.
So when did my husband catch on?
My answer to that question was only after when I had slowly indoctrinated him into the idea, that his wife was a very dirty girl, in the sexual sense, and he eventually started getting turned-on by my teasing and planting the seed into his head about his friends having a go, with me.
I noted his erections getting stiffer and more urgent, the spice of life as he would say.
He used to tell me about one of his friends and absolute loser and when it came to women, and eventually after meeting John, I fully understood.
He was bordering on eccentric, but after declaring his undying love for me, he confessed he always fantasized about Swedish girls, and their sexual habits and love of Swedish porn.
John used to declare that if I was his wife he would administer a good spanking on my bottom before shaving me and making love.
Yes he would tell me without shame he would shave my crotch and his so our genitals would be naked and closer, no jewellery's, or anything that inhibited our nakedness, and if the truth be told now, I was turned on by him.
John came to Sweden approximately two months later for a long weekend, and hubby was slightly amused when I suggested I should actively encourage Johns obsession about Swedish girls and Porn.
He laughed and labeled me a 'Prise Tease' claiming he thought poor John was in for a torrid time, but I thought otherwise, I knew his obsession for me and I fully intended letting him see more and feel more than hubby knew.
On the evening of his arrival, hubby went to the airport to pick him up and in the intervening hour before he would return, I shaved myself as clean as a whistle and donned a pair of sheer black stockings and matching brassier, no panties, and a very short black skirt with a long side zipper and a whitish blouse, so they could see my lacy brassier underneath.
I had also downed two very big gin and tonics, to help me loosen up, yes I knew what I was doing and I was more giddy from my actions and dressing than from the alcohol consumed.
'Oh God' was the utterance from my husband as they walked through the front door, but the look and eventual smile on his face, displayed an instant turn-on, because he knew the effect it would have on John.
John embraced me pulling me in hard to him, squashing my breasts into his chest, and in typical John fashion, looked into my eyes and said, 'My God Mariel, you look like a Swedish Slut' and kissed me full on my open mouth.
I saw John had closed his eyes during the kiss and I noted hubby giving the two thumbs up behind his back, with a broad smile on his face, followed by a crotch grabbing, which made me wonder if he wanted me to do that to John or if he was indicating he was being turned-on.
Either way I was in my element as Johns hand has traced my bottom and noted no panty-lines, only the tops of my stockings.
When we had disengaged from this passionate welcome, hubby had left with Johns suitcase upstairs, and John took the moment to ask me outright if I was not wearing panties. 'I thought you preferred that John', I replied coyly, adding, 'Besides darling I just shaved my pussy for you' and turned and walked into the kitchen, laughing over me shoulder and a twinkle in my eye, 'Our secret John, Ok?' and the smile on his face lit up with nervous anticipation.
At dinner I sat on the same side of the table as John and when hubby suggest a couple of photos for the album, John and I eagerly crushed-up and had a couple of lip to lip kisses, with John bruising my side, just under my breast, such was his determined need to hold me close.
relaxing at the table with the wine flowing I took the opportunity of letting my short skirt ride high on my thigh, so high, my stocking tops were exposed, to the full gaze of John.
On retrieving the cheese board I resumed my position at the table, with my long zipper down, and seated with my skirt bunched, showed I was without panties and cleanly shaved.
I had the opportunity once again to ask hubby for another photo of John and I together, and John by this time was eager to fuck me and was oblivious to the fact my husband was across the table, holding the camera, as we closed up together for the snap, John put one arm around my shoulder and slid his hand into my open zipper and started kissing me and fingering my cunt.
Hubby snapped a few then sat back in bewilderment as I slid down on my seat, head thrown back and eyes closed tightly and moaned out loudly as John thrust his fingers into me and called me a slut and declared his intention to fuck me.
I looked across at hubby, but stood up and pulled John to our bedroom and we both stripped off naked and started fucking in earnest.
John turned me face down and administered a few very having smacks across my bottom, something that really appeals to him, and although they were heavy and painful, I turned and thanked John for doing it.
I could see my husband watching us as his friend dominated his wife and used her for his pleasure, spanking and now sodomizing her, with John dressing down my husband for being so lenient with me, slapping my ass as to emphasize what it was I needed to keep me in control
Having our guest sodomize me and slap my ass red raw, and see my husband jacking-off to this scene drove me into a frenzy and I started calling John my master and declare my undying love and obedience to his every whim, and heaped every dirt word in English, so as encourage John to administer another almighty whack.
When we finished I marveled at how easy it was between my hubby and John, and quite enjoyed the banter and more to the point how John remained naked around us, occasionally putting his unclean cock into my mouth to suck, as they chatted with a Brandy.
That night I slept with John, as my hubby had donated me as his prise for the weekend.
John has been back a few times now and immediately relieves himself inside me, even as hubby watches, the last time at the front door, I was dropped to my knees to suck on him while he and hubby chatted, such is his power, now John wants me to visit him and some of his friends in England and has more or less told my husband neither of us can deny him, as I am his property and I need to be shared.
John if you are reading this Darling, I agree
92% (71/6)
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2 months ago
Great story Nd thank you for posting!
2 months ago
Smokin hot to read about the SlutWifeBang party frip. With CuckHubby forced to wagch as his SlutKuntWife is used,abused and treated like a KumDumpQueen by several hard cocks as your Master humiliates him and you.
I know that had to be a collar and leash sexperience with not just your asscheeks getting spanked.
Tits, kunglils and possibly your face slapped az your told what a KumSlutKunt you are !!!!!!!!
3 years ago
3 years ago
You will be pleased to know it is now 201 that have taken please with there hands from reading your sexy tale. And if you do make it to this fair land, please post xxx
3 years ago
3 years ago
mmmmmm i so want to be a cuckold hubby
4 years ago
An excellent tale.
4 years ago
This is one avid reader who will always be here to savour your contributions.
4 years ago
Love it...
4 years ago
another amazing story keep them coming!
4 years ago
4 years ago
Very nice story. Easy to read and very erotic