My Niece Karol Replies about the video

There has been a wild response to my nieces behavior on the beach with the old pervert, I asked her to post her response to the sex she had.
Also I think it is good she starts to talk to men directly about her sexual needs and builds up her own friends listing, after all she is very highly responsive to men.

Karol's account

We both had a good idea he was filming by the way he was always reaching into his bag, whenever another naked girl came into view.
I was turned-on knowing he was filming girls as I could imagine him having a wank looking at his ill-gotten gains on the beach that day.
When Mariel went off for a swim we were the only two females around and when I saw her squat down in front of him I thought she was going to have sex with him, as her legs were wide apart and her cunt was right up against his face.
I felt a little disappointed as I was in the mood for some sex and felt relieved when she got up and continued walking down to the water.
He was looking directly up at me and he was wanking his cock as he looked, not trying to hide it, so I started to do the same, as no one was around us, I opened my legs and started to play with my pussy so he would know I was ready for him.
I kept touching myself as he approached me and kept my legs open as he stood in front of me.
His cock was out of his shorts, but not hard for penetrative sex, so I asked him if he would like to fuck me.
He started calling me his little baby and asked me to open my legs wider as he was going to tongue fuck me and lick my pussy juices.
I opened my legs and said yes please do it daddy, lifting my legs over his shoulders as he cupped my small bottom in his hands and started licking me.
I was asked if I wanted to suck daddies cock and I said yes I did and took him into my mouth, where he got very hard.
I stopped and asked him to fuck me now he was hard and he took his shorts off and penetrated me.
After a very short time he pulled out and put his cock back into my mouth where I sucked on him.
He stood up a short distance from me and started wanking again, telling me to do the same, which I did as I had not cum yet, suddenly a stream of yellow piss hit me on my small breasts and tummy and started running down in between my legs.
When I stopped I asked him why he pissed on me and he said' 'Because you are Daddies little fucking slut, and you need a good pissing on to mark you as mine, OK?', then he came over to me and rubbed his piss into my skin, breasts and down between my legs and he rubbed my pussy until I finally had my orgasm.
I finally wrote down my aunt Mariel's email address because he said she wanted to be fucked by him and showed her cunt to him in a crude manner, all opened up and dripping with pussy juice, so I gave it to him and my mobile number, as I was now one of his girls and a special Golden Girl in his eyes.


I think you guys will agree she is hot and I know a lot of you will want to have her ASAP
74% (11/4)
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4 years ago
4 years ago
Mariel, you have done another great story. I dont know where you come up with your ideas. You must have a very creative and horny mind. I for one appreciate that in a woman.
4 years ago
She is a young female who is enjoying men and their fruits, that they offer.
She has a balanced mind and a very healthy enjoyment for all things sexual, still learning, open to suggestion, wanting to experiment and looking for inspiration and men willing to show her
4 years ago
Marie showed her many talents here before.
All kinds of hot sex in real life and great writing about it here. But also bringing strangers to share their material about the event here - the edited video - and now the contribution of her niece.
and the threesome I not fully consumed, so there might be more to come ;)P
4 years ago
nice shes taking after her aunt! it must run in the family
4 years ago
Marie, your niece is equally gifted as you in all manner of things- writing, beauty, lusty enthusiasm for life, and its all pleasures.