The night my Niece became a woman

The females in our extended f****y are very strong minded. We all bear a resemblance to each other, and more importantly, our feminine attributes, looks and body, are very similar.
My niece, a budding young woman in her teens, is a prime example, she is very beautiful and has a marvelous body, for girl in the flush of youth.
She is attracted towards me, because she knows a bit about my history, and my attitude towards sex and men.
She knew I entertained men outside my marriage and thought it cool, her auntie 'Fucked around', whilst maintaining my marriage.
Either way she does stay over from time to time and I bring her into our conversations and encourage her to relax around older men, who are thinking about her in a sexual manner.
My girlfriend came over once with her older gentleman friend, a work aquaintance, who has the hots for her, and was disapointed when she found the spare bed had been taken by my niece.
As the night progressed and we all got pissed, she sat there wide-eyed as his hands were wandering openly groping both myself and my friend.
The next day I explained we were d***k and just letting off steam, either way I never mentioned to her that I saw her indecently exposing herself to him, by opening her legs and not wearing her knickers.
Of course my friend was ignorant of this little show and both he and my niece were ignorant that I had seen her do it and he respond.
So when I received an email from him asking if he could visit if he brought my friend along I responded by telling him my niece was staying over, and as far as I knew, my friend was visiting and staying with her in-laws, and probably would not be available this weekend.
Of course their extra-marital liason was common knowledge to us and only us, and to top that we ourselves had had a little touchy feely liason during a very d***k night a few months back, when they stayed over and we bumped into each other during a toilet visit, in which he walked in on me sitting naked on the bowl having a pee, and he sporting a beautiful erection, sticking out of his underpants in full view of my hooded eyes.
I sat there admiring this monster, that was bobbing up and down, begging to be touched, and thus I did, finally reaching up and taking him in my hand.
At this take-up he pushed forward until his cock and balls were in my face and I, in my salubrious state, just rested my forehead on his hairy tummy, playfully biting his shaft with my teeth, as he slipped his hand down onto my naked breasts, cupping one and tweaking the nipple, causing me to relax my bite and let him slip into my mouth and shoot his wad down my throat.
So with this history of deceit amongst all of us, he assumed that both myself and my girlfriend were his for the taking, now he was aspiring to include my young niece into his listing of female conquests, all that was required was my consent, so I gave it and suggested he not try too hard.
When he arrived that night I warned him again to go easy or I would throw him out, promising if she indicated to me she wanted it I would turn a blind eye, make some excuse and leave them alone.
I was younger than she when I surrendered my virginity, so as far as I was concerned, she was old enough to know her own mind and when to slid on the cock.
She had arrived earlier that afternoon and I told her he was coming over on his own, and added, I thought he had taken a shine to her and was very excited when I told him she was going to be staying over.
'I know you like him', I said to her, and that his age should not be a barrier if she wanted to have sex with him. I watched her face intently as I said this and saw her brighten-up when I mentioned sex.
'Do you think I should?' she asked my inquiringly, but I guess my answer would have no bearing as she was exhibiting all the signs of a girl with an itchy pussy.
'I will leave that up to you to decide, but all I can say, is he does have a very big cock, and you wont be dissapointed if he puts it in you.'
Her face flushed crimson, then she laughed, 'How do you know that?' she enquired, 'Because I sucked him off the last time he was here, so mums the word', and at that confession, she promised to keep quiet and yes she wanted to fuck.
When we were all together he made excuses for the absence of my friend, which I already knew, and simply stated, 'Why apologise, when you have two hot women here', thus immediately breaking the ice and handing out wine, including my niece, as I think she was going to need a few glasses, before the action began.
Reaching for my camera I insisted on her sitting on his lap for a few photos, in that position she would feel his erection through her short cotton dress, and he would have the opertunity to feel her in thigh-high sheer black stockings, which I insisted she wear, to excite him and herself, well I know it does I, when I wear them.
Her inexperience showed through her clumsiness and awkwardness around him and when perched on his lap I could see her adjust herself as I assumed his erection was finding a nestling point between her pert buttocks.
His hand was on her hip and she reached behind his head and d****d her arm around his neck, having jiggled her bottom around and worked him home, his other hand was on her thigh, and I clicked the camera.
'Now give him a big kiss' I suggested, and she turned to him full face and kissed him full on the mouth. She was slightly convulsing as she massaged her tiny breasts against him and he looked intently at me as I took a couple more photos.
I touched my thigh and stroked in an upward motion, nodding to him to do the same, and as I took more photos, say 'Good and thats it, keep it going' I saw through the lens he was under her skirt and on the bare thigh and buttocks.
She was visably moaning as his fingers began working inside her panties and without warning she turned and faced me, head flung back, eyes tightly closed, and her hips moving in an up and downward motion, as he openly finger-fucked her.
'More drinks' I said out loud, but they continued and as poured out anoth glass of red, he popped one of her titties into view and began suckling on it, just making her convulse even more.
I sat down on the chair beside the table, with a birds-eye view, frontseat live sex and began enjoying it, and as my thighs were begining to grind away at each other, stimulating my own sex, I was itching to have him too.
Suddenly she stood up and looked around to see that I had shifted my position, she was panting and slightly shivering, 'Do you mind if we', she never finished her sentence, in a few moves she stood there in shoes and stockings only, and we adults sat and devoured her youthful beauty, me as a woman and he as a man just about to have the fountain of youth reinjected into his old frame.
He stripped off, and I wondered if they would take it into the bedroom, but no, they were keen to do it in front of me, and I was equally greatful for the opertunity to watch.
She positioned herself atop his huge cock, her small hand gripping the shaft as the bulbous head was gently massaged between her vaginal lips and I noted her occasional dip onto it as her buttocks bore down on the cock, but she would lift up and I could see the slimy track of her copious lubrication running down his cock head and onto the shaft she gripped.
I dont know if she was teasing him or priming herself for the final plung, but he had had enough as he reached around grasping her hands together and pulled her down onto him.
As he sank deeper and deeper into her she screamed, her legs opened and relaxed then quivered uncontrollably when he was in at the deepest he could go.
She was actually climaxing she started cumming as he pushed her down onto his cock, hold her by her shoulders, refusing to let her rise of his monster, so she orgasmed with its full length impalled into her.
As she relaxed he did the same and she exploded again, take about sensitivity, this girl was begining to have an orgasm with each movement, god I was jealous.
She rolled of him from her straddling position, she had got cramp in her pussy and it was painful.
She rolled over into the fetal position and as I leant over her, soothing her and telling her to relax, he came in behind me and began feeling for an opening, he was still horny and wanting to cum, so I bent over my niece on all fours, and let him enter me doggy fashion, and in this position we fucked, me on top of my niece and he on top of me.
In less then one hour of arriving we all sat completely naked, having fucked and started to get on with the evening ahead, not to mention the night together in the same bed, now there is another story for you to hear
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2 years ago
my cock is dripping after reading your stories
4 years ago
Mariel you niece was lucky to have you there, to help her become a woman.
4 years ago
very sexy
4 years ago
wow very good
4 years ago
would love to of given both of you cream pies and eaten your pussy afterwards
4 years ago
MarieL you have it all in the family I know but I did it again you are very inviting thanks
4 years ago
Mariel, you surpass yourself. Wonderful story, please tell us more of the night's events.
4 years ago
oh my...
4 years ago
Another great story, marieL
4 years ago
4 years ago
i waited so patiently for ur next story and as usual u certainly did not disappoint that was incredible cant wait to hear what happens next!
4 years ago
As usual a very hot and well written story from the rich memory of Marie. The first time for her pretty young niece, just before her eyes adds extra spice.
Would love to read more about the rest of night with the three of you.
4 years ago
very nice marieL