My insatiable female sexual appetite

I raised my glass and surreptitiously cast a glance around the carriage, mentally noting if anyone was looking in my direction.
One man caught my eye, his eyes traversing my form and settling on my legs, that excited me, I liked to have men want me, and I could feel my nipples harden, as I imagined his hard cock pushing in behind me, 'He wants to fuck me', flashed through my hot and fevered mind, and my upper thighs clenched as if trying to grip his imaginary cock, as it effortlessly pushed against my wetting pussy.
I put my glass down slowly and with a calculated deliberateness, looked directly at him, a challenging look, drawing my tongue across my red lips, partially parting them as inviting him to fuck my mouth and relieve himself.
We were locked in a visual joust, one where the prize of an illicit sexual encounter was at stake, 'Strange', I thought, 'I wanted him as much as he needed me', I was horny and my husband never picked up on my vibes, but this man did, so my pussy was his to fuck.
I uncrossed my legs, he looked beneath my table, I let them part sufficiently, revealing my stockings and the warm flesh above their tops, my heart was pounding, I needed the sex and ached to feel him go into me, so I turned and whispered into my husbands ear, 'I will be back shortly, need to powder my nose', and letting my legs open to show my nakedness, I looked fiercely into my voyeurs eyes and rose, still clutching my napkin and walked to the exit.
I walked down the long corridor, weaving side to side as the train thundered to our next destination, meanwhile I walked to my more immediate destination, the toilet, and hopefully, a much needed fuck.
I went in and closed the door, waited, and when I saw the handle turn I pulled it open.
He stood and I moved to the side, my need was now bordering desperate, the heat was over me, 'Quick come in', and he squeezed past me, I closed the door and bolted it, looking us both in this small cubical, two strangers about to commit the most basic of human needs, 'Quick', I said excitedly, 'we must be quick', and as I spoke I started to hike my hemline high over my hips, revealing my lack of decency, my curvaceous buttocks, framing my wet cunt, swollen and open, the lack of panties suddenly firing him into action, as he unceremoniously plowed into me, and fucked me ungraciously over the toilet bowl.
We went at it like two dogs, unfettered and unsheathed, a classy elegant young lady barebacked in a toilet, myself gripping the rim as I exploded in my gratuitous fuck, feeling his warmth eject into the recesses of my womanhood, then stand back and watch his efforts run from me into the toilet bowl, as I squeezed our union out, the napkin wiping him from existence, readying me for my next union.
I arrived back at the table still clutching my soiled napkin, 'You OK', asked my husband, noting the beads of sweat on my upper lip, I smiled and raised my napkin to my mouth and gently patted it, looking across at my inseminator, with an almost imperceptible nod, my eyes drifting again and settling on another who appeared to be captivated by my presence, I smiled in that direction and sighed, this was going to be a delicious night.

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2 years ago
I know there must be a follow up to this short and hot story...from the same journey..
2 years ago
Amazing mariel! Who was the lucky bastard next in line!?
2 years ago
wish my train journeys were like that, nice and naughty as always, such a turn on loved it
2 years ago
Never been on THAT train!
Good story! :)
2 years ago
this is a nice story, and it really happens. I know.