Cold Winter Mornings and Old Men's cocks

That's always the trouble during the Winter months up North, its dark, misty and fucking cold.
I did not want to leave the warmth of the bus as the cold permeates through the woolens, attacking the bare flesh closest to the warmth generating areas on your body, covered with the flimsiest cotton, all in the notion of fashion, who the fuck is going to see a thin pair of cotton panties under your skirt, I suppose even a girl of f******n needs to feel she's hip in these frozen wastes, and if I dont hurry and get to class, my one inch of bare flesh atop my heavy woolen stockings will freeze also.

I turn onto Östragatan and move faster between the buildings, my school lies at the far end of the road, which is shrouded in 'Haar', giving it a creepy eerie feeling, the low sodium lamps not helping to illuminate the communal entrances, where the pervs lie in wait to flash their wares to the cream of the youth of the town.

My breath escapes and condenses in the -10C early morning air, the tops of my thighs ache with the cold air moving freely between them as I part run and walk the final kilometer to the school gates.
I adjust my haversack on my shoulder and my nipples, hard with the morning coldness brush against the linen of my blouse, fucking school uniform, why cant they use a warmer fabric like cotton, linen and starch play havoc with a girls soft skin, and my uber sensitive nipples pain with each brush against the starchy material they receive, the price one pays for going bra-less, mind you, not having much to fill a brassiere also makes leaving one off a more sensible option.

The school looms ahead shrouded in the haze and mist, the brightly lit classrooms nothing more than faint shadows as the light within is absorbed by the cold and darkness outside, just as my warmth is absorbed , my energy close to exhaustion as I push through the gates and into the empty yard.

'Over here', a voice breaks the still air, and I turn to see a dark figure standing in the gatehouse, 'Fuck', runs through my mind and almost escapes from my lips, the janitor, I had forgotten about him, and I turn and walk in his direction.

I had been hoping to pass through into the school without being noticed, once there it's easy to blend into a lecture, but now as a late arrival I shall have to register and this means some sort of punishment in the form of community service.
I step into the gatehouse and my eyes hurt with the brightness, 'Mariel, again, you never learn girl do you', he greeted and challenged me simultaneously. It was Stig and not Larson, thank fuck I thought.

He closed the door behind me and the heat within the room hit me hard, 'Fuck Stig, its hot in here', and he laughed as he reached into the drawer for the late comers register, his eyes traversing the length of my body, his tongue licking his thin lips as if in expectation, Stig liked girls, the younger the better and my eyes darted to his crotch to see if a deal could be made to favor me.
'Where's Larson?' Stig looked across to me as he opened the register, 'Called in sick this morning, a lot are off today', he laboured to get it out, coughing as he spoke.

After stopping at the page he turned to me and asked me, 'What made you late Mariel?'
I looked and told him it was the bus that was late and not me, he laughed and shook his head, 'Sign here', he ordered me and I pushed past him and took the pen and positioned myself half bending over the low desk.

Stig stood directly behind me and as I bent he pressed in closer and I could feel him push against my buttocks. I looked at the top of the page and my eyes drifted down the scribbling of previous offenders, remaining focused as Stig fumbled behind me, knowing what he was doing but taking care not to interrupt, especially if I really needed to escape the retribution of late community service and free time in order as a reminder not to be tardy.

I read on down the listing acutely aware of my short hemline eased up further to expose my woolen stocking tops and bare buttocks, my panties having forged a 'Wedgie', buried deeply between my cheeks, the thickness and warmth of his cock slipping in between my legs, its heat in contrast to the cool skin between my thighs.

It was almost comical to think he was humping me with my pubic bone banging off the edge of the desk with the open book on it, and I pretending not to notice what he was doing, but that was the ruling. I felt him take hold of my hips so I gripped him between my thighs, which was not as difficult as it seemed as Stig did have a large cock and equally thick, so I crossed my legs and used my strong thighs to hold him in-situ as he moved in and out, the soft friction warming me as Stig gained momentum, 'Oh Fuck Mariel', he moaned over and over as he started to cum, his semen flooding my whole crotch area and bare thighs above my stocking tops.

'Where shall I sign Stig', I asked as if nothing was happening and the short dry hump never happened, his flaccid cock still in contact with my warm flesh, and I in no hurry for it to leave me as my own needs were warming to the contact he was providing.
He never answered me, instead sliding his hands under my jumper and groping my hard nipples, this time temperature had nothing to do with their erect and hardness, I continued to squeeze him hard with my thighs, small moans escaping my lips as each tug on my hard nipples caused waves of desire to emanate from my crotch, I turned to face him, overcome by a sudden urge to fuck, 'Fuck me Stig', I gasped out, reaching down and grasping his huge soft cock, his semen everywhere, as I fumbled to get the front of my panties down and away from my vagina.

God when the mood struck me it burned uncontrollably deep within, it was as if flicking a trigger completed a complete personality change, suddenly I was driven by a need for penetrative sex, holding Stig's burgeoning cock and squashing it hard against my panties, which were acting like a thin barrier covering my opening, my youthful enthusiasm and determination to fuck at that instant, made me angry at my fumbling, and only when my thumb hooked into the elastic on my panties waistband, did I manage to expose and bare my vagina to connect with Stig's cock, and my hip movements encouraged him to ease into my crotch, my panties elastic slipped over his balls and trap him in position, my wetness and Stig's sperm combined, and mixed, into a frothy mess worthy of a good sexual unison.

I raised my arms around Stig's neck and clung on tightly, while my hips did all the work in keeping my clitoris hard against Stig's cock, I buckled and humped, as the skin friction lessened, the sperm lubrication concoction kicking-in and I gasped and moaned until at last my orgasm came, Stig's earlobe was between my clenched teeth, and my hot breath was escaping in gasps, as I moaned time and time again, 'I'm cumming, I'm cumming'.

I sat crumpled, my body heaving and having little aftershocks, sex was a very adult thing, and when you as a girl experience huge orgasms, its as if your body has not had enough time or years to be able to absorb the impact, I know that might sound stupid, but when mine came I collapsed into the heap I now represent.

Stig sat down opposite smiling, he had just blown me away, and at such an early age, he must surely feel powerful at the impressive thing, indeed the feeling he has given me not to mention the state I finished up in, on my bum with my panties still half way down my thighs.

I looked at the large clock on the wall, mentally noting I had been here just over fifteen minutes, so I got up and steadied myself, the orgasm still making me woosie, 'You off then Mariel?'
'Fuck Stig, what have you done to me', as I held onto the desk and took a few deep breaths, Stig smiled as I adjusted myself, 'You just had a good fucking dear', he answered, and I nodded.
People dont realize that working with girls makes it easier for men to have this carnal knowledge of young girls who are at the age of experimentation, looking like girls and believing they are women, this added to the huge hormonal imbalance coursing through our bodies in favor of sex, makes life easy for the men working amongst us, we the girls want it, and as you saw with me, the transformation was immediate and in the end gripping Stig's cock was enough to make me a happy girl.

I walked to the door with my soiled panties in my hand and opened it, the sudden inrush of freezing air making every follicle on my body alert to the sudden change in temperature, I turned back to Stig, 'Wash these Stig, and I collect them at three'.
Stig looked at me as my panties flew through the air and landed at his feet, 'Sure Mariel', and a smile broke across his face, 'Give me a show', was his last words I heard as I closed the door, my bum shining in the light as I had naughtily hiked my short skirt high to show my brazen nakedness, and went to the main building to study bare-assed amongst the males, who says going commando is not an exciting endeavor, besides, three in the afternoon is dark, so there is always Stig, two fucks a day is becoming the norm for me, and I smile at the thought and walk to my class, my pussy feeling the urge yet again, such is the power of recovery in a f******n year old pussy.

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2 years ago
Wish I was Stig. Young girl willing to fuck an old man
2 years ago
Great story again MarieL!
2 years ago
very stimulating story
2 years ago
that was incredible as usual mariel! u are a sexual goddess
2 years ago
I would LOVE to have a nice chat with you.
2 years ago
nice and naughty made me cum hard and fast
2 years ago
2 years ago
As usual, an outstanding story! Thank you, Mariel.