Angela's Dairy, the night outside MacDonalds

My cousin Angela, came for the summer to holiday with us, she lived in the rural countryside, and our mothers thought it best we should 'Team-up', as Angela was now in her mid-teens, and somewhat underdeveloped, both physically and mentally, I mean she was no retard, just lacked contact with boys, whereas her city bound cousin, me, was developing fast.
'What the fuck am I supposed to do with her', I asked my mother, 'It's summer, and I dont want to babysit a fucking retard'.
My mother got angry with me because of my selfish attitude, explaining she did not need babysitting, just introductions to young men, to develop her mind with being with men, give her confidence, besides, she's no fucking retard, she would put me to shame with her schooling'.
When I met her I was shocked at how she looked, she was flat, no tits, no waist, and a bit on the thin side, 'Think p**o', mum whispered into my ear, her idea that type of man would shag her, without bating an eyelid.
So p**o it was, but that gave me concerns, those fuckers shagged anything, and I would have to be within the vicinity as they fucked her, I mean, what self-respecting female relative would let her cousin be taken by a b**st, without offering to be close enough to guide him into her snatch, which by my judgment, I would need to be, she looked like she would need all the help I could give her.
We were alone in my room when I asked her the pertinent question, 'What's happened Angela, you look like your fucking twelve'. Her face dropped, 'My hormone levels are stuck, I'm not into puberty yet', and she trailed off, I put a comforting arm around her shoulder, 'Dont worry, a good shag and we will kick start your fucking hormones', that brought the hint of a smile to her drawn baby face, 'You've got the looks girl', I continued, thinking I had hit the right note, now let's get you some tits'.
Once the initial niceties were over, we appeared to have a better understanding of each other, she was a virgin, and I was a slut, willing to be open with her and see if I could get some guys penises into her knickers, before she won, 'The Waif of the Year award'.
Our trick strategy, Moms and mine, was for her to work alongside me at the 'Golden Arches', the home of the burger perverts, after all, we had our fair share of hungry horny guys, driving through with their customary 'Hard-on's and naked from the waist down, I mean if a guys does that, then he must be in the mood to slip one up a willing wet cunt.
I was a personal favorite of the manager since I started back their three years previously, a few hand jobs, a couple of swallows, and a bum ride, secured my status as head girl (No pun intended), alas, he liked his girls to look like women, he liked to hang onto your tits as he fucked from behind, and if I inserted Angela between him and the counter top where he fucked his bitches, he would simply fall off, she was flat and had nothing for him to hang onto.
In a way I felt happy about that, I would tear the first bitch apart who tried to muscle in on my piece of cock on the side, even his wife, should I catch her bare ass on my favorite counter top.
I could hear the orders given through the intercom, and his voice was unmistakable, Angela was taken them with ease, she really was bright and had come on in the last few days, but now, the very moment I had been waiting for had arrived, the customer was well known to me, we had had complaints before about him, sitting naked from the waist down, in the darkness of his truck, with the internal light off until the final moment, after cash had changed hands, he would drive up to the take-away window and conveniently switch it on, and finish his wank, giving the cashier, a show of cum, he was two cars back, and I needed Angela, who was given out the final take-a-ways, an importunity to meet her first perv, she needed to see this.
I asked Susan to take a break and took the space next to the Angela, and just in time, as he drove up to my window, with Angela gathering his order at the next window, a few meters down, 'Good evening Mr Morgan, how are you this evening', I peered into the darkness, the small light fitting we had installed to illuminate the cabin interiors was out, so I needed my eyes to adjust, so I was in no hurry to move him on, friendliness and chat was the byword for this guy, 'That you Mariel', he asked in reply, 'Yes, you having fun in there', I challenged, which was a mute point as I could clearly make him out stroking his big cock, he laughed nervously, 'You know I do cause you like it Mariel', It was coming as I wanted, 'would you like me to hand deliver your order', he was silent, suspecting a bust, 'Park in the corner of the car park, I will bring it out', and at that he sped off.
Angela looked at me, unsure as to what had happened, I called out for two changes and two co-workers took over from us, 'What's going on', asked Angela, as I carried his burger and fries, 'Follow me and dont say a word', and we both pushed outside and made for the car park.
I saw his truck over in the deserted section of the car park and made for it, 'You ever jack a guy off', Angela looked at me in disbelief, I pushed the order into her arms, 'Get in with him and wank him off', I growled to her, and give her her dues, she continued walking at the same pace as I did, and went around to the passenger door and got in without question.
I stood at the drivers window, which was up, he was studying my cousin as she climbed into the cab beside him, he only turned when I opened the drivers door, then he realized it was Angela in with him and me on the outside.
'Meet my young cousin', I said to him, as my hand reached in and took hold of his hard-on and started to stroke him slowly but deliberately, good firm strokes, explaining to my cousin my reasons for applying this method.
'Here', I ordered her to take over and watched as she did so, licking her dry lips as she suddenly found her forte, a good cock to play with.
What's your name', she asked him girlishly, 'Peter' he grunted, suddenly realizing she looked so u******e and yet reassuring, 'Does this feel good Peter', she asked him, and I noted she was really getting into the cock thing, she was smiling broadly, and stoking him with the smoothness of a well oiled engine.
'How old are you', he asked, I could not resist, as if wanting to see what his reaction would be to u******e sex, 'She is twelve Peter, a twelve your old nympho', I felt my own juices start to flow, this fucking lark had triggered me, but I was interrupted by Angela, 'Not yet twelve Peter, I'm eleven, and I'm still a virgin', she was almost naked as she spoke, she was going for a fuck, this was her moment and she was grasping it with both hands, like his big cock, a two handed job, 'Mariel keep watch', she added as she mounted him, her slim frame sliding easily between him and the steering wheel, I watched, somewhat mesmerized as his fat cock slowly inched it's way deeper and deeper inside her, she groaned, he groaned, now I did not exist, they were as one being, connected by his large cock, she say astride him, holding him by his ears, her nose tip touching his nose top, her lips touching his, like the proverbial duck, all calm on surface, but her hip resembled the underside of the duck paddling furiously, her hips were revolving and grinding, with the slightest hint of an up-an-down movement, she was holding him deep inside her, and grinding her orgasms in spasmodic gyrational movements.
As she came I saw her small petite nose gradually slide down the side of his, her face turn slightly as her mouth opened and slid into full contact, her tongue now dancing merrily inside his mouth she cummed so hard, the fucking truck bounced on the tarmac.
They lay exhausted locked in a generational embrace, well I should say, almost two generational embrace, she a teen and he in his fifties, but eventually, with the aid of a crowbar I inched them apart, and finally disassembled his cock from her cunt, 'Quick Angela, we need to go', they had been fucking for ten minutes and we had been gone almost twenty, but that was not my reason, it was his cum, I needed her to flush it out, so once in the bathroom I handed her an old fashioned coke bottle, with coke in it and an extra splash of CO2, 'Stick this up as far as it will go and shake it', which she did without question, as the coke fizzled and popped, filling her cunt with carbonated coke, flushing out his cum, I left her with it stuck in, she was laughing, 'That's CO2', I said, 'Not fucking N2O', she laughed again and kicked the door closed, I left her with it, thinking, 'I bet she cums again, I know I did'.

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2 years ago
Ur such a bad influence mariel I love it!
2 years ago
you really do have the most amazing friends and family, all hot horny and up for some naughty fun and a good fuck, such a turn on love it
2 years ago
very very horny indeed,plse more
2 years ago
so nice & so horney