An 'Ode to the Cock'

'Come on, what's so terrible about a young woman love of a man's Penis?'
I personally love the feel of one, especially when it lies in my hand.
The potential it bears as it lies on my hand, drooping gently over my hand's length, watching the purplish glans become exposed as the foreskin miraculously peels back, an involuntary action, due to it's owner contemplating my excitement' and as it hardens, it's an example of positive feedback.
Soon fully erect and it rises from my hand and assumes an incredible angle, I note a single dew-drop of seminal fluid leaks from its tiny slit, I look up at him and he nods in my direction, as if giving his approval for what is flashing through my girlish mind, I smile and I stoop forward, wiping it clean, savoring the saltiness on the tip of my tongue, before neutralizing it with my saliva and swallowing.
I note how his scrotum hardens and tightens, his testes seem to disappear into his being and I sc**** my fingernail over them and up along the back of the penis, to be met midway by another oncoming seminal outpouring from its eye, I pull my scratching nail off and run my tongue up the length, gathering the swollen head with my upper lip, and into my eager mouth, my tongue sensitive to the wondrous curvature of its head, now there is an outpouring of seminal fluid, and I have to swallow hard.
I hold his cock in my mouth, my teeth fixed firmly under the bulbous head, I have no desire to release desirable piece of flesh, tasteless but tasty, so I balance any pain by encircling and swishing warm saliva with my fleshy tongue, only occasionally rising from my 'Rimming' of the glans, to dip my tongue tip into the well of semen, now flowing freely into my warm cavity.
Of course variety is the spice of life, and many women give their versions of a good blow-job, this is mine I now describe, because I love cock, and like the whore hen I am, I cry, 'Any cock-l do', because chewing a mans 'Bell-end' is my price levied on men wanting to see his pride and joy inserted in my mouth, this one is number 236, yes I keep records and dates, these numbers excite me, I am 24, and been doing it for close to ten years, you do the maths, and even there there is a female sense of purpose, an average length of sex inches gives me 118ft, or 36m of pure cock, now who can deny me of not loving a good chew.
100% (7/0)
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1 year ago
great story on the wonderful cock and incredible balls and mind blowing spurts of cum .
2 years ago
I've got 9 more inches u can add to ur tally mariel!
2 years ago
Very nice!