A Short Story for a Quick Wank, by Mariel

Finger on my clitoris as you, my dear reader, hold your fabulous cock in your hand waiting for my dirty mind to unleash my sexual thoughts and perversions, and as I look down my naked body, well not fully naked, my black panties are at me knees clashing with the starkness of my long soft white thighs, I close my eyes and open my mind, my tongue slowly moistens my dry lips, my finger starts moving in slow circles, rubbing the swollen head of my clitoris, I let my index finger slip between my wet labia, and draw some of the silky fluid back up across its deepening red head, 'Oh Fuck', escaped my lips, long drawn as my ass raises from the hard wooden seat, and my finger dips deeper into my heat, I love my cunt, especially as it gives me so much pleasure.

Let me explain to you my desirous male masturbaters, I am one women sitting with hundreds of men, right now I crave your attention, please knock my door, I will let you in as I am, but, alas, as we both know, we are separated by miles, one or ten thousand, makes no difference, but today, thanks to the age of the internet, we can connect and enjoy each others needs.

I tell you a story of a girl in her early teens desired and preened by an overly attentive uncle, the heat of her first bleeding, throwing a different light on this old man, perhaps a bit too old to still sit on his knee, but his desire in her early years, could be clearly felt as it was maneuvered between her tomboyish bum cheeks, I laughingly add, I did all the maneuvering.

I was a naughty girl back then, sexually aware for one so young, then again watching your mother being fucked, taught me what cocks were for, to be poked fun at, when they belong to little boys, whereas, a man was for being poked, another type of fun, so every time I alighted my dear uncles lap, I always made sure to put my small hand on it and give it a naughty squeeze and a squeal of delight, I always received good gifts from him.

At f******n he bought me my first high powered computer, and set it up in my bedroom, of course, then loaded it with the best voice and webcam communication devices, my mother was ignorant of such technology, so I was free to indulge in the web of intrigue, he loaded for me, including access to my domain, we had a direct connection, we both knew when each other was online, I soon got used to seeing him in his bedroom naked, and before too long, I reciprocated, we had an unspoken agreement, and began masturbating together, sort of like we are doing right now.

I should explain how we got into the nudity thing. I came home from school one late afternoon, and passing my mothers bedroom heard the sound emanating from it, she was engaged in some serious fucking, so I dropped to my knees, as I normally did and watched them for a little while.

I got up and went into my room and closed the door, undressed and fantasized about him on top of me, and began masturbating, back then it was just finger fucking, no toys.
I sat in front of my computer, put both my feet on the table and rubbed myself one great orgasm.
As I sat quietly waiting for both my heart and heat to return to normal, a mans voice said, 'Brilliant Mariel you were awesome'. I spun around to my door, expecting to see my mothers boyfriend standing there, but he was not, then I realized it was my uncle, he had been silently watching me strip and start relieving myself, all on cam and microphone, so I hastily turned on my monitor and there he was, naked and hard, and without further ado, treated me to my first show of his affection for me, after that, we became internet i****tuous lovers, so easy and now so acceptable between us.

Well I am sorry to say my little ditty has to come to an end, you see I have cum and my dirty mind has shut down for the night.

Kisses and thanks for your looking in and helping me have a good cum session, did you manage to cum, please say so, that pleases me no end.

95% (11/1)
Posted by MarieL
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2 years ago
I just came. I love your stories, they have made me cum before!
2 years ago
i did thanks ;)
2 years ago
I was hard and the inside of my pants is coated with precum. For more I'll wait for the privacy of my home.
2 years ago
2 years ago
I most certainly did mariel! As I always do I hope one day we can have our own cam fun together and achieve a mutual release!
2 years ago
had a good wank after reading that, would love to cam with you sometime so we can see each other cum
2 years ago
your story got my cock rock hard but couldn't cum for you