Stretching a Girls Bum is easier than she thought

I want to tell you about a girl who did something both sexy and foolish, the sort of thing a crazy guy might do, but she was a young girl, mid-teens, on her voyage of discovery, of sex and her body, her fascination with porn and public sex, how she attracted men, and could not say 'No'

Pia was a typically Swedish girl, tall for her age, which was sixteen, she was extremely hormonal, had no sense of danger, smoked weed and drank alcohol, took pills and fucked, because she had no problem getting orgasms, in short her body was on a constant sexual high and her senses were always looking for the next fix.

Pia took a train journey from Eskilstuna to Göteborg (Gothenburg), a long journey, but Pia's seat was in a quiet part of the carriage, so she could power-up her laptop and surf the web, and soon Pia felt the need to touch herself, so she started to look at porn on her laptop and wore her earphones, because she loved listening to people as they fucked.

There were only a few people around so Pia felt secure enough to undo her denims and slide her hand into her panties and start to masturbate.

As she indulged herself she remembered she had a bullet, in her purse, a small 5cm vibrator, with powerful vibes, so she reached up to retrieve her bag from the overhead shelf, not realizing her denims were half off, and a man further down saw her bare bottom as she reached up.

Seeing a beautiful sixteen year old girls bare bottom left him with only one option, she was obviously doing what girls in Sweden are famed for, masturbating in public, so he got up and made his way forward to be with her.

Pia meanwhile had retrieved her bullet and inserted it inside her vagina, on full mode vibrations, a sequence that changed both the intensity and the timing, building and dropping, giving you a roller coaster ride of up and down, making you cum quickly.

Pia listened to her porn and watched as she bucked with the bullet, she saw the man approach, but was too close to her first orgasm to stop, besides she liked to know men were looking it made her cum stronger.

Their eyes locked as he neared, Pia slid forward on her seat and raised her top a little, now he could see her pubic hair and her hand slide in between her shaking thighs, she was rubbing her clitoris openly for him to see, and she was convulsing, her facial features had an aura as she exploded mid orgasm.

He had rarely witnessed a woman doing something as private as masturbating, let alone have an orgasm, Pia was baring her very soul to a perfect stranger, his eyes feasted on her very essence of life, but her face fascinated him, she was extremely beautiful in the moment she was somewhere in-between reality and the ether, her pouting mouth, so inviting was open, he could see her tongue moving, such a delicate and sensuous organ, one that he lusted for, and he instinctively reached out at her weakest moment, and put his heavily nicotine stained finger into her moist organ and felt her tongue lick as she sucked on it.

As he watched her perform and attain her treasured release, he worked his finger into the back of her throat, very few girls would allow a man to do this, especially one as beautiful as Pia, but she was not really quite in control as he watched her finger slide in and out between her labia, the sheen from her vaginal secretions, reflecting the light from the window, her body a wonder to behold, he knew this would be his only chance to posses her, so with his free hand he undid his pants and took his cock out, hooking his finger in her mouth, he brought her head close to his hardening organ, and pushed it in.

The heat from her breath was so distinct, the flicking of her tongue around his cock head, bordered on orgasmic and exquisite, seeing your cock slide in and out of such a young and willing mouth, he had to fight hard not to cum to quickly, he wanted to complete this journey connected to this young female, he wanted to keep his seed being warmed by her breath, before injecting it into her, but not in here, no the vision of her bum, which she showed to him so carelessly, he wanted to seed her there, poke her anus and make her stretch and pain as he entered her ass, he wanted her to remember him, but he had to get her over the table and her ass in the air.

Pia, with her mouth full of this strangers cock, delighted with the softness and firmness his cock offered, she had sucked her b*****rs cock a long time past, but that was different, he was still a boy when she practiced on him, this was a man, she was pleasuring and she knew he would be enjoying to fuck her in the mouth, so Pia let his cock slip from her lips and asked him, 'Vill du att jag ska svälja sperma', (Do you want me to swallow your cum), and after which opened her pouting lips and slid him inside again.

She had politely offered to swallow my sperm, and he ran his hand through her long blond hair, she was not trying to cover up now she had cum, no she was wanting him to cum, and he felt himself harden a little more.

He studied her a little more before citing to her what he wanted to do, 'Jag skulle vilja knulla din skitstövel',( I would like to fuck your asshole), crude and aggressive, brutalizing a young girls ass might frighten her, and he held his breath, fearing a reaction and destroying his oral connection, but Pia was made of sterner stuff, listening to his desire for her anus, excited her, she knew at some point in her life, men would eventually take her there, and plant their seed in there, so she was receptive to bit of anal, and said as much as his cock slipped from her mouth, and she moved to stand up, her pert bum brushing his cock as she pushed in front of him and bent across the table and teased his cock as she maneuvered it between her young butt cheeks, then rose up and down as it pressed hard against her warm flesh, her saliva providing sufficient lubrication to start his journey inside her tight ass.

Pia reached behind herself and pulled her cheeks apart, he looked down and her anus was pink, tight and crumpled. he put his thumb just above her hole and pulled it upwards to match her sideways stretching, the pink flesh was parting and his cock head was sliding in, and Pia feeling to go started to wiggle her ass and push back onto him, she was more aggressive than he was, she wanted a cock in her ass more than he imagined, and as he started the slow grinding and opening of her sacred hole, she started to rub and finger her clitoris and vagina.

He looked left and right around the empty carriage, then started out the window as the countryside flew past, the fact that there was a teenage girl stuck on the end of his cock, seemed to escape him momentarily, he had achieved his aim and now he would release into her, at will.
The fear of losing her was now a mute point, she was a slut who wanted to be fucked in her ass, and he wanted to hurt her, cause her pain and humiliation, his bile rising as his domination of her asshole continued.
He pressed hard into her, and felt Pia's fingers fondle him as she frigged away between her legs, then she grasped his scrotum and tried to insert one of his testicles into her vagina, 'Dirty little Cunt', he thought, and he pressed her body down hard against the table, squashing her breast flat against the formica top.

He was close to cumming, Pia could feel it too, his cock was hardening and thickening, 'Soon he will shoot into me', she thought wickedly, but then she felt a powerful smack across her bum, he had just spanked her and very hard at that.

He looked down as the welts from his hand rose, clearly showing the imprint of his hand on her white buttock cheek, he felt the surge of power course through his body, his domination of this fuck hole felt good, and he raised his hand high and smacked her again, then again, in all six times, her ass cheek ruddied and bruised, and as he drifted from his dreamlike state he saw her face in the reflection of the glass window, she was crying, but this added to his sense of power and he thrust crudely into her, and swapped hands, holding her down with the other, and smacking the other cheek with equal ferocity, until it looked like her other, only then did he release his pent up sperm eight inches of cock rammed hard up her ass shooting sperm deep within, as he lay across her limp body feeling the heat from her spanked ass on his crotch.

Spent and exhausted he reached and took her hair and pulled her back as his cock slipped from her open ass.
Turning her face to him he pushed his cock in her mouth and made her clean the mess she helped create.

Pia left the train feeling his hand imprint on her swollen cheeks, her ass gape with his cock, and flow of his semen down her legs, but as she walked she felt as a woman, used bruised battered but content, she had learnt a valuable lesson about men and sex, and as he walked past her without as much as a cursory glance in her direction, it is better to let the male dominate and feel the satisfaction of what sex offers, in the long run, a slapped ass and sore bum-hole is better than some of the v******e meted out to some women who try to dominate or use sex to get their own way, we need cock as much as you need our pussies and bums, anyhow if done willingly, you might as Pia discovered, actually enjoy it.
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5 months ago
2 years ago
Brutal in a way and totally horny. Got a real hard-on again.
2 years ago
good story and what a fantasy. :)
2 years ago
The first time that I was raped, I waited a while to tell my Mom. She held me closely, her large breasts aginst me, and told me that "things like that happen to girls like us". Ever since then, I have done anything I wanted with any man or girl who would like to use me or be used by me. I am so glad that I found Mariel's blogs. Good to know there are so many young girls like me out there. Don't be afraid to ask for sex from "girls like us." We need it too!
2 years ago
That was short and sweet,A little rough maybe, but no complaints. Good story, Mariel!!
2 years ago
i certainly enjoyed reading that mariel! thats for sure
2 years ago
2 years ago
got me really turned on, hot and naughty as always