My naughty machinations on a train ride home

I uncross and recross my legs, all the time noting who is watching, that excites me, knowing at least one man is trying to see up my skirt, steal a look at my forbidden fruit, as if he was successful, then I would be duty bound to surrender it to him for his own personal pleasure, up some backstreet alley or some despicable place, that would add to my debasement and to his prize.
In the back of my mind I savor such a thought, feeling the sensation of my knickers being ripped from me, the thin cotton torn asunder, the last barrier protecting my maidenhood, my inner cunt enjoying its own spasms as it awaits the hard flesh, grasping at nothing, hoping for everything, big, swollen, long and black, yes black makes my knees go weak, I pee myself, ever so lightly, my knees rocking gently as I dream, pointing directly at my abuser, I sigh deeply and close my eyes, and in the back of my mind the men queue up, standing quietly with their beautiful cocks out, ready to cum on me, a smile breaks across my face, if only these fuckers knew my mind, God I'm so fucking horny, and at that admission, I pee a little more.
I open my eyes and watch the countryside fly past, it is evening and getting dark outside, I look at my fellow passengers, some sl**p, some read, others, like myself look out the window and dream, and then there are those that lust, their cocks pulse as they think about my pussy, she is wet and smelling of pee, I need to get up and take them off, now wouldn't that be something, taking my panties off as they watched, I laugh inwardly, but I feel like doing it, that's what being horny means, letting strangers touch your cunt, I uncross my legs again, this time the young girl in the corner seat catches my eyes, she looks down at my stocking clad legs as I do so, and smiles, fuck is she a Lesi, I smile back and note she is also wearing a short skirt, actually she is very petite and pretty, and I look directly into her eyes, she stares back and my heart misses a beat.
No one else is looking as we lock eyes, my mouth is dry and I draw my pink wetted tongue out and spread my spit across my lips, she smiles again, so I use my tongue tip to play with my upper lip, as if licking her clitoris, she watches intently and I see her grind her thighs together, she is enjoying the attention, a carriage full of fucking me and the only two fuckable women are playing with each other, two 'Carpet Munchers' toying with our cunts and sending unwritten massages, slight nods of our heads and tongue innuendos, she nods, and that's it, pussy for dinner tonight.
I am not really into women, but I do like them sexually, occasionally, their smell and softness, our powerful sexuallness, and the extra effort we put in to have our orgasms.
There is a balding man standing behind the girl, he is looking down on her, studying her open blouse and fleshy bulbous breasts, he looks at me, caught staring, I smile again and so does he, we are fucking her together, stripping her of her modesty, and I hold her down while he seeds her, then I raise my ass to lick her clean and he plunges deep in to my womanhood, having miraculously gained another hard-on.
I can taste the sweetness of her secretions, then the saltiness of his seed as she f***es it from her tight vagina, involuntary convulsions, as she spasms with my licking her clitoris, my reward for my endeavors, drinking his cum from her swollen pussy, while having my anus and pussy probed by his insatiable cock.
The train clatters across the track junction, disturbing me from my erotic machinations, I look across at the girl and she is looking out the window, the man behind her is now looking elsewhere, my heart sinks, perhaps I just imagined it all, and as if to hid my disappointment, I lift my bag onto my lap and protect my exposed flesh, below my short hemline.
My disappointment is short lived as I feel his fingers touch me mid thigh, soft and whispy at first, like dipping ones toe into the water and testing it, I dont respond and the pressure increases, surely he must think I felt that, but still I dont respond, now he moves his finger as if wiping a larger area, he clearly feeling me, and I note his coat, which is on his lap, now cover the area he now assaults, I hold my bag on my lap tighter, but still refuse to intervene, as his fingers dip below my hemline and home in on the heat off my cunt.
I have been groped on public transport many times over the years, so feeling a guy search for my honey-pot is nothing new, and as I look down at my lap, I can see my short dress move as his hand encompasses my thigh and touched my knickers, feeling my swollen clitoris under my cotton fabric, he moves to my thigh, feeling my stocking tops and the bare flesh just above them, grasps my elastic knicker band and pulls down on it hard, it gives way, snaps, fuck he is pulling my knickers off, and I smile in absolute amazement at the audacity of his moves.
I sit motionless as he fumbles under my skirt, his fingers massaging my pubis, now free from restriction of my knickers, he probes down and into my clitoris, pressing hard and feeling my wetness, I relax my thighs so he can go deeper, being finger-fucked in a packed commuter train, does have a certain 'je ne sais quoi' perhaps he will make me cum.
But before that he did exactly as he did a few moments earlier, broke the slim elastic on the other thigh and removed my panties.
My young girl was looking in my direction as the final jolt broke the elastic and the pulling them from between my thighs, was an extremely erotic feeling, then as they slipped from me I saw she was staring at him, and I looked at him for the first time, he was smiling at her and she in return smiled at him, and as the train stopped they both rose and went off, but just before she did, he handed her my soiled panties, and she in return went back to the man who stood behind her and passed my panties to him, whispered something into his ear, then disembarked.......... should I continue.....its so dirty....... I shall think about it........let me know
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1 year ago
Absolutely great story and your wording is perfect wich makes it so much better. You, can write.
1 year ago
yes you have to continue you made me cum once now do it again
2 years ago
As usual, you leave me hard enough to cut diamonds. Please continue!
2 years ago
so very erotic I'd love to hear more
2 years ago
I Love your story telling you wonderful nasty woman. Your pussy must be so wet all the time. It is also refreshing to know I am not alone as I think of sex all the time.
once again you reach to peaks of erotic joy.
2 years ago
please continue
2 years ago
nice and naughty build up as always, please go on you have me so turned on right now ;)
2 years ago
Please continue Mariel x
2 years ago
This is intense.
2 years ago
go on PLEASE!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Definitely continue mariel
2 years ago
please do continue
2 years ago
Oh yes continue ....please
2 years ago
yes please continue xxx