Two Girls mount a Huge Cock

I took hold of him and noted how my fingertips could not touch, he was the biggest man I had ever held, but then again, I had never really held many men before that day, still, the thrill of holding his warm hard cock and guiding him into my friend Alice, as she lay on her back, enthralled me, especially as his cock looked as thick as her parted legs.

Seeing that monster start to disappear inside her vagina as it was stretched to unbelievable limits, mesmerized me, and I could not help myself as my own fingers found my own moist slit and I unashamedly masturbated as they started fucking, and I could not help myself as I caressed his buttocks and cupped his balls.

My long fingers were wet with both my own source of lubrication, and with Alice's, as he withdrew his cock from deep within her, then plunging back inside like a well oiled piston, her little pert bum rising to take the f***e, acting like a soft cushion, as he came to rest on her, forcing the air from her lungs, her eyes open and glazed.
I visualized his cock in a cut-a-way section of her lower regions, as they lay momentarily connected and fully inserted, her tiny pink hole wrapped around his thick shaft, every fold in her pussy stretched, forming a perfect fit, he drew a few inches of her pussy from her as her inner membrane refused to release it's hold on his cock, her bum rising from the floor, her pussy farts expelled with meaningful f***e, she really was taking a bruising pounding.

I was fired-up listening as Alice writhed in a mixture of pain and pleasure, and moaned with unbelievable voice, my fingers toying with his anus, it's crinkly orifice likened to an octopuses sucker held my fingertip, inviting me to go deeper, and why not, the girly lube surrounding his bum hole provided a natural slipperiness, as yet never surpassed by man made oils, I probed and searched deep within his anus for his elusive prostate, noting his gasps as my finger touched the sensitive protuberance, 'Oh God!' and a smile creased my lips, my nail scratching as his cock hardened to an unbelievable hardness, like steel, his testes disappearing into his scrotum, Alice fainting on the sudden change of violent fucking.

I felt the power surge from my fingertip in his asshole, course through my arm and into my heart, I controlled their fucking, like pressing the increase vibration button on my rabbit, an evil mist descended on me, he gasped and writhed just as Alice did in consciousness, but now she lay embedded on his shaft of steely flesh, her long legs akimbo, her cunt bl**died and bruised, her anus exposed and inviting, I scratched him with one and tickled his cock within her with another, both hands feeling the warmth of their assholes, the female warmer than the male, I had never had the joy of masturbating a man from inside my friends asshole, I licked his ear and moaned for him to cum inside her, their tightening sphincter muscles encircling my long fingers, registering his release, hers signifying her dipping cervix drawing in copious amounts of semen, my unnatural fingering elevating my status to that of a goddess, his sperm now racing to fertilize her first egg, her u*********s body turning from girl to woman, she will be pregnant when she awakes, and I will be the godparent to their newly conceptual c***d.

I reluctantly withdraw both finger from their respective anuses, and put each in turn into Alice's moist mouth and feel her instinctively suck gently on both.
I look at him as I do so and note his satisfied smugness, 'Lie on you back', I order and he complies, sensing my needy urgency as I lift my leg over his face and settle my cunt onto his open mouth, riding his face as his tongue probes my inner tissue, licking and sucking, his nose nestling sweetly in my own anus, both giving me that feeling of two men vying for the dominance of my being.

Alice moans as she regains consciousness, her cunt awash with escaping semen, the refuse of a war with her inner being destroying half a million healthy sperm, but one succeeding, the father of it, bringing me, another female to a delicious orgasm, what idiot proclaimed women dont need men.

Alice and I lay aside his stinking steaming cock as it lay flaccid on his tummy, the sperm smelled strong, tinged with her odors from her cunt, and we discussed the fuck our hot breath brushed across it girth, causing it to come to life, in a small tremor, what man would not, with two girls so close to his manhood, one centimeter either way would cause it to connect with our lips and moist tongues.

I looked deeply into Alice's eyes, 'You're pregnant', I whispered, and she smiled serenely, a smile that passed through generations of fucked females starting on their long journey to motherhood and whoredom, any immunity Alice possessed of rejecting men lustful for her was now diminishing, soon, either through a cuckold husband or her own needs, these men will re-enter her life and make up for their rejection, vying to place their own sperm deep into her, looking back to this day, time will show Alice to have four c***dren, each with a different father, she indeed did make the whoredom status once predicted.

But back to today and the stinking mass of flesh between out lips, our eyes locked we moved simultaneously as girlfriends instinctively know how, we licked his cock like two girls sharing a long stick of Blackpool rock, the sweetness and the saltiness combining in our saliva's, and as a sense of seriousness took over, the fire in our girlish bellies, turn this cock in a cherished need, smothered in wet kissed, licked to cum, we both clawed our way up its length, like his sperm did deep within Alice, I was the victor and opened my legs as Alice guided him into me.

I looked down on his face, a tad hazy to me as my hooded eyes tried to focus, his cock was blurring my vision, 'Two virgins in one session, you lucky fucking cunt', he smiled and I screamed, God how I am a sucker for a thick cock.
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2 years ago
2 years ago
Another fantastic story mariel well done
2 years ago
thats such a lucky guy getting to pleasure you both and fill you with his cum such a naughty turn on
2 years ago
very very hot, the use of imagery is amazing, I legit have not seen such well done story in ages