2 dirty girls and cock

In today's internet age most girls know just about everything to do with sex, what we dont know, or are curious about, we search for it, sit back and get educated.
There was a report a few weeks back about twelve and eleven years old girls performing line-ups, sucking cocks in the school playground, in England, and what about the number of teachers, female and male, interacting with young teens and having full blown sex, citing their wards were sexually active before they dipped into their young bodies.

Sexualization of c***dren has been on the increase, especially as young girls see themselves as sex objects, mimicking the internet whores who believe they are gods gift to men, otherwise known as celebrities, with enhanced tits and labia reduction to attain the ten year girl old pussy look.

My friend Sara from Wales in the UK always hated her pussy, her labia were large for a girl of f******n, but after watching a program on prime TV about labia reduction, she decided to contact the producer who slipped her a phone number, and have hers reduced.

Sara was a brilliant student, devoting most of her free time to her studies, but as it turned out, she was an internet junkie, trolling for opinions and showing men her most intimate parts, she became hooked on internet masturbation, something she admitted to me as we lay in bed, after getting high on weed.

None of us were angels, having a show with some perv online made having the odd wank a bit of fun, bur Sara was in a league of her own, setting up a box account at the local post office for men to send money and gifts too, she became a big favorite with lonely men around the world, who had an unhealthy penchant for schoolgirls.

That night I saw Sara in a very different light, bright, intelligent, beautiful, but a sex junkie, a girl who was a habitual masturbater, with a fan base in the thousands.

She had phone numbers, email addresses, Skype numbers and a bottom drawer filled with sex toys and weird implements, all having found their way into her via webcam, having first contacted the sender and setting up a viewing time, Sara wasted no time in giving the man a good show, who sent it, one guy sending her three butt plugs, one she sat on inserted up her bum, the other she sucked on, and the last used as a dildo, she had a kink for good sex and was willing to try anything.

Of course shoving large sex toys up your cunt and having your uterus vibrated to death, meant any aspects of being a virgin were futile, but Sara had never had a mans cock in any of her three holes, felt or tasted semen, but one guy in the States offered her a lot of money for her to get fucked, a rich voyeur I guess, and Sara wanted me there to film it, the money she said would pay for her labia reduction, and I agreed to film her loss of virginity in the sense we assume her first live cock insertion, and the intended target was to be her uncle, a perv who had fingered her when she was p*****n.

Uncle Joey was a tattooist, a man always keen to tattoo her intimate parts, he showed her a magazine of women with their tits, ass, and pussies marked with crude sayings and lovers names, and even though he had fingered her, that was some five to six years ago, now she had the body of a woman, her age was still exciting to him, and she knew if she presented her bare cunt to him, he would fuck her, all I had to do was watch and video-tape it happening.

Her plan was simple but brilliant, her rich benefactor offer $5000.00 to see her inseminated, and a further $1000.00 for his name to be tattooed on her shaved cunt, 'First Joey tattoos me, then fucks me, and you get to film the cream-pie as evidence', her confidence was rock solid and her mood dreamy in context, resigned to giving a couple of perverted men the abuse of her body, gave her a thrill, but as she later admitted, she really was looking to be fucked.

Sara opened her front and showed me her shaven haven, and I reached out and caressed her pubic bone area, it was silky smooth, but she was right, her labia were swollen and thick, peeled back like an open flower and I run my finger down between them, the silkiness aided by her secretion of vaginal fluid, she moved on my finger, holding my hand between hers as she moved up and down on it, I felt her close around my inserted finger, the dirty bitch cumming within seconds, and when I pulled from her once her convulsions subsided, we both had a laugh, as neither of us were lesbian or bi, but somehow having just put my finger in her seemed as natural as if I had just done it to myself.

We slept naked together that night, enveloped in each other, she with her back to me and I hugging her nude form as I wrapped myself around her body heat, the smell of her shampoo in her long hair intoxicating my sense of smell, I fell asl**p kissing her long nape, her bum forming a soft buffer to my own pubis, if I had a cock I would have fucked her all night long.
Sara slept soundly, the weed sending her into a deep slumber, and as I snuggled deep against her arousing form, I stole a reach down to her pussy and touched her again, more for my own curiosity, I fingered her, knowing my finger was to be replaced by uncle Joey's cock, the thought excited me and Sara in her slumber moved with my finger, which I removed and slipped between her silken smooth bum and my own pussy, I thought I was taking advantage of an u*********s woman as I brought myself to a delicious orgasm, against her form, but Sara muttered when I finished, 'Can we go to sl**p now darling', that sounded reassuring, being referred to as darling, had a curious effect on me, and I responded by hugging her even more tightly.

The morning found us both entwined, she on her back, her leg firmly between mine, her thigh hard against my crotch, her hands behind her head, leaving her breasts open, which I found irresistible and fondled them feeling her nipples harden.
Sara came to life with my urgency, 'You horny cunt', she whispered deliciously into my ear, I was horny, the orgasm that sent me to sl**p stayed with me all night long, Sara was with out doubt a delicious fuck for both men and women, and as I rolled on top of her, out thighs providing fleshy protuberances for our pussies to grind against, we started humping, the bed covers leaving us exposed as out naked bodies writhed in pleasure.

'WTF', I froze as Sara uttered the well known exclamation, and I instinctively turned to the bedroom door, her younger b*****r stood there, cock in hand, having the wank of a lifetime at the sight of two f******n year of girls having a sexual rubbing.
We lay motionless on top of each other, 'Get to fuck out', breathed Sara, scared of arousing her parents a few room away, 'I'll tell on you', he retorted, I stole a look at Sara and she looked at me, 'Close the door', she replied and he did as asked, then moved to the bed where we lay and removed his pajamas before climbing between my legs and lying on top of me.

His skin was incredibly soft like a babies and my hands traversed his back and cupped his smallish buttocks, I could feel Sara's hand doing similar, as she touch her younger b*****r, 'You pull your cock out before you cum', she whispered into his ear, and I watched as she buried her pinkish organ into it and swirled it around.
I had not even assumed I would let him fuck me but Sara had decided it was a done act, and as my thighs were open she reached down and pushed her b*****rs cock into me, then watched as we fucked, she pushing her b*****r back into me each time his pulled his cock out.

I could feel his urgency build as he was on the point of release, Sara slipped on top of him and put her weight onto his bum, she rode his ass until he came inside me, her weight not allowing him to pull from me, we kissed as he came, her head over his small frame, the wicked smile on her lips as her b*****r grunted his appreciation as his semen shot down his cock and into my receptive cavity, we lay as a mass of human flesh, while Sara got of on her b*****rs bum.

We chased him from the room and Sara grabbed the camera, 'Open your legs Mariel' and I did so and squeezed her b*****rs cum from my pussy, Sara went up close and videoed its inner journey from the recesses of my cunt, back to the entrance and down my pussy and watched as it gathered into a pool in my anus opening, 'Here you film', and I took the camera, and filmed as she licked her b*****rs semen, 'Salty', she remarked, and I remembered that she had never felt or tasted mans nectar.

After we dressed and packed for the journey into town, Sara remarked, 'Fuck do you realize the only two cums I will have tasted after today, will be f****y', I smiled at the irony of it, but welcome to the real world, most girls experience that, be it b*****rs, uncles or daddies, I mean I have tasted all three.

'Taxi', cried her mother as it arrived outside the front door, she studied her beautiful daughter as she gathered her belongings, her pride and joy was about to be tattooed and fucked by her older b*****r, and she was clueless, I looked at her younger b*****r as he studied both of us, he knew what teenage girls can be like when aroused, 'Will you be staying over tonight Mariel', and before I could answer her, both Sara and her b*****r said 'Yes', I smiled, truth was I was horny and this f****y had it all, I was already thinking about Uncle Joey, and why not, we were two teenage girls with attitude, and a whole internet to have fun with, not to mention the males of this f****y.

Let me think of an ending worthy of you my readers, your dirty comments and ideas make my own pussy wet in anticipation, so tell me how to end this story I am horny and waiting

Love from a very wet Mariel.

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2 years ago
Love this story!
2 years ago
As Muriel introduces Sara to the fun to be had with a man's cum. You are amazing.
And I thought I was the only one that has sex on his mind all the time.
You rock
2 years ago
ur amazing mariel! how do u do it!? ur stories are so fucking hot
2 years ago
A sexy turn on as always, think you could end it with the uncle fucking you both, or maybe the brother takes turns when you stay the night, but whatever you come up with I know it will be such a turn on
2 years ago