The curse of being d***k and horny

She was so d***k I was surprised she did not collapse in a heap at his feet. He held her tight, close into his body and her head was resting on his shoulder, but as they slowly turned on the dance floor, I could see through the throng and in the dimmed light, his hand was busy in her knickers, busily trying to rub her into some sort off sexual excitation, even though she was obviously not registering his intentions.
Here was a man looking for sex, he clearly wanted to fuck that night, and now he was fingering the very orifice, on d***ken offer, that his penis would gratefully slide into and relieve his swollen load, being manufactured as he danced, deep in his scrotum.
His intentions were becoming more obvious as his fumbling became more erratic and determined, his urgency was showing as he sensed his goal was nearing and I was convinced he would mount her in front of everyone on the dance floor, unless he could be guided, to a more convenient place of privacy.
She was a girl I have known since c***dhood, a little snobbish and haughty, and now, as the saying goes, her accent was slipping, through an overindulgence of alcohol, like her knickers were slipping down her long legs, leaving her exposed to the inevitable probing penises, lining up around her.
My intervention on the floor was not intended to ruin his chances, by guiding her to safety, no, I was all for letting nature to take its course, and in the process, watch them do it and satisfy my own selfish needs, you see, I love to watch people fucking.
As I approached them I saw his hand, clutching her bare buttock cheek, which was truly exposed, as her knickers elastic had settled into the bottom of her ass, exposing her to the gaze of several man, watching with amusement, and guiding their unsuspecting dance partners over to them so they could brush her buttocks with their hands as they eased past them.
I moved in behind her, blocking all the free wheelers looking for a free grope, and spoke gently to him, expressing my concern that he was drawing to much attention to himself, with his over exuberant approach, and suggested he relax and take it easy, and follow me to her cabin, where we could put her to bed, which she clearly needed.
As we talked I could feel his probing hand on her buttock, brush against my Pubic Mons, having gone commando, and by pressing myself against the back of his hand, I could feel each of his knuckles, provide a nice feeling as they dipped in and out, each time I brushed them in a sidewards slide.
I suggested we leave and go to the cabin and as it dawned on him I was offering him the opportunity to continue, with my consent, he turned his hand and cupped my vagina, feeling its nakedness through the thin cotton, fingering the contours of my lips and swollen vulva, coupled by the eagerness in my eyes and push towards the door.
Outside the coolness of the evening air just added to the pending excitement, as both girls were hard against an upright and he was pressing against us.
I wanted to be in the cabin and seize control but his need to touch all the goodies on offer.
I held her with both arms, supporting her while he explored my nakedness under my dress.
He stood behind me with his hands around my waist and my dress up exposing my buttocks as he dipped into my vagina with his probing fingers. I could feel his hand undoing his flies as he freed his hard cock to fuck me.
I kept suggesting we wait until we get into the cabin, but his cock was working wonders in between my legs and to make matters worse for me, my tits were now exposed and my sensitive nipples, were letting me down, as each pinch and tweak, involuntary caused me to thrust back onto him, only adding my needs to his urgency.
Realizing I was powerless to control events here I just relaxed and let him enter me and explode within a few thrusts. Not exactly what I had planed but at least he calmed down and we all adjusted ourselves, at least on a visible level.
I guided my friend to a pool lounger and lay down on the adjacent one, looking upwards to the heavens and trying to count the stars overhead. It was very dark so I could see more than normal, and as I relaxed I became aware that someone else was there.
Sitting up and adjusting my vision I saw a couple of dark shadows emerge and come towards us.
They were both smoking and apologetic for startling me. They both sat down, one on each of our loungers and soon the conversation turned onto their witnessing of my sexual encounter, less than fifteen minutes ago.
It was a matter of fact type of conversation, not aggressive or suggestive, more complimentary and erotic, in fact they had just witnessed something I myself would have preferred to watch, so I was in complete harmony with them, even though I was the provider of the voyeurs pleasure.
Most of the talking was between me and the man on my lounger. I had not noticed the other man, who was now all over my sl**ping friend like a rash.
As her knickers had never been readjusted from their down position, on the dance floor, his wandering hand had found ample nakedness to please him as he felt freely under her dress.
The silence was deafening as I sat unashamedly and watched my friend be undressed, she lay completely naked, with each leg over the side of the lounger and he was licking her pussy into submission and when he rose to mount her I saw his full length, and inwardly groaned, at its magnificence and yearned for it to finish the job, not completed on me, such a short time ago.
With her thighs so wide apart he slid into her with consummate ease, one downward flowing movement and he was in her, and even in her d***ken stupor, she acknowledged his penetration, with a loud outward moan.
As he fucked her, gaining momentum with each thrust and clearly enjoying both the fuck and being watched by me, I was reminded abruptly of his partner, when he tapped me on my nude shoulder. He was naked and wanting to fuck me. I tried to tell him I had just been taken, to which he replied, he knew, as they had watched me, and when I said the other men had cum in me, he said he wanted to cum in me too, so I submitted to his request and lay back and let him mount me, and like his humping partner on the next lounger, slid into me with ease, as the cum acted like a lubricant and his cock swirled around my convulsing vagina, soon to settle down into a more cohesive motion of mutual pleasure.
Both men were reaching twenty minutes of raw fucking, I had had my orgasm and was wondering when my man would release.
Minutes later my man got off of me and the other man was in me before I could ask. Feeling this monster go to work on my innards, banished any thoughts of stopping as I was having regular small orgasms, each one stronger than the previous, and the sounds coming from the other two made me assume she was having a good fuck also.
With great reluctance I let him ease out of me, but only because he wanted me to turn over for a little doggy style, and in doing so, gave me the opportunity to have a look at the other two in action, and surprisingly she was also on her stomach, being taken from behind.
Lying down I soon realized why she was moaning, it was not pleasure, but pain, and I soon joined the chorus as both girls were having our asses fucked, and powerless to stop these madmen, stretching and ripping us open with each frenzied thrust.
Our bodies were used like mattresses, as each man in turn relaxed after orgasming in our assholes, refusing to remove their spent cocks, instead waiting until they just plopped out, mine taking five minutes longer due to his length.
My girlfriend was fast asl**p when he dismounted her and I remained pinned to the lounger, and our belongings were riffled through, money, credit cards, mobile phone and personal details were all stolen.
When my male dismounted me his friend had gone and he soon followed. Soon we were alone and after dressing helped my friend into her clothes and back to our cabins.
Reporting our things as lost we heard nothing more from the authorities, but we were propositioned by the use of our own mobile phones for more sex, but this soon stopped once we cancelled and renewed our policies.
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very nice
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the muriel is back yyyeeeeaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
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keep making me horny sweetie
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wonderful story keep them and us cumming! lol pun intended
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Great! Wish I was there~
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would of loved to of been there , and to of eaten your creamy pies