Another bus wank, with a difference.

I am a girl who is a sucker for a hard cock, perhaps I am wired slightly different from most women, but like my male counterparts, I see sex in every situation, the weirder, the more appealing it is, and the more excited I become, I invite men to grope and feel me, reveling in their hands exploring my scantily clad body, letting them almost **** me in public, and having quiet and powerful orgasms, standing or sitting, on packed commuter buses and trains.
Today was different though, I turned the tables, and wanked a guy, as his wife, girlfriend, whatever, sat blissfully unawares her man's cock was being caressed by another girls soft slender fingers, and his warm semen was ejaculated onto her bare bum, through my open zipper, conveniently altered for such an indecent act.

Females have fantasies when masturbating, those like me have multiple males vying for our pussies, not that double or triple penetration, is the main theme, no its the expectation that so many wait their turn to be pleasured, standing slowly stroking, watching as one man is having full unprotected penetrative sex, and I am moaning, hot and squirming with absolute pleasure, he watches knowing that soon he will be making me beg for him to fuck me hard, calling me a slut, threatening to stick my bum, abusive and controllable, making the bitch know she has been fucked, making my walk look as if my pussy has been beaten to pulp, now that's what I call a fuck, for me sex is about dominance, and whether I am bruised internally by a long cock or spanked externally, a girl should always know for days afterwards, she was taken to hell or heaven and back.

So here today I stand on a fully packed commuter bus, it's 07:35 and heading to the city, the same bus is always packed, and the same men always crush against me, my body is sensitive to men touching, I feel the slight increase in pressure, but standing in my preferred position, holding on to a pole and hanging strap, allows the gropers the freedom to feel, and trace my panties elastic into my crotch, or press their exposed cocks between my bum cheeks, trust me guys, you really can feel a girls bum cheeks contract, when you push into her, and I can walk with a heavy screwdriver inserted, with letting it fall, ask your wives or girlfriends to do it, walk up and down the room supporting an object between their bum cheeks and see if you dont get excited.

As it was mid February, and early morning, most people on the bus were still tired, it was cold and dark, and whether you care to admit or not, sex hung in the air, men had their customary 'Morning Woodies', and us girls, were wet, mornings always makes us wet, perhaps its because all our morning activity centers on us needing to pee, focuses on our pussies, or feeling our mans woody pushing up against us and he releasing too quickly, so we leave horny and wet, and enjoy the men who never woke up with the later, just the woody, and a nice willing bum to brush against, on the commuter ride to work.
I watched them as some people got off the buss, she was touching his crotch and he was affectionately kissing her neck, and as they got onto the bus, he brushed past me, his bulge was embarrassingly obvious, and as they went further up the bus, some people made way for her and soon she was seated and he was left a few seats in front of her, standing, that's when I made my move, I just walked after him and stood in front of him, forcing him back up against the emergency door, and soon we were all jammed in as per normal, only this time I was pushing harder with my bum, not that anyone could see, as people closed their eyes or looked ahead.
I was horny that morning, and feeling his bulge pressing against my bum, sent my mind racing, and one thing about a horny girl is their lack of perception, they are mostly unawares they are so horny, people around can see she is in heat, only see does not, we are uneducated in the subtleties of public horniness, men are discrete, they do it every day, whereas women are are only in the mood the week before our periods, and even then, too scared to express ourselves, so when we do, we are awkward in our approach.
So I had him cornered, I felt confident, she was smallish and fat, I was slimmer, taller and more shapely, she was sitting and out of sight, I was purposely pressing my bum into his crotch, and here is where the fun is, he is not going to call out, or push me off, none would believe him, so I pressed a little harder, and aided by the bus movement, felt his bulge move across one buttock onto the next and back again, now he suspected I would know he was hard, it was so obvious, and still I ignored, his push into me, told me he had acknowledged our contact, so I looked at my watch we had 40 minutes ahead of us, well I know I did, so I had no time to waste, he was really and very predominantly hard against me, so I slipped my hand down and back, between his cock and my bum, now he was pressing against my hand and his outline was more obvious to my experienced hand, I closed my fingers around him, and squeezed him gently at first, then more forcibly as the minutes passed.
I had stolen him from her, she sat elsewhere while I manipulated his cock, this cock was my sole property to play with and abuse, the memory of what I was doing to him, would be the ammunition I needed to relieve myself in the bathroom, I wanted the evidence to touch, to smell, and taste, I wanted his semen, so I slid his zipper down and reached in for my prize, he had not cum yet, he was a big guy and as hard as a rock, circumcised and thick, so I felt my own zipper descend, until it could open no more, a good two inches below my bum, I was open and exposed, my full bum on show, but none could see that, only he pressing into it, now his cock was in between my thighs, pressing hard up into my pussy and clitoris, I held him in there as the bus rocked him to cum, we fucked publicly, my fingers manipulating his cock head as it jutted out front, I pulled it up against my clitoris, as I squeezed it with my naked thigh tops and wetted him with my internal lubrication along his shaft, he was cumming as his own girlfriend rose from her seat, I held him until the last moment, then he tucked himself in and moved out from behind me, stopped and looked my straight in the face, 'Thank you', I said quietly, as I backed against the door, my bare bum exposed to the people in the street as we sped past.
Reaching behind I pulled my zipper back up and settled down for the remainder of the journey to town, I had taken him at leisure, it was so easy, and the sperm running down my inner thigh was enough for my purposes, I would be at work within ten minutes and in the bathroom by fifteen, I could not wait my mouth watered at the thought, I squeezed my thighs and looked at the guy next to me.
97% (15/1)
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2 years ago
Something about your commuter stories is just so wrong... I can't get a grasp on it. But judging from the boner each and everyone gifted me with it doesn't matter anyway!

2 years ago
Great story, gave me a hard-on thinking about it.
2 years ago
The thought of this happening got me really hard. Just the kind of story i like
2 years ago
wet and stcky dream of every cummmm thruth...U R, MarieL
2 years ago
do this with me when my wife look at us and see nothing, so hot story
2 years ago
dam baby,here i am the bus driver and never get any action...have fun baby
2 years ago
what bus do u ride mariel? i think im gonna have to take that one to work next time
2 years ago
You never fail to please! Uh....what bus do you take? ;)
2 years ago
That was fantastic, loved it. Which that guy was me!

2 years ago
so perfect sweet and naughty such a turn on, love reading your stories always get me turned on and wanking