Live beach account as it happens

I am sitting here on Ågesta nude beach, just outside Stockholm, and it's just past midday on Friday July 9th.
I am naked, like most, except I am recounting life around me as it goes slowly by typing on my new laptop as I see it.
It is sunny but cloudy and nice to note that there are plenty of nice fat sausage looking cocks swinging around, and my lips are aching to sample one of them.
My naughty niece is with me, lying completly starkers, legs apart and also adding to the attraction of the 'Swinging Willie Brigade', some of whom have passed us by a few times, blatently staring at our juicy cunts.
We are sitting back from the shoreline a little secluded but thats the idea, 'flash and be flashed', God there is a beauty, even my niece is staring, we both laugh, yes that is one for both girls, and we call out and he waves back.
My niece has an all-over tan, no knicker or bra lines, just almond colouring and shaved like a little girl, what am I saying she is a little girl, but with her aunties sex drive.
I am back writting after the fact, a few hours has gone and we have been chatting to two guys, with me being mommy and my niece now assumed as my daughter, kind off adds a little kinkiness to the gentlemen staring at us, our breasts and vaginas, are pumping them up, not to mention my nieces blatent regards to their penises' semi-hardness, with the older gentlemans cock leaking pre-cum onto the sand.
I have a scratchable itch between my legs and it's driving me wild. I suggested my niece to go for swim and take both of them with her, which thankfully she has, so I have scratched and back recanting to you the events happening in the water in front of me.
She certainly is enjoying herself, indeed the whole scene around me is one of f****y joy and couples experimenting in public sex, not to mention the p*******es ogling the k**s, which I am sure there are a few around us.
I have been watching one lone guy off to my left. He has conveniently berthed down in front of a group of teenege girls, all lying in a convenient row, just like a conveyour belt of young pussies and baby titties, the next generation of prime fuckable comodities, for the aging men of this generation.
He obviously has a cam of sorts in a bag, with a hole cut out for the lens, and has it trained on the group as he fumbles in it adjusting the zoom no doubt.
He is naked too, but unfortunately he is on his stomoch, probably drilling a hole in the sand, debauching the beauties in front, one by one.
My niece is sandwiched between our guests and no surprise the older guy is up her back, what is it about old men and young girls asses, lol, knowing my niece now, she is probably holding him firmly between her ass cheeks.
It has just gone past 16:35 and our two men friends have left us with a promise to meet us tonight, which we of course will not keep.
The girls in front have also departed and we have now got the camera on us, well my niece has, as the gentleman has shifted over, due to my nieces willingness to let him look up her cunt, from 3 meters away, off course we are playing the 'I did not see him there, routine' so he is free to enjoy us.
I walked past him and asked for the time, kicking sand into the bag and yes he was filming, time told, I then suggested he wank himself and leave before I called the police, as I know what he had been doing all day.
I did this by deliberatly squatting in front of the lens a full screen view of my pussy, as he recorded my voice, I then dropped my finger down and simulated a female masturbatory action, slowly and deliberately, encouraging him to do it while he had time, smiled and walked off to swim in the water.
He was alone and yes true to my word, he started relieving himself, looking down at me and back to my niece, who was aslo enjoying his efforts.
Although I was out of earshot and could not hear them, they were talking, and he got up, I assumped for him to leave, but no he was heavy in the cock and walked swaying to my niece, lying there in readiness for him.
I held my breath for a few seconds as he dropped down beside her, moved in between her legs and lay down, with her drawing her legs across his back.
They humped in that position a few minutes then he rose and shook his cock onto her, turned, walked back to his bag, camera, and towel, picked them up and waved to me, staring from my waterline at what had just happened.
Later my niece just said she thought it such a waste of a fuck when she was horny, so in effect they both did each other a favour, her only problem was she was not on the pill and he put everything in her.
'But I saw him shake it over you, when he stood up', yes she said but that was not him cumming, he pissed on me, she said sheepishly, and he was filming all the time from his little bag with the hole in it.
So there you are xHamster men, a day in the life of two perverts amongst all the other perverts on a nude beach outside Stockholm.
Thats why I am posting this rediculus but incredable daily sexual account between young and old men with ot without viagra.
88% (15/2)
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4 years ago
Nice story
4 years ago
Nice story
4 years ago
Yes Petdyke a video has popped up and from the man himself, edited of course, due to size constraints in emails, but a promise of the account on DVD if I collect it myself
4 years ago
Lovely eye-witness report of Mariel ;)P
Sooner or later the video might pop up in the net somewhere, or don't you think so?
4 years ago
wow i really need to travel more haha thats the kind of stuff that only happens in countries that arent the uptight U.S. great story!
4 years ago
awh i love it. you wil have to get ur niece on this so we can hear from her she sounds rly nice xxxxx
4 years ago
love it ,love it
4 years ago
Another in the long line of really good tales.Thank you.xx
4 years ago
nice little story and would of licked her pussy clean afterwards