Indecent act in Launderette, seen by Janitor

I was emptying the washing machine in the laundry room of our high-rise apartment, when I heard a noise.
Being on my own so early in the morning, might have concerned most, but this was a guarded establishment, so being attacked, never crossed my mind, but still I was in my nightdress and housecoat only, and only those two garments and it got my fertile imagination going.
I put my clothes into the dryer, sat down and lit a cigarette(I sometimes smoked back then) and let my mind drift, what if there was a r****t in here with me, would I let him do the dirty with me.
It was so quiet, adding to the ambiance, the room spartan and bare except for clunky box like machines, dampish with mops and buckets, being ****d in here, would probably be across one of the machines, they were at the right height, he could get his cock up me without much problem, the machine might be in its final spin session, so the vibrations would get me off, my thoughts tailed off, as my cigarette burned down.
I got up and disposed of it, stopping at the door to the room, and peering out, I was feeling horny now with my thoughts so I felt between my legs, not to confirm the obvious, but to rub myself a little, the sexual feeling was coming in strong waves, washing over me, and the mirror on the wall reflected my beautiful body and my sexual response, I was masturbating and getting turned-on by its reflection.
Checking the long hallway was empty I daringly stripped off, naked against the starkness of the room, made my nipples rock hard, 'Fuck I need to cum', run through my head as my fingers frantically worked my hot flesh.
I walked away from my discarded clothes and went to the other side of the room and lay down on the cold concrete floor, my legs pointing to the door, I spread them wide, closed my eyes, wishing for the r****t to enter and do me, I fingered feverishly, the noise my wet vagina made adding to the dirtiness as I moaned and lolled around the dirty floor, my mind had men fucking me, taking turns cumming on me, just like the porn movies I rent, then it came and wow what an orgasm, my hips and legs thrashed, humping air, wave after wave of the most exquisite feeling pulsed through my groin to my nipples, I lost time so I sat up, cold naked and exhausted, I just had an impulsive wank on the floor of our launderette, and suddenly as if snapping out of dream I saw my garments lying at the door, so I got up and made a dash for them, dressing and sitting back down, lighting another cigarette, as the door opened.
Old Bob, the janitor walked in, he looked flustered, 'Hi', he said sweating profusely, 'You OK Bob', I asked him calmly, he was looking at me in a strange way, somehow I knew instinctively, Bob wanted to fuck me.
He was close to me and I could smell his sweat, he was overweight, balding, and always looked as if he never washed.
'What's going on Bob', I asked him calmly, his tongue was constantly licking his lips, I was picking up on the littlest of his nuances, his eyes were focusing on my breasts, which I have to admit were more fleshy as my housecoat was open, 'Bob what the fuck are you thinking', I asked him forcibly, 'You're beginning to worry me', and I rose not realizing my nipples were now on view, and Bob was getting up also.
'I came across to Fuck you Mariel, I want to fuck you', I backed away, 'Bob just go and we will forget you just said that', but Bob had slid his zipper on his boiler suit all the way down, he was naked under it, so his penis was sticking out, and he took hold of it and started to stroke it, 'Take those off girl', he ordered me, 'and get your ass over there', he was indicating one of the washing machines, he wanted to fuck me where my mind was a few minutes ago, difference was this was real, and his cock was big, 'This is **** Bob, just think about it', he laughed as if he was unconcerned, I remained focused on his cock, perhaps he would prematurely cum and save me the ordeal, but he put paid to that fantasy, 'I have been watching you for months and wondering what it would be like to be inside you, fucking your tight pussy, hearing you moan for more, saying my name', he stroked furiously as I watched him.
My mind was numbed, five minutes ago I was naked and masturbating on the very floor, now I was confronted by a desperate janitor, cock in hand, ready to fuck me, Bob then spoke, 'It's not **** when you beg for it, is it', he was asking me this question, did he think because he took his cock out I would automatically beg him to fuck me, 'You fucking crazy Bob', my eyes flashing behind him at the exit door, Bob saw me looking, 'If you go, I will show the tape', I froze, suddenly realizing what he meant, the fucking CCTV camera here in the launderette, installed just last month, I had forgotten, the flyer was pushed into my mailbox, by the very man waving his cock at me, he saw the penny had dropped, as my jaw had dropped on the realization my masturbation had been taped, Bob had watched me commit a very public act of indecency, and run all the way over before I got out, he wanted to get in while I was still warm, wet and very open, he had me, I was powerless and the realization I would have to be his bitch made my stomach turn, 'Bob please, if someone walks in', I was desperate, but Bob smiled, 'I have the launderette registrar, it's only you for the next few hours', I looked around helplessly, and took my housecoat off and dropped it onto the wooden bench where we had just been sitting, Bob slid his shoulder from his boiler suit and let it slide down his body to his feet, 'OMG', I thought, 'he is going to fuck me naked', and as if we were two lovers getting ready for a mad passionate sex session, I reached down and pulled my nightdress up and over my head, letting it drop, as I faced him, both of us naked, a man in his mid fifties, old and fat, and a girl in her twenties, in her prime, I walked to the machine Bob had indicated, catching my reflection in the mirror, 'I dont have a coin Bob', I said it quietly and reserved, Bob did and flicked it to me, it dropped onto the floor and I ungraciously bent to pick it up, showing Bob my wet and swollen womanhood, still fresh from my self-abusement, 'This one', I pointed to the last machine, and he nodded, I dropped the coin into the slot and turned the dial to final spin, this always gave the fastest revolutions, and most vibrations, it dropped into the coin box and immediately started to spin, I raised one leg and lay across the corner, my pubic bone on the corner edge, Bob moved against me and slid into me with consummate ease, the machine kicked in and the vibrations pulsed through my open groin, my clitoris moving at thousands of vibrations per minute, Bobs cock was fully inside me, he was letting the machine oscillate my cunt wrapped around his cock, before he started to move in and out, they felt good, I felt ashamed it felt so good, 'Fuck me Bob', I whispered, just as he had suggested, 'That's it Bob, give it to me, Fuck it Bob', I cried louder, this time I meant it and I squeezed him to show I was on-board, even his finger entering my normally tight anus, showed him Mariel could be anyone's bitch.
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2 years ago
Very hot, i would help you with you laundry any day.
2 years ago
if the opportunity ever arose, i wouldn't pass it up
2 years ago
That lucky old pervert! I want to enter u mariel
2 years ago
as usual another outstanding story
2 years ago
just love it when you dont seem to want it and then really get into the fucking when your body takes over, very hot and naughty
2 years ago
wow! i would've rather walk in on you as you're naked masturbating and enjoy the show of you cumming