Dish Of Trish Tribute Film

I was once asked, 'Do you like to watch Porn?' I replied somewhat enthusiastically, 'Of course I do, I am a woman after-all'. My questioner, was somewhat taken aback, as he was studying me face intently, hoping for a shock-like reaction, instead.
In my early years you tended to accept Porn as it was back in the 70's, and very Swedish, the country that made Porn with a story, which sadly lacks in todays mechanical, spitting, gagging, full of sexually demented females, when wound-up utter 'Oh Yeas' like a push my belly button doll.
Of course Porn is churned out in its thousands, all with the same non-story line and same action sequence, Girls sucks cock, Mans eats her Pussy, Man gets on top, girl flips over onto top, flips back and he cums.
How Fuckingggggg Boring does it get
Now if Porn had a story line, like some French Movies have done like 'Baise-moi' in English '**** Me' where the violent **** of two women is shown in its entirety,
yes you see the cock fucking and sucking as in porn, but it had the drama of the scene because it had a story, and if the truth be known, I masturbated, because it turned me on.
As a woman I don't advocate ****, but there was such an element of realism, I was turned-on.
So why not make decent porn with a good storyline, or just strip away censorship rules for adult movies made with proper actresses and actors. How many cocks rose to Meg Ryan watching the cock sucking scene in the toilet in the movie 'In The Cut'?
Of course actresses today are stripping off, showing their naughty bits and not thinking twice about having a co-star between their legs, with their cock and mouth, definitely making contact, so please please guys, just start fucking and cuming.
When I look at my own little sordid collection, as amateur as you can get, ou see the popularity of masturbating to a a man jacking off and cumming, has the highest number of hits, having a good rub in the privacy of the bedroom and watching a friend masturbate to orgasm, boy what a load to savor, did it for most viewers, proving that amateur and private, without the demented female behavior, that these so called men who make todays porn seem to think does it for all, can be more rewarding for the casual viewer, watching me masturbate.
So my title 'Dish of Trish' is the title of a piece of private or semi-professional porn, posted free of charge, about a very beautiful blond in a gang-bang, kneeling doggie style, taking one eager cock after another, with the natural candor you would see if you participated in live sex with a group of men.
No screaming, no hysterics, or foul-mouthing, just good moaning and cock action, each cock cumming inside her and plopping out to be immediately replaced by another, who then f***es out the predecessors sperm and mixes the creme pies into a Meringue like substance, making my mouth water.
This is one little gem that has me masturbating over and over again and god I love that woman so much so I have gained the strength and now can take three guys and plan for more in one line-up, any takers, please send me a mail and be considered.
So I will upload this gem for you to whip it out and do your bit, you will all love it, just like I do.
After posting this I will send it up too.
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4 years ago
yes very good & naughty
4 years ago
i would love to be in that line up for sure!