Two Bi girls and the old man over the flower pot

I often wonder if people realize the importance of the changes during having intercourse, can do to people.
When a man enters me, puts his cock inside me, we become one entity, physically connected together and feeling the most incredible waves of pleasure, our bodies take over, our brains switch off for that brief interlude, where both of us become one world, both aiming for the same thing, and that is to finish what has started.


As a student in Newcastle, England, I went to a party at some blokes home. It had all started as a night down the local boozers and I had d***k too much, when one of my co-student girlfriends mentioned that some rich guy was throwing a party, and was keen to know if I was coming.
As it turned out he was wealthy, and his fun was picking-up younger girls for casual sex, more variety, and a broader spectrum of female perversions, you see, his theory was, every girl wanted to fuck when they went out, and every girl had her own way of doing it, so by picking girls at random, he had a variety of ready made perversions, to enjoy, once they got warmed-up, and buying them booze, getting them d***k, isolating them from their friends, and showing them porn, they sucked his cock differently, they shagged his cock differently, they even made different noises as they fucked, and even came differently, of course he recorded everything, he could afford to, and if these girls ever made it in life, well he had something on them they would be scared to admit to, such power in the hands of a pervert.
How do I know, well as we drank champagne, he told me, not the recording bit, but the fucking bit, which made me laugh, because he was repulsive, and clingy, but he had what we girls call loads of dosh, was easy to tease, and by keeping my short skirt riding mid-thigh, I had him gagging to shove his cock where the sun dont shine.
'This guy is about to jump your bones', a friendly reminder from my friend, was whispered into my ear, I really was egging him on, it was the immediate effect of the champagne on top of the other alcohol I had consumed on an empty stomach, I did not have a care in the world, and the fact I was scantily dressed made me feel sexy and desired, and at that point I was seemingly unaware he was playing with the edge of the elastic of my knickers, something my girlfriend had seen, hence the whispering into my ear, so I playfully slapped his bulge in his pants, rose and made my way to what I thought was they exit door, I needed fresh air, and when I went through it, I was in some concrete hallway, lite by a few tubes and a huge concrete flower pot with a palm tree in it, plastic I think.
I suddenly found myself feeling faint and sickly, so I lent over the pot and tried to be sick, but instead of achieving that, I needed to pee, 'Fuck it' I thought and sat on the edge with my panties at my ankles I let a hot stream of piss wash the plastic bark, I even remember farting, 'Nice one', he had followed me through and was watching my non lady-like endeavors, which seemed to be a big turn-on for him, because in the next moment we were kissing as I sat and pissed and farted(Terrible what an empty stomach does to a girl), then I was up, turned, and bent across, with my panties still warming my ankles, and right up inside me, my piss still running off his ball sack, yes I pissed as he started fucking, something I thought impossible to do, but I was enjoying the experience once he was inside me.
I held my legs straight, I instinctively knew that looked sexy, from all my porn viewing, I looked down and saw my tiny panties being soiled on the dirty floor, girls have this strange attachment to their knickers, on and off, however, smelling my own urine and anal air, gave everything a dirtiness that appealed to me, I was being fucked in a dirty environment and working up to a god almighty orgasm, when my friends voice got louder and louder, it was all hazy then it started to come into focus.
We recalled all of this later and she told it thus, 'I watched you stagger to the door and go through, then I saw him follow you minutes later, so I panicked, thinking **** or something down that line so I went after you. I went through and the first thing I saw was his bare ass pumping like crazy, his pants at his ankles, he was fucking you, and as I moved into a better viewing position, I saw you bent over that pot, you were almost naked, your skirt gathered around your waist, your panties on the floor, and your top pushed up, he was grabbing your tits, twisting your nipples, it looked very painful, but you did not seem to care, you were dribbling and cursing, saying in Swedish, 'Knulla mig, Knulla mig', then something else, I think you shouted you were cumming, but I looked at him and he was staring at the ceiling, eyes closed tightly, hanging onto your tits and banging you like a guy having a drink just out of the dessert, you were like a couple of farmyard a****ls going at it, so I reached in and tried to pull him out, we laughed like crazy, as she recalled her actions, I had his cock and could feel you grinding down on him, you were fucking him, so you were cumming and when you realized what I was interfering with you screamed for me to fuck off.'
What happened then I asked her, 'He seemed to waken up, to catch me reaching in and holding his cock as you both fucked.'
This is where the compulsiveness of sex kicks in, my friend was suddenly part of two peoples personal act of lovemaking, she was roped-in and was enjoying the power, holding his cock inside me had a fascination for her, she did not want to let go, it was a primeval urge for her, so she held on, feeling both our sex organs grind into each other, as I ground onto him I was in fact grinding down on her hand holding his cock, she felt my soft inner vagina and its wetness, that in turn stimulated hers, she smiled at the recollection, 'I started to wank him off inside you', she giggled, 'Then he realized all that was happening he started to give me the grope, he was pulling my tits out of my brassiere, pulling my nipples along with yours, then he ordered me to get ready to be fucked and his hand was in my knickers, then you came.'
'Was I loud', I asked her laughing, 'I should say you were, I honestly thought someone was going to come through the door and catch us doing it', she recalled, 'anyway', she continued, 'he slipped from you with me still holding him and went right into me, so you stood trying to pull on your underwear, staring at him and I having a fuck, I got his load and you got to cum, I never did you cow', and at that we can see just how infectious sex is, you see it and you want some.

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2 years ago
truth, MarieL, and that's te best part of it...sweet surrender 2 melting hot passion of fucking and forgeting about everything that moment...
2 years ago
Personally speaking it is natures calling, once your doing it you only want to finish, and the guy inside you no longer matters, old, young, ugly, handsome, stranger, family, a good fuck is hard to stop, remember that guys when you meet me, I dont scream
2 years ago
Sometimes you just can't stop. It is part of the attraction. It is in all of us. And helps if a good friend is giving a helping hand.
2 years ago
such a lucky guy fucking you and your friends would love to hove my cock deep inside you as we both cum
2 years ago
that lucky old fat fuck! i want to bury my seed inside u mariel!