I orchestrated Her Wedding Night of Sodomy

It was a long time ago, but for titillation purposes, I have decided to let you in on a secret of mine, one where the sacred marriage bed was sodomized, not by the groom, but by a man I chose, when you read this, you will have more insight into me as a female, a friend, and a sex monster.
I knew Mark when we were in our teens, he was always keen on Amber, another girl I barely knew, and named after her father's favorite Porn actress, I knew this personally, as he tried ever so hard to give yours truly, his meaty length, on night on an overnight stay with Amber.
We never became bosom friends and went our own ways when we went to different Universities, but Mark and I did explore ourselves, but again he became more like a b*****r than lover, and I would set him up with friends in need of a good shag.
Amber drifted back into our town and Mark hounded her, I always thought, 'If only she would let him fuck her', he might just go away and get on with life, but Amber was one of those bitches who liked to have men hanging around, if only to boost her ego, and for that alone, she pissed me off.
One night was shared a hotel room in Hamburg and over a bottle of wine I suggested to her she let Mark fuck her, she laughed in my face and told me, she preferred to have him panting for her.
Poor Mark did pant, right up until her wedding night, he was devastated, but as fate has a way of balancing the playing field, both the bride and groom, passed out on the wedding night, thanks to their love of booze.
I was leaving the hotel, and decided to call in on their room to say goodbye, and found the room door open, with Amber lying provocatively in her sexy undies on the bed, and her new husband, Carl, on the floor snoring.
I tried to wake her up. but she was in a d***ken stupor, just wanting to sl**p, so I called for help, on my mobile, and the person I called was Mark.
As Mark was on his way, not really knowing why, as I never mentioned what was happening, I went into the bathroom and found a pair of scissors, and cut her panties from her, I thought this would be a nice sight for Mark to see, then fishing into my handbag, took out my little tube of Astroglide Gel, and lubed her up, the sheen on her button-hole looked inviting, and then I sat down and patiently awaited Marks arrival.
The room door knocked and I got up and opened it, watching Marks face as he entered to room and immediately his eyes rested on Amber's nudity and provocative pose on the bed.
'Fuck me Mariel', he muttered as he pushed past me, his eyes locked onto the girl he worshiped, he had never seen her in the nude, well almost nude as the stockings and garter belt, helped to emphasize and frame her juicier parts, 'I think fucking her would be better for you Mark', and he turned and looked momentarily at me, then back to Amber.
He sat on the bed's edge and stroked her bared bottom, his finger drawn to the lubes smearing on her anus, 'Put your finger inside her', I urged him, and delighted on his immediate response, as each knuckle slid into her and all three digits were fully inserted, Amber remained blissfully deep in sl**p, as her room guests toyed with her butt-hole.
He turned and looked at me sitting in the chair watching with obvious delight, 'What should I do', he looked lost, 'Fuck her you dumb fuck', I was loosing patience with him, some men never really learn about dealing with certain women, 'Stick you cock in her ass and fuck her', an anal **** on her wedding night was just the film I wanted, so Mark started undressing and once naked I went across to him and dropped to my knees and gave him some encouragement with my own mouth.
Sufficiently hard he mounted the bed and entered her anus, sliding all the way inside, then all caution was cast aside as he realized he was inside the girl he loved, it had been that easy, so he humped and I filmed on my camera, watching her asshole move in all directions of the compass, and culminate in a noisy climax, Amber moaned, but remained oblivious.
Before he pulled out from her I asked Mark to remain in her until I located her own camera, then took some shots of her and Mark, whom she would never recognize in the photos, and her husbands prostate body snoring on the floor, she would be in no doubt of her anal fuck on her wedding night to some stranger.
We left leaving her seeping Marks cream-pie from her butt-hole, I took Mark back to my place and we slept and fucked in the morning, his reward for being a good boy, Amber was aghast in the morning, the mess and the pain met her head on, she knew she had been violated on her wedding night, the photos on her cam saw to that, but violated in her ass, well that really was a stroke of genius, no woman ever forgets her anal encounters, especially by a stranger, on her most sacred of sacred nights.

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1 year ago
Great story. Would you consider posting the pictures?
2 years ago
That was great thanks Mariel
2 years ago
that was incredible mariel! absolutely fantastic!
2 years ago
ths story made me cum
2 years ago
Mark had the best of both worlds: he resolved his Amber fantasy in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and then he spent the night in the bed of a true friend.
2 years ago
your such a hot naughty women I love it, and such a good friend to mark lucky guy