My Dentist had a Boner

you read of stories where women, usually the wives or girlfriends, are convicted as accomplices to some crime committed by their men.

I am guilty of such a crime.

I first witnessed it, and said nothing, then finished up reveling in its debauched hedonism. I was seduced by the power of my orgasm after witnessing him do it, realizing just how much it turned me on, and the powerful urge to masturbate where I stood, as I witnessed his debauched act, and just how easy it made me cum and how powerful my orgasms felt when I did.

It was if someone threw a switch or pressed the right button, perhaps my suppressed upbringing had pent-up my sexual desires, the breaking of my hymen not only sent my virginal bl**d flowing but the excesses of my female mind flowed also, perhaps a more gentile approach to sex would have taught me bit by bit, slowly building my experiences, but the tight reign on my virginity strangled my releases, as the imagery and knowledge of matters sexual, built unabated in my fertile mind, something had to give, and that day in the office it did, the purity of the imagery was just right, and I buckled as I felt the power of my very first orgasm.

I grew up in a very Victorian manner, where touching oneself was a crime to be judged at the pearly gates.
I felt the urge during my puberty but suppressed my feelings, building and enforcing my mental determination, I wanted it, but denied myself, then when I relented I could not, in short I was a nymphomaniac, and the few men I let in could not break the mold I had set myself.

The morning in question we were expecting a young woman called Pamela. I knew of her, very popular with the boys and why not, she had everything a man wanted in such a person, tall, athletic, intelligent, and extremely beautiful.
I could see my boss was also enamored by her, as she lay beck on the dentists chair, her hands gripping the arms as he bent over her, injecting her with gum numbing 'Novocain', or so I had thought, I witnessed her relaxing as he stroked her hand and hair, then he moved so his crotch came into contact with her relaxed hand, all the time he stared down at her upturned face, then I realized he was grinding against her limp hand, he had a boner, and was enjoying the intimacy he would never have had she the option to choose.

I stood very silently watching this unfold, it strangely excited me in a sexual way, 'Doctor, perhaps I should lock the door', why I said it I dont know, but he understood I realized what he was doing, 'Sure please do', and as I moved quickly to lock the front door, I saw his hand move to her short skirt and move under it.

By the time I had locked and pulled the blind I realized I was extremely wet and wanting to fuck, I rushed back and stood in the doorway at his back, watching his hand moving under her short skirt.
He turned and looked at me, 'Do you want to watch us', I nodded in the affirmative, noting he remarked 'Us', as if she was consenting, but more importantly, I wanted to pull his cock out and start chewing on it, such was the power of what was enveloping me.

I came over as he said, 'Look at her choice of panties'? They were black netted, tiny and hugging her contours, clearly showing her shaved pussy, 'She is a dirty little bitch', he said without really talking to me, running his finger along the length of her vaginal slit formed by her labia, pressing his finger tip into her clitoris, she moaned and moved, and he smiled and said, 'Bingo', her clitoris was awakening to his fingering, and her form responding, her thighs opening and her bum rising.

He smiled as he worked her, 'Ever wank a woman Miss Jones'?
I told him I had not, 'You wank yourself', he asked me and I nodded a little shamefully I did, 'Good then put your finger here and wank her while I get ready', so I fingered her, enjoying the silky smoothness of her youth and the sense of power as she moaned, I wondered if she knew what was happening, or just as if she was having a dream.

He removed his white coat and his pants, eyed his undershorts keen to see his cock in the flesh, licking my dry lips at the prospect, but he disappointed me by moving back to us still wearing them.
'Dont you think it will be better and easier if you took them off', I suggested blatantly, he looked at me, 'I mean if your going to fuck her or something', I tailed off as he hooked into the waistband and slid them off, standing up and pulling his shirt up at the same time, his cock stood hard and erect, I looked at him in the face momentarily and smiled, murmuring, 'Nice', or something to that extent.

'Why dont you get naked Miss Jones', he was holding his cock as he said so, 'Will you fuck me too', I asked thickly, keen to show I wanted him too, my clothes falling where I let them drop, soon I stood starkers before him, the red marks left by my brassiere and knickers clearly showing, the glisten of my secretions from my pussy clearly evident, and I walked over to him, easing myself between him and the chair and offered my wet cunt to be penetrated, but he eased me to the side, 'Her first, then you', keeping me on the edge was his way of making sure of my obedience, perhaps if I had an orgasm my attitude might change.

He began to rub her soft skinned cheek with his big cock while I resumed to play with her clitoris, 'Dip your finger in your pussy and wet hers', I smiled ironically, I wanted to masturbate too as I was so fucking horny, rubbing a girls tight cunt and her soft inner thighs atop a pair of stockings, does not just excite men, women enjoy the same thrill, so raised my leg and rested it on hers and began transferring my vaginal secretions to her younger pussy, its warmth and lubricating qualities, soon got hers flowing and my fingers soon had her open as they glided in and out her soft pussy.

He had turned her beautiful face and pressed it onto the back of the chair, he was pushing against her pink lips with his cock head, its purplish bullet shape beginning to have a sheen of her saliva, and bit by bit her pink lips parted and his entered her mouth, her lips gliding across the bulbous mass, closing around it, as if it were a butt plug being enveloped by a female sphincter muscle, he lifted her lip to expose her pearly white teeth encasing his cock head, he could only push in, not pull out.

'This ones given plenty of blow-jobs', I watched as she sucked deeply on his knob, sensing his pleasure for being in her closed mouth, as she suckled on his cock like a piglet on the teat of a sow.
'Hump her fucking leg', he suddenly said, and I immediately let my leg fall from the edge of the chair and rest with hers between mine. 'You need to take over here', and I indicated fingering her, 'Let her moan and wait', he said with a hint of anger, as I slipped both my hands under her leg and f***ed against my crotch, her stocking providing friction against my wet pussy, I held her thus and started humping her leg, seeing my secretions moisten her stocking and thrill me as the feeling was indeed pleasurable.

So there we were, the dentist up to his balls down her throat and his young female assistant, holding her leg between hers and humping it like a dog and a bitch.
I f***ed my thighs in tight against her leg, holding it in-situ, releasing her leg I reached up and tore her panties down to expose her cunt, and bent down and began trying to tongue her, but her other leg was in the way, 'Hold her fucking leg', I barked, and hi pulled it up and away, leaving her completely exposed, I slid down her stockinged leg and buried my tongue into her, that's when my orgasm came, her nectar on my tongue and her leg between mine, I humped and licked myself to a wonderful orgasm, and as I moaned out loud I looked up at him, the dentist, as he released into her throat and she subconsciously drank him in.

I got dressed and composed myself as did he, she still lay disheveled on the chair, watch this he said somewhat amused, and began to toy with her clitoris, and she respond to his manipulations. 'She is fucking horny and wants to cum', and as he spoke he guided her finger onto her pussy and she took over and began to masturbate herself.

'Bingo', he exclaimed again and dropped a few drops of something into her mouth, 'Whats that', I queried, 'Strong peppermint' he replied and produced a video camera and began filming her getting off on his chair, 'One day Miss Jones this beauty will be famous and will pay to keep this quiet, the lens traversing her body as she sought relief, then he stopped filming and held her limp hands ordering my to clean her up and dress her, which I did.

Replacing the suction tubes back into her mouth, she began trying to perform a sex act with them, so he filmed that sequence, 'Gets better by the minute', he remarked smiling, 'Go open the front door and I will bring her back to the land of the living', and I did as bade while she came out of her stupor, slightly embarrassed and somewhat confused.

She sat up and I was on hand to comfort her, 'Think you had a reaction to the numbing', I said reassuringly to her, as if you were having a bad dream, and I smiled as if everything had been all in her head. She got up and was told her teeth were perfect.

She was tasting the fresh peppermint, thinking it the aftertaste of the injection, she got up and left the surgery, with his sperm in her belly and my cum on her stockings, never has a girl been subjected to such a double assault and left quietly and completely unawares of the pleasure she gave, 'Do you think she will come back?'
He smiled and nodded yes, that type always come back.

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3 months ago
awesome!!! your the best MarieL!!!
2 years ago
Another 5star!
2 years ago
wow! that is one sexy story!
2 years ago
brilliant! my hand never left my slit! thank you for posting!
2 years ago
another great story
2 years ago
Well written again as usual.
What a hot sexual woman you must be and that imagination of yours spectacular.
Love ya and your stories
2 years ago
i love how you write it an almost old-fashion way. very hot story.
2 years ago
Brilliant thanks
2 years ago
2 years ago
This was a fantastic story.
Where are the female dentists to service male patients?
2 years ago
Wow.. Ihave dentist apointment tomorrow..
2 years ago
Really really enjoyed that. I great story
2 years ago
Great story, although I couldn't help thinking that the title should have been "filling the wrong cavities." ;-)
2 years ago
We loved the story!
2 years ago
very hot story!
2 years ago
shame he didn't fuck you like he said he would maybe next time, very hot and sexy a real turn on as always
2 years ago
that was awesome mariel! too bad he never fucked u like he said he would
2 years ago
I love your stories, always hot and sexy.