Age and MILF Sex

I get boys and youngish men craving for motherly sex, its everywhere you go and embarrassing as it sounds, they want an experienced pussy to surround their cocks and work on it until they orgasm.
A mature woman or MILF is now the in thing and schoolboys are taking to each others mothers for sex, and sad to say some of my friends have gone down that route.
Pia is in her forties, extremely attractive, hot body and works out daily, to keep in trim. Her husband has just got tired of late, so she is not getting the attention she needs, like all women in their forties, sex is important.
I suggested she browse the internet for cock, as there are plenty of men looking for something on the side, clean, discrete, and fucking big.
Alas she had succumbed too late, as her body craved attention, and when it came from an unexpected source, she let it happen.
Her husband was in Denmark for a weekend conference, and on the night he had left, her son arrived home with two friends, clearly looking for action with his mother, and he went along with the need for his friends and offered them a night at home with her.
By ten o'clock Pia was more than a tad tipsy, dancing and behaving badly, feeling the center of attention and starting to feel the urge for sex.
When dancing with one boy he kissed her, surprising her initially, but it had gone further than that, as she soon realized the boy was also sexually aroused, and she became confused with a mixture shame and excitement, she it was wrong in her head, but the desire for full sex was taking over, so much so, that when the boy reached in and took her full breast out to suckle, in front of her son and the other boy, she let him continue.
She stood in the middle of the living room floor with the boys mouth clamped onto her erect nipple, cradling his head like she did when her own son was breast fed, except this suckling was preparing her body for sexual intercourse, and she could feel her wetness spreading in her crotch.
The other boy now rose and moved in behind her, adding another pair of hands to explore her demanding and writhing body. Her head flung back in an act of total surrender, both boys started removing her clothes, until she stood in her full bloom of sheer nakedness.
Her son sat mesmerized as he had never witnessed his mothers nudity, in fact this was his first full nude woman in his life, and even he was aroused by her curvaceousness, tracing the line of curvature down her breasts, over her erect nipple and down into her crotch, where his friends hands were busy feeling and fingering her as she gasped and panted, trying to cum where she stood.
The boy behind stripped off completely, freeing his erection and let it slap her naked buttocks as it sprung forth. The three boys heard her gasp as she reached behind and guided him into her and then began thrusting back onto him, crying and sobbing with each thrust, gratefully acknowledging their need to fuck her, and began mouthing the dirtiest and foulest sayings to increase the shameful pleasure she was extracting from such a young buck.
She was now bent forward in the classical receiving position of a 'Doggy Fuck' and watched with pleasure as the other boy undressed and waited his turn with her and looking back at her son, she was neither shocked or fazed to note he was sitting there, cock in hand, jacking-off watching his mother getting fucked by his friends.
'Good boy', she said, smiling, 'Mummies proud of you' and then without any encouragement, reached out and took the second boy into her mouth, sucking him in so deep, his balls crushed against her chin.
Within the hour all four had experienced their own private orgasms, both boys surrendering their virginities to her and her son showing his mother his ability to shoot a load of semen onto her thigh, from his seated position, something I am sure she was very proud of.
As I listened I realized young men today, with the aid of the internet, and women like myself, who show them what they need to know about fucking older women, are better equipped in the penis department and are more appreciative when guided with a motherly hand.
I don't know if I was excited or just surprised to hear her son and his friends had asked her if I would let them fuck me, 'Well, would you' she inquired, 'Maybe, lets wait and see'. Having said that, I have agreed to stay there next month, for the weekend, so I will keep you guys informed.

By the way guys, once the video uploading is back online, I will show all of you what fucking me is like and what an a****l I am like when riding a good cock. Just keep the sound up and hear the noises I make. The three minute fuck is called 'A MILF just doing it', so be patient it will appear soon
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4 years ago
Great story. My first fuck was with an older woman. What a way to experience sex the first time.
4 years ago
just amazing really love your stories xx
4 years ago
Great story and I loved the vid. Damn you can write and fuck the cum out of a guy.
4 years ago
great story! cant wait to see the video!
4 years ago
Life is strange. As a young man I sought older women as an older man I seek younger women. Gotta love it.LOL
4 years ago
It may be more common today, but it is not a new thing. When I was a teenager in high school many years ago, it was going on alot. I fucked 3 of my buddies moms, one a gangbang (5). Four of my female friends mom's. My wife's mom and 2 of my mom''s friends who she setup for me. Onne night when she was a little drunk, my mom took on 3 of my friends. They were fun times.
4 years ago
MarieL the discription of your next video made me horny!just think what will happen when i'll watch it!!!!i'm also sure that you'll give us a real hot story of your weekend with the boys.cant wait darling.......
4 years ago
Great story!
4 years ago
it is so good lil'lady glad you are back with your excellent writting can wait for the vid and please tell us about the weekend