The dirtiest sleaze club, I went too.

Being a traveler, to some of the seedier sides of this planet, I have been shown, as a voyeur, and participated in what people might call seedy or sick sex.
Experts will tell you sex is a d**g, we are drawn into it, take a normal woman to an orgy, and watch her let her hair down, or take some women to a male strip joint and watch them whore themselves, as the twin dangers of big cocks mixed with alcohol, stir our juices, I have seen mothers and daughters suck the same guy, taking turns beneath the towel, watching the cock work each of their mouths in turn, I tell you, show me a crowd of women together on a night out, and I will show you a herd of cows juiced-up.
But of course, some of us dont need to hide behind the charade of using alcohol as an excuse, liberated females want the full feeling, back or front, or together, for the fullest feeling, being sandwiched by two men is the ultimate in flesh feeling sex, hairy, sweaty, being nailed by rods of beef, then basted with cum, that's the truest desire women crave, not this Monogamy for woman, and Polygamy for men, a system as old as Adam, that men have created for their own pleasure, perhaps that's why women have an attraction for each other, a mixture of stronger and longer lasting sex drive's, than men's quickie mentality, and an ability to love each other, without declaring themselves Lesbian.
So what kind of sex am I into, many men beg me to tell them, and as I speak I can see them touch themselves, just talking makes them want to fuck me, but you see, here is something weird, I want the orgasm, the physical fucking and the leading up to it, is just like charging a battery, you are taking your partner to be on a sexual journey, you are priming them for release, so when they enter you physically, both your minds are focused on coming, driving and rubbing, kissing and grinding hard, you are like one person with two competing personalities, the end line is a good orgasm, now in my mind that is a good fuck.
In Thailand I was taken to a 'Tiger Show', a live sex show, I was a young woman, 21 standing in front of a couple acting out, what I disappointingly referred to as a simulated fuck show, I could see his cock was flaccid, as I focused on her pussy between her open legs, and saw it was empty, they were putting on a show for the unsuspecting tourist, and both were obviously bored as they ground into each other, but the real attraction was the u******e girl, she looked around 11, and he looked in his forties, that's what was turning these guys on, along with me ass of course, as I was penned-in like a caged chicken, I could feel my legs and ass being covered with cum, as men jacked-off behind me and onto me, I am sure the other women in the show got the same treatment, but I guess being a tall white and blond European girl, made a dream for these Asian men to rub against without complaint from me.
Clubs are perhaps the best places to go for your sexual needs to be addressed, walk in have a look around, order a drink, look in the little rooms where the action is happening, and be fucked, casual, a sense of being wanted and a sense of the bizarre.
These clubs vary in what is on offer, of course being a young female, entrance is free, as long as you promise to participate, I always tick the box, 'Willing to participate, Men, Women, Groups', all three, then watch the doormen smile as they eye me up and down, 'You are a full woman', one girl asked me, I looked a little puzzled, 'You dont have a dick between your legs', she asked me unflinchingly, her red painted lips and lip gloss looked like my fanny in heat, I moved past her and went into the little cubical as she followed and put her hand up my short dress and into the leg of my knickers, brushed against my wet pussy and inserted two fingers and started to finger fuck me.
The box curtain was wide open and one couple and five men stopped, and watched her abuse my wet pussy, then she slowly withdrew her long fingers, wetted with my juices, and drew them across my lips, matching her gloss, and kissed me to which I fully returned, as I find kissing women favorable, our lips are fuller and softer, sweeter and more inviting, then she broke off and moved aside, still holding my short dress high, she pulled the front of my knickers down sufficiently to show my bald cunt, 'All woman, tight wet and ready for you to sample', she said like a market trader, I smiled and eased my dress down again as we approached the small crowd, she made for the couple, she with her arm through his, and asked him if he was all man, pulling him to the cubical, and un-zippering him, taking his large cock out and started to suck him hard.
I stood watching, this was my idea of heaven, and I felt her arm hook onto mine, 'I bet he cums in her mouth', she said somewhat boastfully, like a farmer winning bragging rights at an open-air market, I smiled as she buried her nose into his pubes, 'She can certainly deep throat', I looked at her, she had her eyes closed, then I saw why, her dress was open at the back and a guy behind her was working his cock into her, then I felt my own ass being groped, I reached behind and took one of the cocks being pushed against me, and started to wank him.
'He's cumming', and I looked dreamily at the female on her knees hold her position, with his cock head just between her lips, his body was jerking and her cheeks were puffing up as he ejaculated into her moist cavity, taking it like a true female, 'Dont swallow', said his wife beside me, now with some guys cock up to his balls inside her, The receiver with a mouthful of cum, walked across to where we stood, and as she was being fucked she kissed her and transferred the husbands cum into her mouth, turned to me wanking the guy behind me, and deposited part of his semen, into my open mouth, triggering my wanker to cum onto my thigh.
All three women swallowed the contents of her husbands balls, such was the generosity of the willing females to accept her husbands seed, I looked at my finger fucking friend, 'I have a fresh load on my leg', she looked behind me at the man who ejaculated, 'You dirty little fucking pervert', but she said it lovingly, like a mother scolding her u******e son, and then dropped to her knees again and started to lick mt leg clean, swallowing his semen with each lick, she was a 'cum-slut', a beautiful woman with a passion for men's cum, so much so you can see them licking the floorboards as men's semen drops from their cocks onto the floor, or between another woman's legs, licking and swallowing the many free 'cream-pies' on offer, these women are unique, they orgasm in relationship to semen consumed, irrespective of the source's acquisition, hence cum-slut, a badge of pride, a recycling plant for human waste.
This was just the entrance, the real fun lay in the bowels of the building, the perverted and the naughty, every taste catered for, woman can do their dirtiest just to get their ideal orgasm, and I pushed forth, I had a capacity to multiple orgasm, my record being twenty times in one night, before my pussy started hurting, so I pushed past everyone and went inside, the initial shock therapy just inside the door, was there to titillate the newbies and excite the men, I had done my bit, warming up, I could feel my pussy throb and my heart flutter, I just needed to find a big cock and have a good fuck, before settling down for a really good night, 'Drink', I stopped and a waiter with a tray full of drinks was offering me one, 'Sure', I replied, noting he was naked with his cock in a halter, held high so his ball sack was open for abuse, I reached down and fondled his jewels, rubbing them and squeezing them, 'This feel good', I said as his ball I was squeezing disappeared back up into its hollow from where it had dropped, 'To gentle', he said somewhat sarcastically, so I slapped them hard, causing me to flow, I like this abusive thing, and getting a submissive in my hands was like receiving Manna from Heaven, 'This little shit giving you a non to hard time', I looked and another scantily-clad beautiful woman, was standing behind him, she was feeling between his legs and even pulled the testicle I was abusing from my hand, she held his scrotum from behind and twisted it, causing him pain, 'You might want to run along and find your own', she said it nastily, 'this little fuck is mine to discipline', she continued, 'unless you feel you need to be disciplined too', I shook my head, I knew what these doms were like, they mixed perversion and extreme pain with pleasure, their own pleasure, drawing bl**d to feed their lust, treating young women and men alike, these women border on sadism, a friend of mine was left scarred, with deep cuts on every part of her body, breasts, buttocks, inner thighs, vagina, back and stomach, scarred to this day, all because they told her it was a mild form of BDSM, they ****d her violently with strap-ons and dildos, violated her anally and vaginally, then in a final act of domination, they urinated on her, forcing her to swallow, leaving her a mess and hospitalized for weeks.
I know some doms will be angry with this part of my story, claiming they are nothing like that, but the reality is, if you have this amount of control, and the d**g of domination wears off, you might resort to more brutal methods to get your oats boiling, and there in lies the danger, men have been castrated because of the abuse at women's hands, claiming first to be a simple Dom, then a sadist, truth is one leads to the other, I know as I once got carried away whipping a guys bum and kicking his balls, your not relieving yourself as you do it, so there is no safety valve, you just get nastier and crueler, if you had your orgasm or a soft wank as you did it, you might not go at with such f***e.
Either way she dragged this poor fucker off by his balls, pulled from behind, to a room deeper in the bowels of this wonderful entertainments establishment, my pussy ached and I went looking for cock.
I drank my drink and looked around for a suitable siring, a lot of couples tonight, and a lot of older men, thank God I brought some Viagra, pop one of these babies into their drink, wait a little, then go fuck them.
'The nasty room', well if ever a title above a door in a place like this attracted attention, it certainly was, and I was determined to get to the front.
I finished my drink and boldly took my panties off, while men watched me, 'Nice one babe', said a man as I eased past him, I stopped at his comment, 'Would you like to have them', I asked him sweetly, 'Fucking right and I would', he replied as I pushed them into his hand, I reached over and whispered in his ear, 'The crotch is wet, and my email is on the tab, let me know when you have finished and I'll cum collect them, and I meant it.
I went to the packed door, I could hear a woman's voice talking to the crowded room, men saw me standing and some parted to let me in, feeling my bum and few other parts as I went, my short hemline offering no protection to men's hands as they groped between my bum cheeks, then again, that's why I was the way I was.
The front area was packed, with a surprisingly large amount of women taking up most of the space, but then again, females would be abused as they made their way out, or fucked if they stayed, so why not shepard them to the front.
I positioned myself behind another mid-aged couple, standing arm in arm, she was slightly shorter than me, but it was her husband who sensed my presence and turned around to see me in my disheveled, near nude state, he bent down to his wife and whispered something into her ear, she turned and looked at me, smiled, and bent across to whisper to me, 'My husband thinks you are very pretty', 'would you mind if he played with your pussy' she continued, and even before I consented, she was guiding his hand between my legs and placing it on my hairless Venus Mound, his finger rubbing my swollen clitoris, 'He can fuck me if he wants', I said to her, I really needed a man inside me and I am afraid I was stating to feel a little desperate in my need, 'Sorry dear, he only fucks my pussy', she retorted, making me feel like some second hand slag, but he did know how manipulate a girls clitoris, so I fell quiet, perhaps I would cum as I watched the she, which was beginning to unfold as we all settled into cramped spaces.
There was two young men and two buxom ladies, scantily clad in g-stings, and stockings, their boobs spilling out of their brassieres.
For a moment I thought it was going to be a boring foursome fuck session, but when one of the women stepped forth and started to abuse the audience with foul language, I realized there was something more to this little ditty, she pulled a youngish woman, mid-thirties from the front row, everyone was standing by the way, there were no seating, the two men held her in a straight arm lock, gripping her wrists and elbows, effectively locking her down and inserting a leg each between her legs and pulling hers apart, some twenty inches, striking up a rather indecent and helpless pose.
'What do you gentlemen think', and she stood aside as if introducing the helpless women to them, her husband just staring, she looked like she was about to wet herself.
Then she walked over to the woman dressed in mid thigh one piece dress, she run her hands across her breasts then squeezed them, this got the men going, 'Nice tits guys, natural, no fucking plastic enhancements there', she teased them with, the woman squirmed as some men in the audience called for them to be exposed.
I was enjoying my fingering and could feel the men behind me feel around my open crotch, I was wet and slippery, and expected the first cock to push in on my open pussy.
My train of thought was disrupted as the woman out front shouted, 'I can feel her nipples hardening, I think she wants you to see them', and as she fondled her tits, the woman said yes, she wanted the men to see her, so without much ado, she was undressed all the way down to her stockings, her dress, brassiere and knickers were tossed into the crowd of eager men, to be spunked on and found discarded at the end of the night, but for now, she was held in position by the two young men, her stockings blackness in stark reality to her flesh colored body.
The female compare went to each of the young men holding her and took their cocks out, then put one cock in each of the stripped woman's hands, 'Give them a wank you fucking middle class slut', she bellowed into the woman's face, then walked across to her docile husband and took his cock out and started to wank him.
By this time I was receiving my first cock, he was inside me and going at a smooth and regular pace, it felt nice and I settled in to the different rhythmic motions both men were making on my privates, one in my pussy the other on my clitoris.
'Who wants to fuck this bitch', the second woman seemed to come alive at this stage, some shouted they did, 'Then why are you standing there, her cunts here', and she pointed to the woman's private region, men pushed forward, the first out was inside her and fucking like crazy, before anything could be said, not that anything else was meant to be said, fucking had started and almost at once. the women in the front were turning around to the men behind them, soon the air was heavy with the smell of wet cunts and dirty cocks, semen and moans, it was like a Roman orgy, and I was completely naked, my clothes torn from me and tossed aside.
Before I descended to the floor, I saw the woman's husband cum as he was wanked, no doubt he was a Cuck, but I had more to contend with as men climbed on me and let go, there was sex everywhere with women screaming as they came, and men shouting abuse as fucking was so easy, but that time my orgasm count was rising, triple penetration was in full action as I gobbled and squeezed three cocks simultaneously, now this is what a girl calls a night out.

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2 years ago
fabulous! fingering my pussy with one hand as i type with the other!
2 years ago
wow thats a very detailed and well written story,i loved it
2 years ago
you are such a hot naughty goddess, very hot a sexy a real turn on got my cock throbbing, wish I could cum inside you
2 years ago
bloody Hell, no...Heaven!
wonderful juicy and alive...
2 years ago
Oh to have a night like this
2 years ago
OMG MARIEL! that was amazing! how many cocks did u satisfy that night!?