Anal beach sex Mother and Daughter compared

Gran Canaries have beaches that are famous for it and recently, I found one nearer home, here in Sweden, a beach with all the attributes and vices, to rival those in warmer climes, packed with voyeurs, wankers, gang-bangers, exhibitionists, and people looking for true beach fun.
Of course it has made the headlines recently for all the reasons why girls need to be cautious, namely that men come to release their pent-up frustrations, and need women to fulfill that need, so on a quiet day, these predators will pounce on the unsuspecting, and do their dirty deed.
My teenage daughter tells me this beach is well known amongst the girls and many venture down onto it just to watch, and some get caught up in it, I explained to her that sex is a very powerful and emotive act, and for a young girl to watch men and couples masturbate and copulate, they too can be aroused and finish up being the main course, given booze and d**gs, then passed around for amusement.
Teen pregnancies were accountable due to nine girls last year, visiting the beach, during the Summer months, possible impregnated by the same men, who make this place their own, and who can blame them if there is a steady supply of girls looking for fun, from the nearby schools.
So as a concerned parent I took my daughter on a visit, I was going to see for myself, but was curious about how my daughter would react. I was unaware as to whether she was still a virgin or sexually active, in some ways I wanted to know, she seemed cool about going there with me, perhaps my lax attitude in her dealings with boyfriends and overnight stays with girlfriends, gave me an advantage over other mothers, my only stipulation was a steady supply of condoms, which I stocked up in her knicker drawer, so perhaps my curiosity as to whether she was or was not, was a mute point, either way she told me the dwindling supply was due to her supplying her friends.
I had suggested Sunday, but she retorted by suggesting Saturday afternoon, 'More action', was her curt explanation, so Saturday it was.
We drove there and she led the way to a spot she said, her friends always hung out at, and when I saw it I was impressed, a nice stretch of sand, surrounded by a steep rocky cliff face, with lots of shrubbery, 'That's where the guys 'Jack-off', she mentioned casually, as we dropped our bags and set-up our sunbathing camp, my daughter seemed so grown-up all of a sudden, what happened to the little girl who left home in the morning for school, I was seeing the woman in her bursting through, I was seeing her as an equal, strangely exciting, and strangely feeling proud of her, all rolled into one, my daughter the woman.
We were down to our bikinis when I caught sight of my first wanker, he was perched on the rock face just stroking himself, making no effort to cover the fact he was doing it, if expecting us to call him over and give us a facial.
'We have company', I informed my daughter who had her back to him, she had just reached behind her back and unhooked her top, letting it fall away to reveal her perfect breasts, she turned to where I had motioned silently, and as she did so, he started to wank himself faster, possibly stimulated by her acknowledgement of his presence, and the fact she was showing her breasts.
'Mother dear', she said calmly, 'I have counted at least seven men doing it, since we arrived', and I looked again, this time noticing more men as they came into view, they were here to be seen, and our unwitting acknowledgement of this guy, showed them we were game for more, so more came and soon we were surrounded, by naked men of all ages and shapes, all masturbating and inching towards us, 'I think we need to go', I said to my daughter, concerned this could turn into some uncontrolled gang-bang, 'Rubbish Mommy, relax and enjoy the scenery'.
I started in disbelief at her, as she rolled onto her tummy and surveyed the men closing in, she looked at me as she donned her sunglasses, 'We are the only two women on the beach today', she commented, I looked back at her, 'You suggested today, you said it was more action', she smiled, 'I know mummy, and I was telling the truth, look around you', and at that she turned onto her back and propped herself up, watching the men creep closer, stroking themselves for her viewing pleasure, and supposedly mine also, 'I still think we should go', I suggested vainly, my daughter was past caring, 'You go Mummy if you want, if not just take your top off and let the men see what I suckled on as a k**', I was dumbfounded, and to make matters worse, she started wiggling out of her bikini bottoms, and lying flat out, as if surrendering herself to the inevitable, and within minutes, the men surrounded her and I, and soon we were alone in our see of bodies, my own costume removed as man after man took his turn with me, my daughters moaning was the only noise I could hear, 'WTF' I thought, and relaxed as each man filled me, I was past caring, just enjoying the variety, this was me and she was a chip of my own block, as they say, the only strangeness of the afternoons delight was the comment one man whispered in my ear, 'Your daughters asshole was tight', and at that he pushed into me, I bit my hand, and relaxed, I was face down when he said it, so his comparison with daughters and mothers assholes, would be an interesting discussion, he was my next door neighbor, and his daughter was my daughters friend.

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1 year ago
Needs alot more detail
2 years ago
This story just made my day
2 years ago
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2 years ago
the apple never falls far from the tree
2 years ago
Gotta make my.way to that beach! Lol
2 years ago
Good story.
2 years ago
A great story about a daughter teaching her mother how to enjoy a good party.
2 years ago
got me so worked up so naughty and hot just perfect
2 years ago
2 years ago
wow fantastic