My lovers Son, proves too much to resist

If the truth be told, I am not a woman who lusts for young boys, it's not something I have ever thought about, or dwelt on, even in those quieter moments, when ones inner feelings tend to take hold, lustful thoughts, forbidden sex, where no law or person can intervene, its you, your darker innermost secrets and desires, combine to weave you into a playful fulfillment, you, your thoughts, and the gentle vibrations and fingertips, your tools, gliding over your hot and moistened flesh, you writhe and twist, you see him, and a wave of shame adds to the dangerous mixture, his face dominates as wave after wave sweeps across you, your passions are being fulfilled, thank God its in my head, but the boy is real, and he is very close.
I am a woman who has never mothered a boy, c***dless, so I guess I see them in a different light, my own two b*****rs educated me in what boys get up to, their girly magazines and nightly masturbation's, kept me awake as I lay there watching their bed-sheets go up and down, without actually showing anything, it was both enticing and disturbing, and as I grew into my teens, I provided them with the warmth and visual stimulation, boys need, as they progress through their puberty, so as I said, my experience and s****rly showings were very natural to me, but that was more the thirty years back, now this boy has reawakened those feelings, and he is the focus of my dark inner secret, everything has come full swing, I used to please my siblings, now it I who lust, even minutes after my fulfilling masturbation, I am sweating, naked, and alone with him, I need to educate him, so I put on my sheer long top, you can see my breasts through it, it excites me as I look in the full mirror, it drops mid thigh, its brazen, and as I turn sideways, my buttocks are a shade darker with the soft sheen of the netted fabric, satisfied I walk to the door, I shall walk around the flat like this until he acknowledges he has seen my nakedness under this tease of fabric, when he does I shall be ready to go to the next level.
They say online dating agencies are the future of romances, lonely men and women seeking partners, only its instantaneous, a short introduction, a date, then sexual fulfillment, for me, it all happened on the first night, I was as eager as he was, but strangely he enjoyed my domineering streak, and I found added pleasure in control, we made sex, not love, and a lot of noise, then I saw him, thin, pale, with a mop of shock blond hair, naked, his lithe body and small penis, erect from our fucking, I looked him in his eyes and shamefully continued, I had done this in front of men before, voyeurs, but one so innocent, I thrilled as he watched and touched himself, I made sex with his father and love to him, all I needed was for him to close that elusive gap that separated us, and as I turned my bedroom door handle, my throat dried, my tongue moistened, I could smell him and taste him, my body ached for him, and I stepped out into the room where he sat, suddenly feeling my nudity under this wispy see-though top, 'Hi Peter', I said throatily, he looked and his mouth fell open, and as I made towards him I reached out and ran my finger through his hair, stopping momentarily, my Cunt at his face level, I was sure he could smell me, a mixture of muskiness and sweetness, the later provided by my dab of perfume, the former of my own making.
I bent as if instinctively, and pressed my full lips onto his furrowed brow, as trying to suppress the wrinkles that were not there, as I stooped, my hanging breasts were in full view as the fabric opened with its loose fitting, my erect nipples breathing air, hardened by their exposure to such young eyes, I stood back up and continued my short journey to the wall mirror, my buttocks now in view, I stopped and admired my calm demeanor, the reflection showing him locked onto my fleshy rear, I smiled and raised my arms as if the adjust my hair, I could feel the fabric raise also, as I adjusted my locks, my buttocks in full view, my nudity no secret, 'Come here Peter', I ordered, hoping he would have his father's trait, controlled by a domineering female, I watched him approach and move beside me, I turned to him, dropping my arms to my side, the fabric dropping also, slipping from my shoulder, and my breast slid into view, I made no effort to put the offending breast back in, instead I let him study it, my nipple hardened more, it was warm, and its firmness borne out of desire, 'Touch it Peter', and I reached for his hand and placed firmly onto my warm flesh, closing my hand around his, showing him how to squeeze it.
As we manipulated my loose breast I saw his mouth fall open, I looked deep into his eyes and drank in his awakening, and still covering his hand on my flesh I reached up and kissed him full on his mouth, an adult kiss, my tongue unashamedly darting between those loose lips, he surrendered his mouth to me at that moment, and thrust deeply into it, my tongue tracing my saliva around his cavity, I pulled off, inches from his face, I studied him as my hand felt between his legs, massaging his growing organ, 'You want to fuck me Peter', and as he tried to respond, I eased him out of his enslavement within his pants, firm and smallish, my fingernails raking his scrotum, then encircling his cock I wanked him and kissed him, until satisfied he could penetrate me, 'Lie on the floor baby, and his knees buckled, he dropped and I mounted, and while my cunt took his virginity, it drank his meager offering, he climaxed within two meaningful thrusts, my warm womanly body too much for such a young inexperienced boy.
I lay atop of him using my strong vaginal muscles to re-stimulate him, squeezing at regular intervals, as if internally masturbation him, and shortly I could feel him harden within, and started to fuck in earnest, 'Play with my tits', was all I suggested, and all I needed to reinf***e his presence, I shamefully orgasmed on my ward, flooding his face with kisses, my thoughts already planning my next sexual need, both boy and father together, a f****y double penetration, my kinky desire, I mean after all it on my web page, look and see.

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2 years ago
i'd let you dominate me
2 years ago
Great & got me so horny
2 years ago
so hot mariel! loved it!
2 years ago
simply perfect hot and naughty as always a real turn on, cant wait to hear about what the three of you get upto