The ramblings of a girl losing her virginity

I tippy-toed down the long hallway, in my knickers and a small top, my breast's fleshy bulbous curvature, which were exposed under the thin hemline, jiggled and bounced, threatening to expose my nipples, which thanks to the cool interior of this old castle, were so erect, like twin hard rubbery peaks, each step causing the breast to dip under the flimsy cotton hem and rise high, on the nipple before slipping off to repeat the process.
I was s*******n, and a mixture of athleticism and grace, a prima ballerina gracefully floating across the old wooden flooring, like a ghost, my long blond hair and lithe figure, contrasting markedly against the rough hewn flooring and wooden paneling, cold hardness, versus my warmth and soft tissue and flesh, perfumed and inviting, I felt an intoxicating desire to lay on the hard flooring, and surrender to the sexual rising in my deepest recesses, I knew I was being espied upon and that my vision was being used for his own release, that excited me and made me wanton and needy, my nipples hardened more and my loins moistened in my desirous thoughts, if he attacked now, I would surrender quietly and bury my face, with my shame, on the rough hewn flooring, to be seeded thus, I stepped further into the darkness and further from safety, he would follow, I needed him to follow, I wanted him to follow.
Like most girls growing-up, the surrender of ones virginity, is always a romantic ideal, for most in reality, it's a brutal encounter, with a high percentage of unpleasantness, but for the few, that night was a mixture of dreamlike fantasy and perfect timing, I was scantily dressed, the teasingly stride I adopted, my longish and toned legs adorned with the merest of cotton panties, hi-cut sitting atop my hips, dipping down front and nestling low upon my pubic bone, shorn of any signs of puberty, the hint of a line within the folds of my womanhood, converging tightly and emerging as a single strand, between firm buttocks, not to be seen until the merging of the waist band, my taut muscular buttocks moving unclad, free to express the feminine rippling of our stride, offering a tantalizing temptation, or at the very least making one aware, that there was a back, as well as a front to enjoy.
The corridor was illuminated with glowing candles, those phallic shaped bastions of dull light and warmth, the erotic temperature in heat and color, added to their basic shape, providing young girls with their first true lover, an ancient taker of submissive virgins, unlit in a moment of rising heat, then lit in a cooling passion, to warm with heat and bathe in a glow.
The door at the end loomed closer and larger, to cry out within would be pointless, its heaviness and thickness, absorbed the drowned pleas of virgins past, my pent-up expectations of being seeded at the right moment, taken over the top in an explosive fulfillment of emotions, physical connection and seeding, shall be absorbed within the silence I shall not break, even the sound of my hymen being cast aside forever, will not disturb those sl**ping nearby.
The handle is cold and hard, made of iron, I turn it and wait a moment, I stand transfixed my burning image to arouse him behind awaiting his moment, he looks at my virgin form, his pleasure awaits, the time has come, I push the heavy door and step in as a girl, shortly I will re-emerge a woman, this excites me more.
The room is cold and dark, the deflowering will be in anonymity, I am shaking like a leaf on a branch on a windy night, I step forward and leave the door ajar, from behind my form melts into the darkness, I am in, I am ready, he sees that, and moves after me, the air is heavy with my perfume, a mixture of my body odors and scent, his nostrils flare with my signals, the air is warming with my heat, I hear the door closing with the air movement, a silent click on the latch, I feel his heat, I hear his step as he moves behind me, his manhood brushes across my buttocks, ever so lightly, our first contact, his intimate flesh, my first feeling of man, I twitch and tremor, my intimate parts tighten instinctively, I am excited at his closeness, it touches again, this time it remains, it makes a slight indentation in my flesh as it pushes against it, I feel its wetness from its tip, my lips are dry, I draw my tongue across them, my lips are wet, I open my legs more, he slides between them, and moves in and out slowly, the thin cotton band between my wet lips is saturated, he glides smoothly as I close my thighs around him, we both gasp for our own selfish reasons, I for his size and warm firmness, he for the firmness my thighs hold him in place.
We hump slowly, my wetted lips sitting snugly atop his firm flesh, he has parted them, I squeeze tighter as he pushes forward, his penis rises and brushes against my clitoris, releasing more wetness, I gasp and my knees buckle, but his rough hands are cupping my breasts and he supports me that way, and as I gather strength in my loins, he tears a sharp pain through my chest as he roughly twists and pulls my nipples, this pleasures him but pains me, I raise my hands high onto my head and clasp my fingers together, he is free to continue, and I feel the roughness of hair grinding into my softening buttocks, I look down and see him as my eyes grow accustomed to the darkness, he moves freely between my thighs, and as his hair grinds in, his manhood juts out in front, moistened and greased by my fluids,
His hand leaves my swollen nipple and follows the curvature of my waist, sliding across my soft smooth flesh, resting on the anomaly of cotton and elastic, he grips and tears it from my body, pulling fabric and sensitive flesh as one, the band breaks but the crotch is intact, he pulls violently again and my crotch burns as cotton finally gives way tearing harshly against my womanhood so swollen and unavoidable, the shock and pain is indescribable, as I am laid bare, open and vulnerable.
Still I clasp behind my head, and he brings his knees into the back of mine, my legs buckle and I fall in a controlled manner to my knees and kneel silently on the rough boarding, I am naked accept for my top, high above my breasts, he is breathing harder, his smell is stronger, he is pushing through my hair I feel him brush my ear, my cheek, he turns my head, and his cock brushes my lips, this time they are dry, I kiss his length tenderly as he moves between my lips, my tongue wetted with saliva, traces his length, my mouth opening with a warm invitation to enter, he turns my head more and his bulbous end goes in, brushes my inner cheek, and continues until he is fully inserted and I gag, in an involuntary reaction.
He turns a little to make penetration easier, then all the way around, I now face him as he f***es himself deeper into my vocal opening, gripping my hair in a vice like hold, the pleasure he feels being in there is evident as he swells more, I time my breathing in order not to gag, his hair, once ground on my yielding buttocks, now grind harder against my face, his sexual smell right in under my nose, his obvious uncleanliness filling my olfactory senses, the **** of my throat smothered by his odors.
If my tonsils were the hymen of my mouth, then he bruised them repeatedly, and once lusted, I was twisted to the flooring, my buttocks high my hymen readied, it was now, I was ready, and reached behind ensuring an undisturbed entry and journey into my womanhood, I pealed my petals apart and held them open as far as I could, my act of total surrender was met with a brutal and powerful surge forward, reminiscent of ramparts battered with battering rams, he pushed and stopped hard against my innermost parts, bruising the most feminine of the reproductive, virgin no more, mission complete, his bruised markings covered in the seed of life, gathering in a pool against my uterus, I remained thus so, s*******n and deflowered, my buttocks held high as he departed, leaving me thus for ten minutes, while his seed fertilized my first cumming, today at nineteen I think back to that brutal encounter, them smile down at my beautiful daughter, father unknown, but I chose my loss and my gain, it hurt, but then good sex does.

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2 years ago
I never tire of reading your stories! they are so very erotic!! and soooo well written. I luv them!!
2 years ago
i can never tire of reading about ur amazing adventures of lust
2 years ago
love reading your stories in the morning always gets me worked up, very hot and horny loved it
2 years ago
2 years ago
wonderful story
2 years ago
wow! great story
2 years ago