Two girls and the Glory Holes in Germany

I am not really into name dropping, but an old colleague of mine from the airline industry who hit the news last year for her antics, with open sex and an admittance to having shot a porn movie, phoned me last week and arranged a meet, our flights coinciding with a touchdown in Hahn Airport, we were coming in from from different countries, and although we did not know each other intimately, we were of similar types, that much we garnered from our initial meeting, she was dark haired, I blond, that being the only obvious difference, but stature wise, we were of similar height and body type, and openness with a healthy love of fun, the adult type, so we promised each other a night out in town, if ever our paths crossed.
I was in our hotel when she knocked on the door, holding a bottle of expensive bubbly, 'You like a drink', she said, her beautiful face alight and beaming, her pearly white teeth, so even and perfect.
I opened the door wide to let her pass, her intoxicating perfume causing my nostrils to follow here, she was sex on long hot legs, and she was intoxicating me to follow, in short if I was a man, she would give me an instant hard-on.
'No wonder 'E', you have the top flight sales every month', she turned and looked back at me as I closed the door, her large smile spoke of innocence and deep throat in one beam, 'I dont include the cost of Blow-jobs', she replied, and she laughed again, 'Glasses', she said holding the bottle aloft, 'Lets get pissed and find lots of German Sausage', I dove into the small bathroom and alighted with the toothbrush glasses from the sink, 'To eat or suck', I asked, referring to her last comment, 'Why 'M', both of course', she retorted with ease, 'One in each of my horny holes', and as she poured, I felt my own pussy start to throb, 'I am for some of that', as we clinked glasses and downed the first of many and varied drinks, we were off to Offenbach, and a theater 'E' frequented every time she visited, she was a horny girl with a big sexual apatite, 'This place has cocks coming in all the holes, you chose and suck and fuck', I laughed at her descriptive enthusiasm, 'You mean a Glory Hole', she nodded, 'I even went in wearing my shitty uniform one night, I left my carry bag in the front foyer, went in for a couple of hours, then left for the hotel, and slept like a baby'.
I was getting more surprised at her descriptive prose, she was getting hornier by the minute as she spoke, 'Look', she said, and as I looked she stuck her tongue out and touched the tip of her nose, 'Put it away, or I shall rip my panties off and f***e you up me', she laughed and downed the last of the bubbly, 'You want need your knickers tonight where I am taking you, believe me, the men are so horny the rip them off you', and she stood up and raised her light blue uniform skirt, to reveal a trimmed pussy line, with tight Labia, a perfect little girl look, balanced atop her dark stockings and garter belt, this revelation, was something that was not reported at her expose in the press, the young woman, who has a dirty craving to fuck on the scale bordering nymphomania.
Discarding our uniforms, and underwear, we both set out, somewhat tipsy from the bubbly, and giddy from expectation, an explosive mixture from girls in heat, as each of our long leggy strides took us closer to a horny line of unsuspecting German men and their long fat bratwurst's, we did not say much, our minds enveloped in what lay ahead, and how we would deal with it, as each one was thrust through the hole, one on each side of the box, each box capable of holding one female each, while the men watched porn and drank beer, their cocks were milked by girls and women with a fascination doing their own naughty thing with their man-hoods, only the never ending supply stopping us from biting them off, such was our horniness.
As we approached the theater 'E' stopped me, 'Listen 'M', one tip, try and let the men see you go into the box, that way they know what you look like, and want to cum for you', I nodded, it made sense, the thought of men cumming in rapid succession, excited me, after all this was my first glory hole experience, and at that final piece of advice, we walking into the grand entrance of this theater, and 'E' was instantly recognized by the old man who was usher, and he took us back stage and showed us the long row of doors, to the boxes, where he handed us a towel, 'You girls can return these for washing when you have had enough', he said it with a lusty leer, I looked at 'E', she caught me gaze, 'If you dont like to swallow, just spit it onto this', and at that she hurried off into the door and closed it behind her.
I took mine and started to walk to my door, when the old man had a playful smack to my bottom, I turned and smiled as I walked through the door and closed it behind me, closing the two big bolts, to ensure men could not get in with you, unless you wanted them too, but one girl was killed when she had forgot to close the door, the men got in and they tore her apart, so 'E' had said in her enthusiasm.
I stood in my stockings and bodice, I was wet and my nipples were hard and sensitive to the touch, there was not a great deal of room to turn around, I guess the reason being, they wanted the men's cocks to be able to come into contact with our flesh, and it worked as one cock brushed my thigh, causing me to look down, and as I did so, another come through then another, until all four holes were occupied, then the sound of the porn movie was increased as an indicator to the females to start playing with the men.
I took the cock in the hole facing 'E's box, and as I licked the shaft I peered out into the darkness, her box was surrounded by bodies, and as my eyes became accustomed to the darkness, I could see she was popular, perhaps the old man had been bribed by the men to point out the best fucks in tonight, I stopped peering outside and started to fulfill my duty as a female, and reached back between my legs and guided the man inside, 'I am in her', I heard the muffled voice mutter, and he banged hard against the wooded barrier between us, I pressed hard against it also, 'Have fun baby', I thought as I sucked on another and held onto the other two, 'A guy could fuck 'E', then stick it in my box for me to suck', I smiled at the thought, this was sex as sex should be, men outnumbering the girls , then I felt the warmth of the man cumming in my pussy, then an emptiness, and a sudden f***e as another went in, soon I would not know if they were cumming inside me, the only indication was the next man forcing the previous ejaculate out onto my ankles, of course, swallowing and spitting became became necessary, as a girl can only swallow so much, but I am sure you will want to know our tallies for the night, but that's for another story, where I shall reveal 'E's name, one of our infamous airlines porn stars.
Your comments on my writing skills and stories are very much appreciated, I am sure reading how a woman thinks about sex cab be titillating, but please dont read then send a private message of appreciation, please comment after the story, then I know, I mean I read all comments and visit your pages after doing so 'M' and 'E'
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1 year ago
short but very hot!!
1 year ago
Great story!
2 years ago
Love your stories
2 years ago
That was a great story. I love going to gloryholes, tho most of the time it's a guy in the other side sucking. Had a couple in one once they both sucked me. That was hot.
2 years ago
insatiable women and inventive writing
2 years ago
No comment on this one...just 2 let U know: If I was a girl, I would be just like U MarieL!!!
Kisses all over
2 years ago
Mer analsex!!
2 years ago
Fantastic , when i read your stories Mariel, i often wonder how different my life would have been if i had been born a woman
2 years ago
Hot! I love gloryholes!
2 years ago
simply perfect and such a sexy turn on the both of you getting all those men off, cant wait to hear who your friend is and how many men you both got off that night
2 years ago
another fantastic recall of the sexual adventures of ur amazing life mariel well done LOVE IT!
2 years ago
god i love all your stories mariel! i stroke my cock reading to them. great story! love your work.