Oh! My God, Muriels hypnotized

Have any of you readers ever wondered what might happen if you gave complete control to someone else, for example.
A few years back a very eccentric friend of my husband to be, showed an unusual fetish for spanking womens backsides.
To be fair, they were both d***k when the conversation arose, but I noticed he had an erection as he excitedly talked about it.
When put to the test, I was offered as the sacrificial lamb, all in a good d***ken humour, of course, but when I bent over the coffee and lifted my dress and showed a pert little bottom in lacy green panties, to be gently spanked, his whole demeanour changed.
Later when we discussed him we agreed he had probably never lifted a girls dress, never mind see her bum through a pair of lacy knickers.
During the administering of the spanking, his blows became harder, as did his penis, which was sticking way out inside his straining pants, and after six gentle, but firming smacks, he took his belt off, with the intention of continuing, with a 'Good Thrashing', as he put it.
His eyes were glazed and saliva was evident, not to mention a damp part on his light coloured pants, at the head of his penis, 'Pre-cum' I thought, with satisfaction.
John was an ex-public schoolboy, and a weekly thrashing was something easily administered to boys, and in John's case, by the matron, a robust and portly woman, whom John was convinced enjoyed doing it and got-off afterwards, as seen by other boys, who watched her do it.
How much of this fantazising was reality in this boarding school, with more than 350 boys only, and how much John experienced, at the hands of this immoral woman, only God knows, but something had snapped that night and clearly showed John was completely inexperienced when handling women.
I think had we both let John use his belt on my bottom, he would have gone over the top and thrashed me to within an inch of my life, and having an untouched orgasm, as his wet patch was growing at an alarming rate as my bum turned scarlet.
Twelve years have passed since that night, and of course we have married, and as yet John, has not, in fact we were wondering if he was still a virgin or a gay man, either way he was going to be staying with us for a few days, and I was determined to probe him a little deeper.
Armed with our previous encounters knowledge, that John had seen my bottom through my lacy green knickers, I felt relaxed in knowing he had been there and thought we might assume a little more closer, with our little encounter that night, a long time ago.
I devilishly thought about this as I pulled on my high-cut thong and stay-up stockings, wondering and hoping perhaps, that John was still as ignorant as he was when we first met.
When he arrived I was taken aback at how he had aged, he looked so worn and fragile, and a tad unattractive, so my guessing as to his sexual prowess, was bordering on none, with a capital N.
He was still showing signs of excenticity and still loud, that much had not changed, so by the time a few brandies were d***k, he was very warm towards me.
Over dinner he talked endlessly about his travels to far flung climes and most notably, his ability to hypnotize, even the most staunch disbelievers.
Later in the evening this was put to the test and as before, I was to be the sacrificial lamb.
Sitting comfortably I was put through the 'Eyes getting heavy routine' and the limp arm, in fact everything I had witnessed, the countless times at the shows I used to go see as a young woman, with my girlfriends.
John and Hubby were d***k and both were making a hash-up of it, but I played along as best I could, because as I said at the beginning, I wanted to see what John was like in control, of a woman.
I sat there, upright and head drooped forward onto my chest, pretending sl**p, and awaiting my first command.
Hubby laughinly said, 'Well done John, leave her like that and give my ears a rest', obviously refering to my nagging spirit.
Suddenly John was beside me, commanding I bark like a dog, which I did in my best doggy fashion, much to the amusement of the other two, then I had to drink two brandies, which I do not like drinking, but did it with such aplomb, they were convinced, I was under.
Hubby left the room to go to the bathroom and once the clik on the latch was heard, John started to show a different personality, by ordering me to stand-up and lift my dress all the way up, and as I did as he requested, I was ordered to slide my panties down my legs and masturbate for him.
I willingly complied, and to my amazement he unzipped his flies and pulled a sizable erection out and started to furiously masturbate.
As I maintained control and did so robotically in my pretence, John was not so delicate, he was frantic in his jerking, so much so, he was spashing his sperm all over my torso as he orgasmed, and I had to stand there continuing my act, until ordered to pull my knickers up and sit down, with a final order to forget everything that had happened.
When hubby came back into the room I had resumed the same position as I had when he had left, and John was standing over by the fire gazing at me, satisfied in his knowledge I was covered in his sperm, now freely running down my naked torso, under my dress, and in between my legs.
'You had better bring her back out' said hubby, and I will get some more beers, and when he went into the kitchen fridge, John brought me out, adding, 'When hubby is sound asl**p, you will want me so bad, you will beg me to fuck you in my bed' and then I was awake, just as hubby arrived back with a pitcher of beer.
Denying I had been under I excused myself to go to that bathroom, and left them laughing off my ignorance.
In the bathroom I peeled off my dress, revieling the thick gooey mess John had depositited over me, it was everywhere including my vagina, thick yellowish and quite a wad, he must have been saving this lot since our last encounter, twelve years ago, I thought.
I needed to change, there was such a mess, so I went across the hallway and into our bedroom and pulled on a floral print dress, over my naked body, and went back into the living room, much to the surprise of both men.
Why the change, enquired hubby, to which I replied, 'I was a mess, completely soaked through everywhere', adding, 'I must have peed my knickers' to which we both laughed, and John beemed as his act of dominance was confirmed.
It was late when hubby finally suggested bed and as I went through the final act of clearing things away, I knew I had the option the continue with Johns fantasy, as he had clearly left me in a post command state.
I moved from kitchen to living room and felt Johns eyes burning on me, strangly exciting me, as he was thinking about controlling me for his sexual pleasure, and this was turning me on, so I decided, why not, lets both have some fun.
I popped into our bedroom and true to nature hubby was gently snoring, but to be safe I slipped a sl**ping pill in his bottom lip, letting it disolve and keep him in dreamland, while hopefully in my hypnotized state, john and I would be making our own dreamland, I was so fucking horny now.
Peeling my floral dress off I walked out clad only in my stained stockings, sperm stained elastic tops that is, and marched into John room.
He was naked and sporting a limp dick, looking like the character, Mr Burns, from the Simpsons.
I wanted to behave like a sex starved slut and being hypnotized, was my excuse, to do so and John would think like wise.
'I want to fuck you' I said pleadingly, both as ordered in my post hypno state and for real in my horny fucking self-loving cock worshiper.
He was standing at the bottom of the bed and I went up to him gathering him in my arms, kissing him full on the lips and forcing my long tongue into his mouth, cluching both his ass cheeks and pulling him into me, griding my pubic bone against his, with his limp dick still limp from his previous dump on me.
Taking me by my shoulders he pulled away and said, 'You like cock, dont you?' I said yes and pulled towards him but he held me off, 'Look' he said pointing towards the bedstead corner pole, a huge wooded bulbous cap on the end of the bedpost.
'It's a big cock and it wants you' he said. I froze as I realised what he was saying, this sick fucker wanted me to mount my fucking bed and fuck the bedpost.
I was trapped, in order to secure my inocence I needed to do this, if not he would know I had been pretending and realise I was a sad fuck of a woman, so I needed to do this and protect my reputation in his and our friends eyes.
I raised my leg and eased the wooden bulbous over into my vaginal entrance and slowly worked on it, inching down on it, until, even surprising myself it eased into me and suddenly I could go down no further, as the cross spar was sitting between my ass cheeks.
John had retired to the seat and watched me relieving my sexual frustration on the wooden bedpost, kneeling on one leg on the matress and standing on my other leg as my ass pumped up and down.
I as genuinly worked on this piece of bed ornimental pleasure John moved in behind me and started pushing his cock into my ass, possibly another public schoolboy pleasure and after a little heaving he was inside, squashed btween the bedpost in my pussy and the inside of my anus he pumped and pleasured himself, pulling out when the seed deposit was completed.
I was then ordered to lean forward and grip the foot of the bedpost, while remaining implailed on its top.
John then walked over to his pants and removed his leather belt, and standing opposite my ass, holding me down with his legs in front of my bent back, he let fly with the leather tongue lashing against my bare bottom.
I lost count of the lashes as the pain was excrushiating, not the thrashing I was getting, but my vagina was streched crudely impailed with the bedpost and my back was being streched in its awkward positioning.
Suddenly I felt the warmth of yet more sperm being released down my naked back, he was wanking as he thrashed my legs and ass, and only when his final release was achieved, he released me from my lockdown position.
As I dropped to my knees in front of him I was ordered to clean him and suffered the final indignity of lapping, licking, and sucking his scrotum as only a sex slave can do to please her master.
I often wonder what went through Johns head that morning as he left and said goodbye to my husband his friend. The sexual abuse and humiliation his wife suffered at his hands must have given him so much satisfaction, well I counted three orgasms but the sadisism and debauched manner, for me clearly shows there is something deeper in this man, clearly not one to meet on a quiet night.
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4 years ago
and i thought i had read all of you good stories luv it
4 years ago
Amazing story, not the bedpost part, but the weird ways of this strange frustrated John - but also your curiosity to explore this not very attractive guy! Nevertheless, your way of writing compels many to finish reading it, even if they couldn't imagine to follow you all the way in your curiosity for strange sexual encounters.
4 years ago
once again another great story , looking forward to more from you
4 years ago
oh nice im the first to comment! another great story maybe not the fucking the bed post but ur way with words as always describes everything so vividly would really love to have a conversation with u sometime im so intrigued by u