Mariel's North sea crossing, sharing a cabin

I was panicking, I needed to be back in time for the start of term and here I was in Göteborg and the boat to Newcastle, was full, in that there was no cabins left.
I was offered a share, but I was warned that it was not company policy, so there would be no formal agreement from the shipping company.
I reluctantly accepted, only to find out later, that the booking clerk, was a friend of my fellow occupants on the trip across.
At least I had a bed and would sl**p like the proverbial log, and not notice my fellow passengers, so I accepted, thanked the clerk, and walked into history and my first gang-banging, lasting most of the night and my only encounter that impregnated me, boarding as one and leaving as two.
I was turning 18 in two days time and starting university in Newcastle, England, so this was my first encounter with a cross-channel ferry to a foreign land.
I had booked previously to departure but forgot to confirm my booking, hence the mess at the dockside, but that was nothing to my surprise when I entered the cabin.
Expecting privacy in the form of at least a curtain across each bunk, there was nothing, just an open bed in full view of all the other occupants, and in this case, all men in their late forties and all drinking hard liqueur, so you can imagine the look on their faces when I entered the cabin, a s*******n year old Swedish girl, tall, athletic, slim, pretty with long blond locks of hair halve-way down my back.
As I stood at the cabin door and pondered if I had made the right decision, a unified chorus rose from the three men, 'Welcome, and please come in', and within minutes I had a drink thrust into my hand and was guided away from the door and put into a chair, which was the furthest point from the cabin entrance.
I was coaxed to 'down it in one', only to find it refilled immediately and downed in one again.
I suddenly found my tiredness had receded to the back of my mind and I was now the center of attention, being feted and fawned over by a group of men, very much my senior, and by the time we set sail, I was on my fifth stiff drink, I was totally relaxed and not in the least concerned I would be sl**ping in a cabin with three complete strangers, not to mention all men, no, I was even enjoying the banter that grown-up men talk about, even sex.
When I explained my predicament on how I finished up bunking with them, they said it was their pleasure to entertain me, adding that they all hoped I would return the pleasure to them, which brought peals of laughter from all the men, especially when I said, 'Sure, who wants to go first?'
It was out before I realized it, a Freudian Slip, some might say, but to be honest it was just a laugh, a girls way of joking with the men, not realizing that that sentence had started the process of pumping bl**d to the mens cocks and their eyes starting to focus on my small breasts and thighs.
I was d***k within the hour as my last meal was breakfast some eight hours earlier, and the pouring of hard liqueur down my throat was now accompanied with wine and champagne.
I was almost sprawling in the chair when it was suggested we eat and I noticed all the men were looking at me in a strange way, I was clearly too d***k to go to the restaurant, only I did not feel that I was, so it was agreed we all go out to eat, once we all changed and showered.
So I sat while one guy stripped-off and suddenly he was standing in front of me naked and with an erection, inches from my face.
All the rest were laughing at the look on my face, but I was not even shocked, thanks to the alcohol I had consumed, instead I reached out and touched him laughing as his cock bounced up and down, actively encouraged by the rest, so it was just a laugh and when one of the men said smile for the camera, I posed holding him, first against my face and secondly in my mouth.
All of a sudden we seemed to be alone and I was devouring his penis, eating him like some female cannibal devouring a hot-dog.
The other men were silently watching me obviously enjoying myself, which I was as I disengaged from my oral activities and pulled myself upright, and attempted to strip off, I wanted to have sexual intercourse and I was oblivious to the other men, now undressing themselves, to join-in and have some fun with this Swedish teenager, in heat.
I stood holding onto the upper bunk, my denims and knickers were down at my ankles and I was still in my trainers, my bra and blouse were on the floor and I was sandwiched between two men men, both naked, both trying to put their cocks in me, while the third guy recorded on cam.
The man behind had put his foot down on the crotch of my panties, thereby holding me firmly anchored as my feet were trapped in my denims, he also secured my breasts with a vice like grip as he pumped my pussy with his eager cock.
I stood kissing the man in front, forcing my tongue into his mouth, the only way I knew how to kiss, while trying to guide his cock into my already active cunt, not really realizing I was being fucked from behind.
I must have seemed like a nymphomaniac and when the guy with the camera brought the chair I had been sitting on over and stood on it, I went from mouth to cock, muttering, 'Knulla mig, knulla mig' whilst forcing myself back onto my lover with a huge slapping noise, each time our fucking actions brought our bodies together.
Eventually my tightness and vaginal shape brought my first lover his desired orgasm and as he shot his semen into me I could feel the heat of his ejaculate below my heart and I squeezed his penis with all the effort my tight vagina could muster.
As he slid out of me I could feel his semen run down my inner thigh and just as the sensation of emptiness was felt, it was superseded by a beautiful feeling of utter fullness, as the second guy had entered me, now I knew what a big cock felt like, I was being super stretched in three dimensions and all I could utter was, 'My God! Oh! my God, Thank you', which seemed to spur my jockey into riding my pussy with f***e and ultimately mixing his sperm with my previous ejaculate, doubling up on the sperm attacking my eggs, waiting in my fallopian tubes, to be fertilized.
Was it this guy or the first guy, was I impregnated and fertilized before the second guy mounted me, only God knows, but I was pregnant in the morning and all I knew was the third guy came in my mouth and the other two took turns in the early hours of the morning before docking, but this time they enjoyed the fruits of back-door intercourse, made easy with my particular sphincter muscle being relaxed due my d***kenness and face cream, borrowed from my shoulder bag.
I was rudely awakened by a banging on the door by a steward. I was still d***k and alone.
All three men had dressed and disembarked leaving me naked and sprawled on top of my bunk and the door left open for all the corridor to witness as they passed by.
Missing my periods I bought a test kit from the chemist to confirm weeks later I had been fertilized on that crossing, but my body rejected it shortly afterwards and I have been enjoying intercourse with lots of men since then.
I hope you enjoy this experience with me and just imagine sitting in the cabin waiting your turn, you will soon be inside me doing what those dirty men did and I will thank you for taking time to have fun and depositing your sperm in my womb
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5 months ago
Thanks,4 taking me on another gr8 boat trip
2 years ago
4 years ago
excellent and wonderful
4 years ago
never disappoints.
4 years ago
another amazing story so vividly described and if my shorts werent already around my ankles my tent would be so incredibly noticable!
4 years ago
very hot