Silly young girl in the porn cinema

Being a tall girl, 5' 10" or 175cm has a tendency to masculinise you, especially when your breasts are not much more than hard nipples, so at 17 I cropped my hair short, not like a lesbian, but a female tomboy.
I had lost weight when living in Newcastle and was sort off locked into sex, masturbating a lot and of course my landlord was having his balls emptied regularily, or whenever he felt the urge.
My sex drive was bordering on insatiable, almost akin to nymphomania, but as I did experience orgasms, this was not a physcological problem, no, I just wanted to experience and experiment with sex all the time.
A group of my friends went out for a drink on the Saturday afternoon and by eight in the evening most of us were well on our way to being very d***k indeed.
It was on that night a guy asked me if I was male or female, and later that night walking home I was passing the local backstreet theatre, we all knew showed porn, for the lonely hearts in Newcastle.
I had always fantizied about sitting in there, surrounded by men doing it where they sat, and I was like a fly on the wall, looking at each man in his private area as he relieved himself.
I stopped and have to admit, my heart was pounding between my small breasts, I was so close, in fact this was the closest I ever got to being here, and took a deep breath and went upto the foyer and looked at the images on display.
Of course the area was deserted, not even an attendant, so I looked and got braver by the minute as I edged closer to the door leading into the foyer.
Suddenly and unexpectantly I pulled the door open and there I was, standing in the dark plush interior, and with an act of bravado I walked towards the ticket booth, manned by an old lady, probably hitting close to sixty years old.
I tried to look older than I was, keeping a stern face and hoping she, like the guy earlier on, would think I was a young man.
I stood there with my hand on my purse as she looked up at me in a disinterested manner, studying my face, then she smiled knowingly, and nodded, first as I put my hand up to pay, she nodded by shaking her head as if to say,'Its OK, in you go, for free', then continued her nod by indicating to the left.
I smiled in acknowledgement and turned to leave, but as I moved away she alighted from the box, put her hand on my sleeve, and whispered, 'There's only a few in, at the back, you wont be disturbed, have fun love and dont do what I wont do, laughed with a cackling laugh and walked off into the room, she was in when I first arrived.
I concluded the old lady must have thought I was on the game and planned to sell some service to the men, as they watched the action.
She did not even question me about my age, as I knew I was u******e, perhaps the laws of morality stopped at the doors, and anything went, in the back rows.
I held my breath as I pulled the door open into the main cinema. I could feel all eyes on me as the door closed behind me and I waited as my eyes became accustomed to the darkness.
There were three men in the seating up at the back up and two more at the front.
The film was showing and it was a girl being ass fucked by two men, she was screaming all sorts of obsenities, of course enjoying the experience as all porn dictates, and I decided to move up towards the second back row, suddenly realising as went closer and closeer to the men there, my smell was distinctly feminine, I was wearing my 'Knowing' perfume, and as if to confirm this I noted each man was staring at me as their faces came into focus, illuminated by the porn on the screen.
I sat one seat in from the edge of the row, directly across from one guy who was sitting three seats in, with one behind me to my right and the third guy directly behind the one on my left.
I stared at the screen with the girl moaning and begging to be fucked, and I was thrilled I was sitting with three men around me as this girl was begging for it.
Using my perifial vision, I saw the guy on my left had his penis out and was jerking on it, alternately looking at the screen action and me, waving it to draw my attention, then wanking it up and down.
The noises from the row behind indicated they too were at it, as my seat and those attached to it were vibrating, as their legs were hard up against the back of my seat and their wanking was being transmitted to me, as I sat there waiting.
I put my hand up as if to wipe my hair away from the side of my face, only realising when it get there, I had no hair, as it was all cropped.
Pulling my hand down I then realised I had something else on it, it was a sticky globule of sperm, warm and fresh, the man behind me had just deposited his load clean onto my head.
Resting my arm on the seat armrest, my fingers were full of sperm as I played with it, then I could feel his load start to run down my hair line, onto my long exposed neck and form a small pool in the crook of my collerbone, eventually running down my naked breasts, as I was not wearing a bra.
They must have observed all this as it happened, the guy beside him must have seen him shoot over my head, and the rivulettes of sperm as it ran over my skin and down my front, not to mention my handfull, which I eventually wiped on my denims.
There was movement behind me, but I remained rigid in my seat, not looking left or right, just straight ahead at the fresh fucking that had just started.
I suspect it was the second guy who manouvered in behind me and he to was masturbating with more open intent and was now stroking my long exposed neck with his penis, then onto my cheek and down towards my mouth, turning my face to meet his cock as he pushed it in.
Suddenly the complexity of everthing that was happening changed. He held my jaw with considerablr f***e and twisted my head to the side and back, he then lifted one leg over the back of the seat I was sitting-in and started bearing down on my face, throat fucking me with a lot of aggression.
I could also feel my clothes being loosened, I was bare chested and my nipples were being twisted and kneaded aggressively and painfully.
The belt in my denims was loosened and drawn out from the loops, the button and zipper were lossened and freed, and my legs were lifted and the denims pulled-off and my knickers torn from my body, leaving burn marks where they ripped into my softer skin.
All this was happening within five minutes and all this happened without me being able to break free from this cock burried into my throat.
My head was pulled back over the back of the seat so all I saw was his ball sack as he fucked my mouth. My ass was up in the air due to my heads awkward position and my long legs were over each armrest, held firmly by one guy in each seat, while they took turn fucking me in my pussy until they came.
At one point both my legs were pulled up behind my ears and held there by the guy who throat fucked me, and at this point he removed my last shoe, and suddenly the pain shot through me like a bolt of lightening, this man had just torn my ass wide open.
There was nothing I could do I was pinned in this seat, held down by three or four men, and later I found out some guys arrived and joined in.
My legs were once again pulled wide apart as another moved in between in the row behind and started using my mouth and deep throat, not caring how I breathed, and at that point with two men doing there thing with me and others holding me firmly I passed-out.
The light was bright and hurt in my eyes as I woke up. I was naked and sperm soaked, lying on the cinema carpert, more sperm soaked than me judging by its smell and feel.
'Get up dear' she was saying, 'Get your clothes on, we are closing now and you need to be getting home'.
It was past two in the early morning and this d***k girl was not quiet with it as I feebly serched for what clothing I could find.
My knickers looked like they had been torn apart by wild cats and my denims and shiry had been used as wipes for dirty cocks and smelt of piss.
One of me shoes was missing as was my jacket, purse and jewelery.
I must have looked a site, but when the taxi took me home the driver chanced his luck as he wanted a fuck for a free ride home in his cab.
I paid him cash from my room, as my ass, pussy and throat hurt like hell and later when showering, I had a hard time removing sperm from inside my ear, yes one man held his cock up against my ear and sht into it.
As the Georgies often say 'Wy aye man' except they should change it to 'Wy Ear man' Ear ear I hear you all say
84% (68/13)
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9 months ago
funny at the end
2 years ago
4 years ago
A lovely experience
4 years ago
4 years ago
good girl!!
4 years ago
good story girl made me hard too
4 years ago
Good story loved it
4 years ago
love this story... i have a few porn cinema stories myself :)
4 years ago
great story how is she now did she ever go back to the theater eve again would make a juicy story thqnks
4 years ago
wish I could of been there to join in and take you home
4 years ago
Mariel i just read your story silly young girl in the porn theater right after i wrote in my blog i waited to long again.excellent story the wait is over. thank-you.
4 years ago
sounds like a great night at the theatre lol
4 years ago
Another great one Mariel.
4 years ago
4 years ago
Cockstiffening experience!
4 years ago
good story .. i like it .. mm got me really hard