If you wank to Brittney, you will like this

Female dominance, or abuse in a sexual sense, is to all intents, a sexual high for men, how many men touch themselves thinking about controlling a woman for sexual purposes, controlling her orgasm, making her available to other less deserving men, mental and physical torture, they get off on it, and strange to say, that's the kind of sex that appeals to me, a woman, standing outside my own body and feeling a mans lust for me, watching him penetrate and f***e his seed into my orifices, being hung and trussed, so his seed cannot run free from me, nurturing and preserving the foul liquid of his genes, deep in the folds of my womanhood, for the crucial 24 hours as his sperm fights to complete the ultimate violation, the fertilization of my precious egg, my final surrender and the promise to bear his c***d.

I read this somewhat pathetic rambling, part of a supposed script, clearly written by some jerk, jacking off, as he wrote it, I looked then had a quick sniff of the paper, for any tell-tail signs, of the distinctive odor, sperm made.

I knew who wrote it, as he knew me, a neighbor from a few houses down the street where we lived, a widower for a few years now, a flasher who indecently exposed himself to young girls as they walked past on their way to school, myself having seen him a few times in his morning glory, but never reported him, more shameful on my part, as his desire for me through his erect manhood, was the basis of my own self-abusement, where time and time again, he succeeded in possessing me against my wishes, and led to my own deep rewarding orgasm.

1. An Unexpexted Phone Call.

Now I lay in the quietness of my room, a few houses north of his, reading the stuff of a young girls sexual abuse, was he looking at my light glowing, wondering if I was reading his sordid thoughts and ideas, touching myself in our supposed unified brain patterns, his doing and my acceptance fate, the trouble was he had seen something in me that had struck a chord, a self sense of sacrificial abusement, that somehow attached itself to my quest for a deeper pleasure, like a woman having her bottom caned, we needed abuse as the trigger to our own pleasure, and as I thought deeper, I started to masturbate to the whole sordid mental encounter, his rambling were striking a chord with my schoolgirl fantasies.
My phone was on silent, it buzzed on high and rattled across my bedside cabinet, done for the duality of its powerful vibrations, but more for silence of not disturbing my parents as they slept, I turned and looked at it as it made my clock shudder, 12:28pm, caught my eye, 'Wrong fucking shape', I sighed as I picked it up, my wet fingers leaving the telltale signs of a girl caught midstream, it was him.

'High Mariel, you still reading?'
I could hear from his breathing he sounded excited, possible because he was talking to me in the comfort of my bed, or possibly that we were alone at this time in the morning and there was a good chance I was naked as we chatted.
I myself was breathing heavily, he did after-all, catch me doing the forbidden, I wondered what he would do if he could see me as I lay naked, panting and humping my fingers, reading his thoughts on the paper by my side.

'Did I catch you in an awkward moment', he breathed down the line to me, I paused as I listened intently to the patterns of his breathing, all dirty phone calls had a distinct pattern to them, we lose the sense of sight, but our sense of sound heightens, and we pick up on all the nuances, that masturbating men make, 'In or at', I countered, drawing my knees up as I lay naked and listened intently, 'What', he retorted, as if unsure to what my answer to him was.

'You asked me if you caught me in an awkward moment, and asked you if you meant, in, or at, which makes more sense'.
He was silent for a few moments, his breathing leaving me in no doubt about what he was doing at the other end of the phone, he laughed nervously, 'You sound like your lying in bed with me Mariel', my heart skipped a beat, we were both lying in bed naked and probably doing the same thing, 'That's what mobile phones do, connect the most unlikeliest of people at strangest times, and places', I said, making more of a conversation then he was doing, 'What do you want?'

'I was wondering what you were doing', he paused, then perhaps realizing he was calling a schoolgirl in her bed in the early hours of the morning, he needed a reason better than just inquiring as to what I was doing, 'I mean, I saw your light on and wondered if you were reading the script for tomorrows shooting', he paused again, 'Perhaps you wanted to ask me some questions'.

'Your looking up at my bedroom', I countered, sensing his awkwardness, I was teasing him somewhat, suddenly realizing his intentions I eased off, 'Sorry, I am tired and I was teasing you', he wanted to have a dirty phone call with me and I warmed to the fact, burying my fingers into my own soft wet flesh and began slowly penetrating myself to his breathing and innuendos.

'Yes I have read it, word for word, and get the gist of what your asking me to do'.
His breathing quickened, we were talking about something of his creation, I had given him a reason for his call and he was in control, to keep me engaged while he did his other thing, well I should say, while we both did our thing, as I was keen to get a same result.

There were moments, sometimes referred to as 'Pregnant Pauses', if you pardon the pun, where we just listened to each other, doing our thing in the silence, 'You dont mind being nude on cam Mariel', I liked the way he said my name each time he asked me a question, I wanted to be known as the girl on the other end of the line, that way he knew I knew he was having a wank, and by saying my name over and over, it reminded me of my willingness to participate.

'You expect me to do the sex thing on cam?' I listened as he quickened to the imagery of my naked body being fucked, 'You like the idea Mariel?'
We played this spasmodic game of asking loaded questions, exciting ourselves while by now we both knew we were mutually masturbating over the phone, the classic dirty phone call where the girl refuses to hang-up.

'You close to cumming Mariel', his question hit me like a shock wave, no innuendos as to whether I was or was not, he knew I was and a wave of shame clouded over me, less satisfying if I had an orgasm as he listened, 'That's none of you business', I said heatedly and angry, as if suffering a withdrawal at the crucial moment, and a bellyful of hot cum , to add insult to disappointment.

'I'm sorry Mariel, did not mean to ruin it for you', I cooled quickly, 'Did you I asked in genuine interest', he carefully crafted his next statement, 'I wanted to cum with you', I smiled, that sounded nice, 'See you tomorrow night then', and at that I rang off and got back to my masturbation, this time the scenario shifted to later that night and all the possible aspects of what could happen to me, I came quickly and went to sl**p.

2. Getting Ready for the Shoot

I braided and pleated my long blond locks, finishing up with a typical Brittney Spears look, her top ten song inspiring countless interest in schoolgirls from dirty old men, to older girls yearning to be in uniform and teasing the same old men, either way, fucking was on a high, and the feeling between my legs bore proof of that.

I have a great body, with strong legs with muscle tone, showing a distinct muscle line down the length of thigh, a conduit for free flowing sperm, should it be released onto the hip, I smiled as my dirty line in thinking was acting like a positive feedback, one idea exciting the next, there was no doubting I was in a state of horniness, if a cock was going to be pushed into me, I was ready to enjoy the experience.
I stood starkers in front of my full length mirror, and loved the reflected image, my pigtails clearly emphasizing my youth and schoolgirl excitement, next the bobby-sox, pulled up to below the knees, so provocative in Brittney's video,
I twisted and turned, still naked, my eyes acting for the eyes of the men who would see as so, and hopefully entice them to bathe me in their warm semen, like a Red Indian seeding a Totem Pole.(I told you I have a vivid imagination)

The white blouse tied around a bared midriff, like a provocateur encouraging men to rub their penises on it and shoot copious amounts.

Finally the grey woolen skirt, mid thigh and hugging my panty-less bottom, did you all know Brittney confessed to shooting that video without wearing panties, 'It was my choice and I was sick of my Disney image', just goes to she men how dirty girls minds work, and tonight on that recreation, I guess my pussy was working overtime just as her's was that night.

A pair of Black Brogues completed the typical schoolgirl debauched look, remember, I was the subject of a girls drift into sex and her perversions for introducing men's cocks to cum inside her, the teenage girls rise in pregnancy and unadulterated freedom for more sex, in the UK was on the rise ten fold, girls as young as ten to twelve, were giving blow-jobs to boys and men behind the sheds and toilets, tonight I was to show men on a private video, just how dangerous and perverted a horny teen girl can be.

I smiled at my visual creation, thank you God for giving me a Pussy, and thank you Brittney Spears for teaching us how to use it.

3. One man then the Next

To say my knees were unstable would have been the understatement of the decade, I was so excited as to what prospects lay on the other side of the door, caused me to pee myself, I sunk to my knees and peed freely, my piss spurting freely between my legs, as I looked down and saw it flow out in front in a straight line, two feet from it point of origin, thank god I left my panties off as previously agreed.

I knocked the door, took a deep breath to steady myself and the door opened, I stepped past him, feeling the heat of the house contrast with the coldness of the evening Winters air, something my crinkled Labia indicated as I wiped myself clean.

'Thank God Mariel', he said as he closed the door behind me, bolting and locking it, and as I turned to face him, he just gathered me into his arms and began kissing me full on my mouth, I mean a full French Kiss, penetrating tongue and licking my tonsils.
His hand initially rested on my bottom but soon parted my overcoat and slipped up under the short hemline and caressed the soft to firm flesh of the cheeks, and a finger toying the crinkly hole, that was to serve as another point of entry to the man's cock, who stood watching my doorstep surrender, to his friend, both men were in their fifties, nearly forty years age separated each of us, soon it would be down to inches, inches of the pleasurable kind.

I walked into the living room, where the stronger lighting showed me in a better aspect, 'Fucking hell Peter', I stopped and looked back at his friend who made the remark, thinking something had happened, he was staring at me seeing more than the darkened hallway could, 'You said beautiful, but my God'.

He was staring at me as I dropped my overcoat over the back of the settee, the extent of my Brittney look struck a chord with both men, Peter smiled, 'Show him Mariel', and without further ado I lifted my short skirt to she my bared Venus Mound, and now smoother labia, tucked neatly into the feminine curve that was my cunt, 'A shaver', said his friend, groping his rising cock under his pants, I shook my head, 'I dont shave', paused for impact, 'It has not started growing yet' full impact, as he groaned loudly, 'Fucking hell' he moaned.

Peter smiled broadly at his friend reaction to me, I released my hand and let the few inches of covering settle back down just above mid thigh, it must have risen higher when I peed, but I was past caring by then, getting them both hard for the fucking to come, had achieved my aim.

'Want a drink Mariel', asked Peter, I replied I did and Peter poured me a Whiskey.
'You like strong drink Mariel', asked his friend, I smiled, 'Not really, it just numbs me a little, makes me last longer', he looked slightly perplexed at my reply, 'I get to many orgasms it hurts', his face relaxed as he started to understand, 'So I numb it and fuck longer', both men was amused and shocked, as the realization that they were confronted by a young powerful sex machine in a delightful shape, appeared to know what she wanted, perhaps if they disappointed me there would be hell to pay.

I drained my glass and held it out for another, 'Wont your parents discover you if you have too much to drink', asked Peter, I shook my head, 'Not really, I am not going home tonight Peter', Paused and drank another mouthful, licked my lips, 'Did I not mention to you, I am staying tonight', and as if to emphasize my mood, 'Tonight both you gentlemen get to do everything you ever dreamt of doing to a schoolgirl, and I shall willingly do as you ask', I turned, lifted my hemline again to show my pert bum, and brought my hand hard across it with a resounding smack, 'Only harder than that'.

To be continued with enough requests.......

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